Where he could not odorless and silent killer, carbon monoxide call, we thought the Italian justice at the hands of his judges.

They tell me to be careful what I write because the TRUTH court is different from the TRUTH.

They tell me to be careful: the judiciary is more dangerous than the Mafia and that any person there is always a flaw that the guilty to justice.

The Lan ... had to die, then kill her. This is justice ... you can not escape his fate.

Relying on the Italian justice system, is to spend all their savings, even those impossible to do, to take the train to Auschwitz hoping to meet the RIGHT that recognizes the truth and save you going against those who have the command.


INVESTIGATION journalistic contributions




The disgust of the Italian justice

In a few days I will take a scanner and publish the disgust of the Italian justice regarding an accident at work and investigations done. I ask on behalf of the judges. How do they not see, do not know. Answers?


What do they do? Preparing for revenge? Have I offended I narcissus?

I will continue to shout the truth, I will send to every newspaper, every institution as Italian and European. I will report the e-mail address where sending the protest and I will speak of their silence.

To you, the internet users who are looking for truth, information about the meaning of life is, both of civil life,

I dedicate these pages to you violent.

 I will publish all acts, I will ask you to judge the judges.

We, if we find that the work we go, and we send puire our wives, our children, and given the lack of work, suffer everything. We start every hour, and if you do not know when we return back home.

And they kill us, send us to die in the circus.

We got the worst of the slaves of the Romans 2000 years ago, in this modern Italy,

worse than the Middle Ages, when kings and queens, some industrial and political, counts and countesses, some judges and CTU,

entertained by jesters, some journalists and reporters were waiting for the guillotine prima donnas.



I would like to trigger a revolt against the dishonest judges, a revolt against the rogue CTU. 

(Censorship) ... but it's all so obvious TRUTH that cries out for vengeance.

I accuse the (censorship) ... there are legal ways to act, we are under a fascist dictatorship and if you slam the cemetery nobody knows.

In the face of this evidence is hard to believe that it is one of the many miscarriages of justice,

but it is more normal to believe ... (censorship)

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Functioning of justice in Italy.

There is much talk of justice and prisons full. However this is not the problem, not for the ordinary citizen.

The Italian Justice, it seems, in fact, does not pursue the truth, but follows the law of the strongest and knowledge.

When it comes to having to get justice against these powerful, it takes longer and oddly Judges and CTU, chosen from among university professors, they become ignorant and incompetent

In this case it seems that Professor Angelo Moretto Milan university studies are not considers necessary flues and that a natural gas boiler operating at 50% is not a source of production of carbon monoxide. And the judge of the work of the Court of Appeal of Brescia Antonio Matano believe us?

November 7, 2013 Court of Appeal of Brescia employment section chaired by Dr. Antonella New President Judge, the Judge Dr. Anthony Matano adviser rel. and the judge dr. Josephine Finazzi cons. :

negative verdict. Besides the insult to injury. You will go to the Supreme Court.

The judge Dr. Anthony Matano has left (infinoccvhiare with censorship) from the famous CTU Angelo Moretto. Meanwhile, continue injuries in the workplace, people continue to die.

And it is not a miscarriage of justice by incompetence, but a .... (wanted, censorship) giudiziaro error.

In the first instance in Bergamo dr.essa Bertoncini had concluded that there had been an accident because no one had smelled gas. And at least the expert witness, Dr. Ostir, he admitted that it would be necessary to CTU environment that has not been done.

At the time, the POS has recognized the injury, but not the consequences now certified by the auxiliary CTU Moretto.

They are not stupid, even if they are nobody. Today I know that this page is at the top of the internet search engines, but I also know that it will soon be forgotten and last. Today it's her turn to suffer injustice, tomorrow you. (Censorship)

True, the judges can not know everything. For this to occur CTU. latter, knowing that the judges did not even have time to read and jump to conclusions, write the crap they want.

(Censorship) and ask the judges to the navigators of the Internet (censorship). Find it more comfortable to entrust CTU their work and then do pay to the appellants and resistant.

This you can open is' unworthy of a judgment of three judges of the Court of Appeal of Brescia, offensive to the victim, a scientific, and destructive) censorship). Judgment that undermines all certainty and that makes you think it would be best and least expensive for other paths.



The diagnosis of poisoning by carbon monoxide is given:

- Positivity of COHb (carboxyhemoglobin) assessed by the elapsed time, dall'ossigenoterapia.

 - Given the epistemological and that if other people were hurt.

- From the presence of carbon monoxide emission sources and the environmental detection of carbon monoxide in ppm.



THE CTU Professor Angelo Moretto and CTP Dr. Pani agree that it is not possible to determine the amount of COHb because there are no reliable data, and in our opinion also based on false testimony. (Annex 4 of the CTU "The expert agrees with the CT dr. Pani impossibility of reaching a conclusion on the quantitative levels of COHb.")

Nevertheless, the CTU is cautious in the statement that there was no monoxide poisoning after a sophisticated calculation is not without conceptual errors, (p.15 CTU: "... the lowest value (1.6) observed after 24 hours (...) 24 hours, are at least four half-lives of elimination of COHb in the absence of oxygen. " 3.7 The initial after four half-lives is 0.23 not 1.6 which he took as the basis of calculation. Moreover forgotten that the baseline value is halved), concluding that " a value could be estimated COHb of 5-6% at 9 o'clock. " He admits that that is a movement of COHb, but comparable to that of a smoker, admitting he does not know when was the smoke ' last cigarette. Reaches this conclusion assumptions on assumptions not comforted by no sure data, ignoring both the duration of exposure to carbon monoxide, both the duration of oxygen, both the quantity, the mode of administration.

In the report ISTISAN 04 \ 23 National Institute of Health, citing the latest WHO monograph dedicated to the CO and epidemiological studies, is highlighted:  "that even at low ambient concentrations of CO of 1.2 ppm, suggesting the absence a threshold level in patients with previous diagnosis of arrhythmia and or heart disease, you have the inhibition of cytochrome a3 at the mitochondrial level that blocks the respiratory chain at the tissue level by generating the damage identified as post-interval syndrome . "

 And Ms Lan. is suffering from mitral valve prolapse treated with beta-blocker, and since then has not had lipotimiche crisis, the CTU Prof. Moretto creeps might have had the Mr. Lan. speaking of loss of consciousness.

However, it is now proven without any shadow of doubt, dr. Schiattareggia has continued, despite having checked the O2 saturation, oxygen therapy, which leads to at least say that Ms. Lan was in hypoxia. The certainty is obtained from the tests performed at PS Cl. Bg.

When it comes to the PS Cl. Bg, at 13.00 of the day 07 \ 02 \ 2007, after 3.30 hours of O2 therapy and 30 minutes of the ambient air is made ​​to the emo-gasanalisi blood which reveals that the oxygenated hemoglobin was 93.5 (values normal 95-99%, and the value of 93.5 would have required a finding urgent ...) was then still in tissue hypoxia after over three hours of oxygen and a 3.7 carboxyhemoglobin. (p.29 medical records) or the same examination performed the next day, the time of delivery of oxygen therapy, oxygenated hemoglobin from 97.8% and a carboxyhemoglobin of 1.7. (P. 28 medical records).

3.7 carboxyhemoglobin is considered a relatively low value, but considered the heart, the elapsed time and oxygen , especially hypoxia , it has been established that mechanism characterized by the detection of COHb is not very high, but with a greater risk of long-term sequelae.)

As confirmed on page 5. REPORTS ISTISAN 04 \ 23: "... under hypoxic conditions the CO (carbon monoxide) moves mainly in the extravascular compartment with formation of carbossimioglobina (cellular hypoxia ). "

 The CTP is noted that the data of metabolic acidosis alone supports the thesis monoxide poisoning severe. The expert Prof. A. Moretto, without framing it as a matter of clinical person with mitral valve prolapse, intoxicated, minimizes without explanation. Maybe that all smokers are in metabolic acidosis?


The expert Prof. Moretto then addresses the epistemological given , based on the SIT and the relationship of 'UPG Omar Rota. And in confirmation of his hypothesis of work for which there was no intoxication concludes on page 16 of the CTU " From the reconstruction of the event, on the basis of the various GIS, it is possible to deduce that many people were present at the place where it should the alleged poisoning have occurred and no one has complained about any problems, and neither that day nor in the earlier days. "

In fact, a comparative analysis of the SIT shows that no one else, besides Ms. Lan., Could have been sick. The findings of fact, in the succession of events is aimed to show that the rescuers arrived on the scene of an accident and there remained until the Mr. Lan. has been moved to another room. Only then cooks would have placed the tubes, for which reason:

- Would value the testimonies of those who could bear witness to when you pull the hose or the presence of odor of methane, but only certify the clumsy repair, so much so that they were still sideways, keeping the non-existent ties. How to testify in a civil UPG Arrigoni.

- They would value the testimonies of those having stayed in the same room polluted by gas, long to provide relief to the LAN, it would not be bad.

A more careful examination of the evidence leads, in fact, to exclude with certainty that these may be witnesses of the tube is removed, and the possibility of getting sick "

Annex 4 of verbal summary information B. Mary: When I came back in the laundry P told me that Lan was bad because 'he breathed methane. I got to call the RSPP P. B, and together we went down to the laundry with Dr. Schiattareggia. ZA that I have seen, the cook, then added a kind of clamp to the exhaust pipe of the dryer number two.

Annex no. 5 P. summary information Maria Teresa: - "... I immediately directed to the nearby local cuisine when I found the chef Mr. Z. and another guy I can not remember the name and I told him what had happened and asked them if they were to put the pipe that had broken off and was out of the office. They came right away and have placed the pipe in no time ... B. went away, and I remained close to Lan for about 5 minutes until they arrived B. accompanied by Dr. Schiattareggia, the Sister Superior and the head of the PB. "

Rightly B. Schiattareggia and said they had not smelled gas, nor to have seen the tube staccatoperché arrived after everything had been arranged by the chefs. The only witnesses who had "the smell of natural gas" and the tube can be removed only Z, S, P, and the same LAN. No, over the Lan, found himself in the situation and in a position to feel bad.

The argument ignored the odor of natural gas and the existence of the bands was important to demonstrate the falsity of the various witnesses who deny even the detachment of the tube, oxygen administration, the impediment to go to PS ... 


The expert Prof. Moretto went on to analyze the environmental data. Performs incompetent by a CTU virtual environment. He writes:

Page 14 consideration of the working environment

A combustion control on the laundry dryers run 21 \ 02 \ 2007 showed 11 ppm in the flue gas ...

On page 16 paragraph 3: In addition to the findings technological (...) showed (...) CO emissions, which would eventually exit from the tube incorrectly connected, a maximum of 11 ppm, well below levels that are considered necessary to have a framework of poisoning in the exposed.

Worsens his incompetence on page 4 Annex 4:

" To be precise, the document cited is not expressed on the energy performance of the machine. Furthermore, the fact that the boiler or not it had an energy efficiency according to the law, nothing says on CO in terms of health risk. How much, however certificates is shown that the concentration of CO in the flue gas was around 10 ppm, far from the levels that can cause toxic effects on exposed individuals. "

The above document shows the absolute inability, to say the least, Prof. Moretto read the test of the smoke acts. This test confirms that the machine operates at 50.2% and produces no 11 ppm established by the CTU, but 218,000 ppm (218%) when the law does not permit more than 1,000 ppm.

Prof Moretto proves quite incompetent both in the reading of the test of the fumes and as regards the determination of the environmental ppm CO. Regarding the evidence of smoke any person with a modicum of knowledge, and it is also stated, however, from 'UPG Arrigoni in his testimony before the Judge Bertoncini, knows that a boiler operating at 50% produces carbon monoxide.

With regard to environmental ppm is quite necessary to know the local volume, volume replacement air, flue draft, and consumption of methane. According to reports by Moretto you could do without flues.


Diagnosis: The CTU Moretto on page 5 Annex 4 accuses the CT Pani: " The argument made ​​by CT is based on the assumption that there has been an intoxication ... " The same can be said of him: he reasoned on the assumption that there 'was an intoxication. But while the CT Pani makes a diagnosis CTU Prof. Moretto is not capable, not wearing a differential diagnosis that justifies the clinical situation of the Lan. It merely deny, for bias.

But do not just deny you also need a differential diagnosis. And in front of a symptom common to other diseases it proceeds to exclusion. It was not affected by flu syndrome, had not been intoxicated by fungi or other food, the syndrome was not due to ongoing heart problems because since Ms Lan. when treated with sotalex has not had it tachi-arrhythmias them fainting. And now also the auxiliary CTU Professor Moretto exclude neuro psychiatric disorders complained that the counterparty to the Lan.

The control of the CTU say: "Such disorders appraised, the clinical examination may be compatible with the hypothesis of an etiological poisoning from carbon monoxide (...)

The dynamics of the events it shows the existence of a temporal link (in chronological order) between the alleged harmful event and the development of symptoms. (...)

Ms. Lan is not a person with a personal or family history positive for the presence of mood disorder, (...), supporting the hypothesis of a possible causal factor of type environment. (...) The cognitive alterations observed, finally, appear of greater magnitude than those usually found in the paintings of alteration of affect and accumunabili are those most frequently found in the paintings of monoxide poisoning ... "

the POS had to wait a month before you receive the following notice:

"With reference to your request of 05 \ 03 \ 2007, and even the subject of the following, we report the following: a ring of the manifold leading to the laundry dryer exhaust outside of the structure was found, immediately After reporting the accident took place, detached from his seat and then the dryer just before that was in operation has certainly poured a quantity of unspecified exhaust fumes into the surrounding environment. (... The company that is responsible for the maintenance of boilers But-Be Snc has performed an analysis of the flue gases (which also include the drying of linen products) of the dryer in question. Documentation is attached. "

The UPG Dr. Arrigoni on page 2 of n.1305 \ 09 RG says: " I checked later that it was a dryer that runs on natural gas, so it has an outlet pipe of smoke similar to that of the boilers. From this tube exits the smoke of combustion of methane. The smoke of the boilers are all toxic gases contain various types. (...) The products of combustion of a gas boiler, in which the dryer can be treated as such, must be brought out because it also contains CO2 and CO, however, does not come out pure methane as such. It should be out CO2 and a low percentage of carbon monoxide, I could not tell how much. ". The percentage of carbon monoxide generally increases when the boiler is located in a poorly ventilated area, or the burning does not work well for problems of maintenance of the machine. "

The UPG Arrigoni even stated: " The products of combustion of a gas boiler, in which the dryer can be treated as such, must be brought out because it also contains CO2 and CO, however, does not come out pure methane as such. "

He goes in front of the judge Bertoncini:

"The rest home had put a tape to prevent the posting, I thought I more correct from a technical point of view in a metal band, given that, as I reported, it was impossible to secure it to the ground. (From the booklet of installation shows the opposite) The tape was adopted only after the event. Was not there before. There was suction hood. I did not deliver the booklets maintenance of the boiler. "

These booklets are documented as non-existent.


How to convert percentages in% ppm parts per million  

Conversion table% percentage ppm parts per million

0,001     %             /              100         =             0,00001 x             1000000               =             10           ppm

0,005     %             /              100         =             0,00005 x             1000000               =             50           ppm

0,01        %             /              100         =             0,0001   x              1000000               =             100         ppm

0,02        %             /              100         =             0,0002   x              1000000               =             200         ppm

0,03        %             /              100         =             0,0003   x              1000000               =             300         ppm

0,04        %             /              100         =             0,0004   x              1000000               =             400         ppm

0,05        %             /              100         =             0,0005   x              1000000               =             500         ppm

0,06        %             /              100         =             0,0006   x              1000000               =             600         ppm

0,07        %             /              100         =             0,0007   x              1000000               =             700         ppm

0,08        %             /              100         =             0,0008   x              1000000               =             800         ppm

0,09        %             /              100         =             0,0009   x              1000000               =             900         ppm

0,1          %             /              100         =             0,001     x              1000000               =             1000      ppm

0,11        %             /              100         =             0,0011   x              1000000               =             1100      ppm

0,12        %             /              100         =             0,0012   x              1000000               =             1200      ppm



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