we will meet Diana again

Nos volveremos a encontrar diana

logic of love 

eternal night




We will meet again, at sunset, to talk to each other a little.

I know you'll be waiting for me.


But I will not be in the metaverse as an avatar, to love you.

You know, I don't like virtual life, I don't like memories,

nor do I want to relive or remember them.


I don't want to have virtual sex with my absent and rejected husband,

but not even with you whom I love.


I, tired of dreams, want you real inside me

to make the Song of Songs of Love alive.


I no longer wonder why I have sinned with you today,

and not with God or the first man born on earth.


Fantasy sweeps in the recesses of my mind now,

until we meet you at the edge of time, this evening,

And, if the time is unveiled, our Word will become flesh.


We will get the essence of it in a moment without pain,

We will open the door to the sun killing the darkness.


We will unite without shame, without fear.



Genesis of love


I am a lonely and restless woman. Tonight I still can't sleep. My husband is in the arms of his young lover with big breasts. My children celebrating.

It is the last day of the year, a day of celebration. I look at the clock. Its a few minutes to midnight. I strip off my blood-red underwear. I watch from the window the fireworks illuminate the sky and break the silence of the night. It's midnight. I look naked in the mirror with a crystal glass filled with sparkling wine in my hand. I drink, I celebrate alone.

Now, lying on my wedding bed, immersed in the silence of my room, I perceive the anguished cry rising from my heart. I am alone. That's how I live. I live for the passing of time.

My wounded heart is still waiting, but waiting for what? Why, after starting a family, after having two children, is my heart still thirsty? What am I looking for? What am I waiting for? What do I want? Revenge? I looked in the mirror before going to bed. I looked at myself naked. I think I'm still a beautiful woman, despite pregnancies and breastfeeding my children.

You saw me too. Do you also think that I am a beautiful woman, a desirable woman? Yes, we met one evening. I think you've noticed this and are now looking for me.

I looked at you. You saw me, you looked at me. I felt your gaze on me.

Now I hear your voice. Stop calling me. I'm a married woman and you know it.

But you still want me, I feel it.

You want me; you want my woman's body to have me. I know I'll give it to you, I know you'll have it. I want it too. But, will you love me for who I am? Will you accept my gift to you?

Will you also be a gift to me or will I be, for you, just the adventure of one night?

 Who are you?

I keep reading what you write. I keep thinking about you.

I caress myself longing for you, thinking of me in your arms. I want to meet you. It will end up that one day I will ask you to look at me naked. I will ask you to be completely naked for me.

I will be myself with you.

Yes, I want to be known by you as a woman, welcomed, desired, wanted, and loved by you.

I wait for your gaze to rest on me again, but, at the same time, I also feel the anguish and fear of being used or rejected.

But I will overcome this fear of mine. One day I will come to you, I will stand naked before you.

Don't tear me apart that day, please, when I show you my woman's body. Don't evaluate me; don't dissect me to judge me as a shelf commodity.

Yes, I will come to you. I will tell you: I am a woman, you are a man.

I will ask you: love me! Come into my arms and I will show you my true face.

Yes, I will totally bare my soul; you will see me for who I am.

In relation to you, I will tell you about me. I will know not only the other man from me, but also myself woman.

You will love me.

You will welcome me not only as a woman's body, but also as a person worthy of love and to be loved. With you I will return to live.

I will see, you will see my limitations, my gifts, my fears.

You will see my being totally naked for you.

And you will still say to me, "You are beautiful. I want to love you. Come live with me."

Now, in this intimacy, an exclusive space created by me between the two of us, I can give myself to you and welcome you without any fear in my life.

In this intimacy, I strip my heart of its many fears, demands and prejudices and learn again to welcome myself.

I will give myself to you tomorrow, if you wish.

Then, immersed in a relationship of authentic and real love, free from the temptation to use ourselves or from the fear of being used, we will look at each other naked, we will see ourselves naked.

Our bodies will speak in unison and seeing each other really naked and without any shame, will tell us that our hearts have nothing more to keep hidden.

Looking at us will not only be voyeurism, market or a dramatic deception.

It will fulfil our desire to unite body and soul.

Yes, you will see me naked, I will see you naked. I will be a woman, you will be a man.

Yes, I will look at your penis; you will look at my vagina.

There is nothing obscene about our genitals, looking at them. They are our diversity.

They are made for each other. They are the mystery of our being a person, of our call to love one another.

My feminine sexual desire for you man, my desire to be a woman for you, with you, will be the authentic dignity and truth of love.

Then I can say to you: Look at me! I am a woman, join me, love me!

They are all for you, body and soul. Use me, but treat me with love.

And you will say to me: I am a man, I am all yours.

Now I'm asking myself: who am I? What will be my truth in your body as a man? No one has ever opened the doors of mystery to me.

You call me. I 'm. I bring you my body and let you heal my petrified heart.

You know my love? I am dreaming with you of a life that does not exist.

I am alone in the house. You don't know, but I'm reading about you and I'm telling you about me. How nice it is to read what you write. You can open your soul without censorship or fear. I envy you, how do you do it?

I, on the other hand, in recent times have many of both. I wish I could meet you.

You are not far from my thoughts, indeed, you are all too present, but I do not have your ability to dream, your ability to alienate real life to live a dream.

I did it as a young woman, I'm doing it with you now, but I wish I could still live it in reality, maybe with you. But I'm afraid of it.

You write about love, you live about love. I too would like to relive it, but not as a lover. I don't want to be a lover, I don't want a lover.

I would like to meet you, talk to you about me. But what's the point of telling you about me? I am a married woman, a mother, a betrayed woman.

The men I meet see my sadness, but they see in me only a beautiful body, perhaps easy to console or where to find the heat for the winter of age.

They boast of their money, of their power. They boast of the thousand women who have offered themselves to them and who have had. I was not one of them. I don't want to sell myself.

I don't want meetings in the dark. I absolutely do not want to find myself living hasty appointments that serve only for a quickie?! No! Thank you.

I never offered myself to anyone. I have no intention of throwing myself away. No one ever had me.

I find in what you write what I would have wished. I fell in love with your soul by reading you.

Your way of loving is unique, wonderful, enveloping more than water and sun and frost.

I read you and keep dreaming. It doesn't cost anything, it doesn't hurt anyone. You don't know me. I can't be yours. You can't be mine. I am yours and you are mine.

I wait for you trembling with love every night. I take care of my garden to welcome you in my arms every night.

While waiting I listen to love songs and occasionally watch TV while I clean the house and prepare dinner.

Only images of young and beautiful women, of lovers, flow before my eyes.

It seems that love wants, in this society, only young bodies’ available pseudo virgins living in artificial paradises for sale.

I spy on them; they don't have a wrinkle, a thread of fat. They have no economic problems. They are not subject to old age. They are eternal.

They want to make money with fake advertising that invites purchase. They are larks.

I'm Circe. They are perfect. They are not like me.

The same I welcome you in my dreams. But will you come to me one day? Will you come? Will you never be able to love even a body, mine?

You know, they are also to be used at the pleasure of taste, touch, material senses.

I think of you often, I dream of you and in the dream I would like to have you close to be able to love you, to receive from you the Love that exceeds all limits.

I know that you are capable of letting yourself be loved, I know that you know how to give yourself, that you know how to welcome, suffer and rejoice for a woman.

I read about her, about her who, although in love with you, does not want you. How can you love so deeply a woman who doesn't want you? I read it, you say it ... You are not her perfect man.

Leave! Forget it! Give me this love. Give me that love I saw, the night we saw each other, in your eyes.

Why don't you answer me? Why don't you call me? Why don't you come and meet me? I would like to experience the emotion of a real moment from you, with you, but, perhaps, it is only an illusion.

I wait for you every day and scrutinize every night the individual who dreams of the Garden of Eden. A mixture of hatred and love, indifference and arrogance intrigue me.

I dream dreams that I haven't had for a long time. I am confused by this new feeling, born in less than an instant.




It's three o'clock in the night. I still don't sleep. I think of you. No, you are not my lover. You didn't want me. You didn't take me that night I was crying in your arms.

But your word seeks me in the night. I listen to you, lying naked and alone in my bed.

I'm cold.

What are you waiting for? Come and meet me, I am waiting for you. Come, the night will unite us. I close my eyes. I look at you anxiously.

In the darkness of this night, you undress for me. You talk to me, you look at me. I am naked for you. I am alone with you. I'm yours. Yes, I want to be yours alone.

You are not just any lover, my love. In the darkness we exchange our souls. I have yours through my hand; you have mine for your eyes.

But that's not enough for me. I want your flesh.

Look! You are here with me. Lying in my bed you look at me. I melt my hair for you. In love, I lie on top of you. Touch.

Half asleep, I feel your caress on my skin, the warmth of your body. I make love to you.

I receive you, but I don't see you. I touch myself thinking about you, I rub against your skin. You let yourself be caressed.

Close your eyes. I see your head lying on my breasts flourishing with a female in love. I caress your hair, bent over you, with my delicate and light hand.

But you don't see my face, my looking at you.

Why do you sleep on my chest the night I found you, love?

Now, collapsed, you on me, I on you, we get lost in nothingness. Everything has ceased. You sleep.

The searches and caresses have ceased; the body sleeps.

We are dead; we are in the dark night. You, I, we are the night.

I open my eyes, frightened. I am alone. You are just a shadow. I was alone again.

My love, this is what we are. A dream. We are without matter. We have been one in the dark night, but we are nothing. Everything has ceased.

I loved you, we loved each other, and I love you without you, without me, in silence.

Tonight we were space of a black hole.

I am a female in love with you surrendered tonight. You are a male. But you are in another place my beloved.

You sleep, you were just a dream. I don't touch you, you don't touch me.

Here in my night there is no God of Love.

But I can't just dream anymore. I can't just wait anymore. I have to live.

I have to tell you, I have to go out, I have to meet you. I want that love for myself.

I will come to you. You know, I don't want to give up possession of your body. Let me sleep now. Tomorrow, tomorrow I will come to you.


@Diana 01/01/2003


Proposal of love


-Hello. What a surprise.

-Hello. Not a chance. I was waiting for you.


- Yes, you. I wanted to meet you on purpose, I've been thinking about it for a long time, I think about you ... I wanted to ask you...

- I listen to you.

- Find a day to be together the two of us ... Love me!

- Do you want to have sex with me?!

- What did you understand? No, it is not the erotic love passion of the senses, it is not an adventure that I seek and want from you. I, as you already know, am a married woman and mother.

I know that you too are a married man and father.

- So what do you want from me?

- If you only wanted sex, you would have had me that night when you saw me crying.

It was the blackest night of my life, the night I wanted to die when we met and you said "hello".

In the dressing room, that evening, while I was changing clothes to go back to my house, my husband reached me, tried to rape me.

I ran away and, having seen you, followed you into that dark room.

I don't know why, but I was ready to offer myself to you.

You, on the other hand, welcomed me in your arms; you only touched me with a kiss and a light caress to my little breasts.

- I remember that evening, I know I could have made love to you, you were alone with me in that room, you were fragile, half naked and you cried.

- True, you could have, but you didn't. In the following days I saw you again.

I saw you living smiling and happy, in you I saw the love denied to me. What you write about.

- Have you read my poems?!

- Yes, I read them; I also wrote to you by e-mail, I sent you some of my poems, my phone number. I wanted to meet you, but you never called me.

- You still haven't told me what you want from me.

- I want love from you, I want to know love ... the one of the Song of Songs, the one you write about, the one that made you weak in front of her, the one that overcomes all limits and leads to happiness. Now, desperately daring, I have come out of my dark corner and ask you to let me know that love. I know you can and that you respect me.

- You ask me, you want Love. I am not God, you neither. You are a woman.

- Yes, I am a woman and I want Love for myself. I want to redo with you the path that leads to the kingdom of love. Let me live with you the Song of Songs of Love.

- You don't want to understand me. Your woman's body is sacred, I cannot violate it, I am not allowed. I would deprive you of eternal life.

You know, it is said, it is written, that for your woman's body, God became man, and that God dwells in your body.

- What speeches do you give me?

- I'm telling you about the Song of Solomon that you want to live. God is love and only He can give you eternal life. You don't want to understand me.

- You don't want to understand me either. I am not the Virgin Mary. Not even her son carnally joined me, who am a woman, to produce offspring.

I can't be pregnant with God, you know, I can't, but I want love here and now. I just want to be a woman with you, here, in this place, in this time.

- You are a woman, and you want love. You want to lose your innocence; you want to die for the journey through hell to have a paradise. Isn't it enough for you to be alive?

- I know what I ask you, I know life and I know you can... Are you afraid?

-That's not it. I saw you too. I saw you naked one evening.


- Yes, naked. I had entered your dressing room to warn you that they were waiting for you on set, the door was open. You were in the shower.

I saw your breasts, your vulva, your virgin innocence, and, for a moment, I also desired you. I thought you were unreachable. We live in different worlds.

- I'm just a woman, true, happy with my madness.

- The game you want is extreme, it is the game of chess with death, for love, a road of pain and fire to be reborn ... Is that what you want?

You already have everything, you are beautiful, you are educated, you dress well, and you own a house, a family, a television job. You are envied, desired.

- What do you know about me, about the life I live. You have seen, you see only the appearance of my life ... I only ask you to know me and to let me know Love.

- I'm just a man, I'd love you like a mortal.

- I do not want your mortal love. I don't just want a body; much less do I want to give you one. I want to love and be loved. I want love.

- You don't know what you're asking.

- Tonight I'll wait for you, join me, I'm alone in the house. My parents are enjoying the ski week. I'm working. Please don't keep me waiting. You know my name and you know where I live.


@a-Diana 01/01/2003

Don't be afraid


I'm not one of the many animals you used to review in Eden,

Today scattered throughout the universe, with which you spent your nights.


I'm not even an innocent virgin playing on the riverbank,

A girl promised to a man who is preparing to be a woman.

No ancient deity laid his eyes on me as I swam in the river,

while running in the woods.

No ancient deity has kidnapped me and instructed me for sex, impregnating me.


I am just a mature woman, a mother who wants to love and be loved.

Do not be afraid of me, leave your land ... join me.


Take me back to lost Eden.

Plant in me the seed of the tree of life, nourish it with love.

I will be a new Eve to you.


It will be me, I will be your woman, you will be my man.

It will be me on you, you on me,

with you in me, for me in you, the biblical Song of Songs will relive.


True, you are not God and I am only a woman,

The same incarnates in me, with me, the verb love.


We will do without God.

I will be your bread and wine, flesh and blood,

You will be for me in the communion of love of us.




Divine inconceivable vanity will be to make the earthly Garden of Eden flourish in you with me, woman.

Divine inconceivable vanity will be to see beautiful the ephemeral matter that surrounds us,

in which we live and with which we are clothed.

Divine inconceivable vanity will be to desire to live in love,

Not just for a time.


Sweet vanity will be to see the colours of spring,

intoxicating vanity breathe the scents of flowers,

Useless vanity will be to taste the fruits of the garden.


But ecstatic will be the instant that, united for the flesh,

we will live together the Song of Songs before we die.


A moment.


Kicked out of the garden from the beginning, we are already dying

Or maybe we have already died in the illusion of being alive.


We have been forbidden to eat the tree of eternal life,

And so everything is vanity.


True, the words of love speak vainly, the bombs fall and the earth burns,

True, it is dark in the day and already burns at night,

Every day the graves are filled.


Destroyed the garden but motionless on the cross is the crucified God,

Already murmurs the apocalypse.


The same, I will be content, I will come to you, waiting for me,

from you who can't do more, God, the more you cannot, now that you have offered yourself to me,

subtract yourself.


No, I will not flee, after seeing you naked divinity, your embrace to die,

But neither will I be dog meat.


I will listen to your song, I will look at you naked, I will speak to you...

I will tell you of your dove-like eyes, of your teeth like a flock of shorn sheep,

of your breasts like twin fawns, of your legs like ivory towers,

of colours, scents and flavours, of your silk skin...

I'll get you.


Wait for me, you will live with me, even if brief, a new life.


The wait.


I know you will come to meet me tonight. I am sure of that. I know that you want it too, that you want me too. Excited, I purify and perfume my woman's body to receive you.

I still don't know which dress to choose. I've already tried a thousand of them looking in the mirror. I don't even know what underwear to wear to seduce you or whether to receive you naked.

Meanwhile, I think of you, I think about it. I decipher the words we have said to each other. "You will love me as a mortal," you told me... Take it or leave it or have the nothingness of love.

What choice did you put me in front of? I know what you're made of. I know what you want. I know what I'm going to give you, but I'm not afraid, I'll be there.

I know, I will be the last of the particles of your life, but I want to be there. I want to love you, man. You know, I want the love that you've written about, that you're capable of, that I've been deprived of.

They say about me that I am beautiful but glacial, frigid and unreachable, untouchable. But it's not true, I'm a fragile woman and you know it.

Now, I, I am preparing to love you, to have you in my arms to give you love and receive your love.

I know, tonight you will come to me. You will love me. You will receive my love, then, afterwards, leave me at the bottom of the crowd, where no one can see me except you.

Leave me in the darkness of the stalls, near the bathrooms or at the fire door if, after loving each other, you still want it.

Well, I'm ready, I've decided, I'll be naked for you. I'll take even just a crumb of you, but I'll take it. I want to live.




I wait for you sweet my love, for you naked and fragrant of the East, in the room of this my life,

to make me clothe by you with the chaste garment of the baptism of love.


As a prudent virgin, filled my lamps with oil,

I am ready to welcome you in my garden.

Do not delay, ripe are its fruits.


I look at you in this dream, how beautiful you are, my love.

Join me, hurry up.


I know, born again a virgin, I will drag you on me today,

as soon as you will make yourself presence and flesh.


You will strip your soul for me and I will let myself be touched by you.

I'll let you look at me and look at you smell my perfumes,

feeling you taste my flesh,

I will drink from you, with my mouth, the semen of communion.


Guided by the verb of love, lulled by your words,

At this last supper, moaning, I will join my virgin vagina to your penis.


As God will spit on the mud to create a life,

ours together.


You will spend the night in my hidden garden, after,

the face between my breasts,

We embraced.




I saw you innocent young virgin, naked in the bathroom,

And you remained inside my nocturnal dreams, atavistic persistent divine vision.

But, motionless, mute, I left the desire, to vanish over time.


Yes, I saw you caressing your breasts, smoothing your pubis,

I saw you as Venus coming out of the sea.

Yes, I glimpsed for your naked body, the divine pleasure of uniting myself with a Goddess.


Novell Actaeon, expert on life, I refused to die,

I did not dare to approach you, nor ask you for intercourse.

I did not dare to know the divine secret that was offered to my gaze

and that is subtracted in life.


You dare now to ask me to love you,

You want to leave your divine body to be a mortal woman,

you want to live with me in the earthly garden the Song of Songs.


You don't know... you will be flesh, you will be penetrated by me,

your soul will lose its virginity, it will be judged,

you will be adulterous in the sight of God.


Prostitute of Babylon


You who have seen the light separate from the dark,

you, who cast out of Eden, now crawl on earth,

you who dream of the destruction of the Tower of Babel,

you who want the destruction of the temple of the merchants,

you who rebel want the revolt ... take me away from Babylon.

Do not leave me on the road of burning fires that leads to the temple of Venus.

Take me with you.


Do not leave me at the mercy of drooling priests blinded by power.

True, I am a lived woman, a woman who knows the art of seduction,

The art of sex, but I'm also a mother and I'm a bride and I have a job.

Nor am I a vestal for sex-hungry, nor am I waiting for a client,

Nor am I the witch who dances at the witches' Sabbath...

I am a woman.


I want for myself the love I saw in your eyes...

Let me live with you the Song of Songs of Love.

Say the word, kiss me by breathing my life, make yourself living flesh.

Born again, I will follow you, I will give you the fruits of my garden,

I will wash the feet that brought you to me, I will perfume them, and I will wipe them with my hair.


Join me in this life.

In my kitchen, the bread and wine, the flesh and blood of my life,

They are already set for us.


Tonight, when you make yourself present, I will dance naked for you,

I will let myself be taken by you, I will let myself be embraced,

With you I will receive communion.


I will take you to my darkest and most unknown side,

You will be with me there, where no one has ever been.


But be careful, my love, be careful...

Don’t treat me like I'm a Babylonian prostitute.


True, I desire you, true, I go against the codified law to love you.

True, I live in a temporary woman's body.

True, I will let you enter into this sacred body rented to me by God

to be born and die sanctified.


I know, they will call me adulteress for this,

they will say that I am an apostate,

the saints will stone me, while I continue to love God.


But, here on earth I have seen you, I want to love you, one of his creatures, a grave sin,

but, you know, it's the first time I've seen Love.


I know about you that you don't care about the designer dress,

garters and transparent fashionable silk briefs,

I know you don't want a remade body... I know you don't need a whore,

I know you're not a violent man, I know you know how to love,

but... If it's just sex what you want from me and think you get, go away!

Go away from me snake ... Life is full of whores and gigolos.


Now I'm waiting for you.

@ d ...

I will not run away


How to silence the inner voice that invites me to collect within me your emotion,
your giving yourself to me and why.

In this forbidden garden that is your life, hidden from the eyes of God,

You to evil still innocent, you wait for me.

Together we are light and we are night, we are water and earth,

But forbidden is the knowledge of us.


Welcoming you in me, giving me to you to know us is a path of love

and maybe you would find the love you seek,

But it would also be the beginning and end of life and death.


No, I will not run away frightened at your appearance naked,

I take up your challenge, you are beautiful ... I'll look at you.


Erected in your eyes for the pleasure of having you or for prohibition,

I will be inside you, you on me.


Get naked.

I will not bind myself like Ulysses to listen to your song,

but neither will I emasculate myself like Origen.


Let yourself be found naked this evening, at sunset,

when I knock on your door.


Already I see your eyes sparkle like lightning,

I closed your lips and kissed me.


Tell me about yourself. You are beautiful.


You give me a drink from your breasts, I touch you, you touch me...

Kneeling before you, I get the scents of incense, gold and myrrh...

Come above me.


Let yourself be found naked tonight,

I'll talk to you.


You, image of God, you, the most beautiful of creatures,

You will be my new path to the beyond.


Let yourself be found naked tonight,

I'll look at you.

For your being beautiful, for your loving me, I will let myself be seduced to new life.


With you I will return to the primordial chaos, to the enchanted and dark garden,

primitive and mythical mixture between the human and the divine.


Guided by your feminine soul, I will cross the land of the dead again,

the dark forest,

seeking, among gods and demigods, between monsters and supermen,

the road that leads to eternal life.


Let yourself be found naked tonight,

You will kiss me with the kisses of your mouth, you will strip me, you will give me life.

I will make love to you.


Be found completely naked tonight,

you will sprinkle on you, in you, my sperm,

but it will not be a procreative jolt, a promised salvation...

It will only be human love.




I invited you. You will come to live in love in my woman's body, my love, tonight. Come, hurry up, in my body, my love, there you will find day and night, good and evil.

Together we will have clean and pure sex, we will make love.

Only yesterday you were a distant being, only yesterday you were only a vivid dream, but I loved you. You were inside me, true, but far away. You were just an illusion.

But I needed you to unleash your body against my madman, as a poison that cured the absence of reality.

I thought myself in your dream. Was I in your dreams? I think so.

You approached me in the night, like a little god, every night. You hid between my sheets, watching me while I loved you alone.

I smiled when I saw you enter my body. I felt loved.

When you came to my sky in the night, I was already naked for you. You admired my naked intimacy. Leaning on my legs you admired her, you thought you were taking me.

I let you do it. Madness illuminated the dawn of orgasm.

Rivers of semen wet my hands. Our flesh trembled in the intercourse finding its pleasure.

I was amazed at your erect penis, which swelled with desire to see me naked. Amazed at the impetus with which it penetrated my vagina, the way to escape into the afterlife.

I loved myself with your penis. It entered me without any violence. I don't like violence, you know? I am a woman.
In the morning, on the sheets of our sky, there remained scents of delicate residues of love. On the pillow the imprint left by your head.

And in my soul and in my body the immense pain in knowing that you despised my love.

Oh you for whom my life is reborn in the fire of death, where are you? Where are you hiding? Listen to the cry of life. Make yourself flesh for me, with me. Come and see me live.

Come and live with me, with me. Do not continue to hide in dreams, in words. You know? I am ready to receive you.
After those days of celebration, do we really want to lie down together in our bed? Have those times passed?

Whose hand was it touching, caressing my breasts this past night?

Whose body rested in my masturbations, in that realm of irrepressible and voracious, inexhaustible and tender desire that devoured my sex?

Can't I love you? Why do you tell me that you will leave very soon and never see you again? Why do you deny me love on O God of men?

I was like dead and wrapped in my memories when I met you in the dream. I was mute. The words escaped from my voice.

I am alone. I haven't taken a man's hand on my skin in so many nights that the pain had frozen my heart.

Yet I am the woman created for man. In the dream with you I am alive.

It is the dawn of a new day. I looked in the mirror. Purple dark circles. I still have your kisses in my mouth.

The unmade sheets remind me of all that loneliness that slept with me.

Before my eyes flow the eternally memorable images of my hands tied in the midst of the tumult. In the belly of a dream I laid my weariness of life.

I look at you. You are there in my intimacy as a priapic faun and sleepy the body of your surrendered manhood.

In the deep sky of my masturbations you occupy that realm of irrepressible and voracious desire. Inexhaustible and tender that devours your sex, even if you don't know it.

I am your friend for life. I'm your whore. What does it matter?

Forgive me if I want to live with you the song of love songs. I love you too much. I know I shouldn't. I know that there will be too high a price for our happiness.

I thought I was dead this morning when I saw you my love.

Crazy, I had the courage to ask you to love you, no longer as a nocturnal thirsty vaginal executioner who likes your phallus.

You greeted me. I asked you to let me live the Song of Songs of Love. You told me that you will come to me tonight and that you will love me as a man.

So I came from being to be. You are a dream, a sin that will come true. 

I am a woman of flesh and blood. I have the eyes to look at you. I have the arms to fight with you under the sheets.

I have under my skin, the desire to be gently taken, to be on me with you, abandoned in your hands, in my land.
I want to touch that little penis you own. I want to feel your hand, not mine, between my legs touch the centre of life.
I'll let you in me. The access road is very narrow and smells good.

I have under my skin, a crazy anguish of being raped in the agony of erotic ecstasy. The pleasure of being abandoned by dreams, to have that desired love.

I wanted to immediately put my hand between your legs and touch the centre of his being. I wanted your hand to touch me.

I loved it when you did it at night. You caressed me with very slow sweetness. I kissed you. I drank the saliva of deep kisses.

You had a nice ass, a penis, but you touched my soft tits. I sucked it hot, I wanted to do it. I knew how to marry him.

Before long you will be here, you will no longer be just a dream. Soon you will knock on my door. I will come and open you. I will receive you in my house.

I'm ready to give myself to you. I am sick of love. You are sin. In exchange for your sex, you will find love.

Don't look at my unmade bed. It was you. You came to see me again last night. And there is something left of you on my pillow.

I love you hurt and stunned. Even if you have forgotten the lost words, even if you do not speak to me of love, the pain with you subsides.

And I also forgot the traces of those who already passed through my body and left me.
I'm yours now. My love appreciates my beauty. Let your body inhabit mine. And your body is mine.

It was already mine when I wanted it and you were far away, when you were a dream and I loved you. When you were like the cloud in the reflection of water.

When inside my womb I invented you. I was completely naked the night of dreams, for you.

I saw myself beautiful, I saw you beautiful, but I had not yet touched you. You were before my desire for you, it was love, it was life and it’s evil.
You came at night like a little god in my garden. You watched him.

I, who was waiting for you on the other side of me, smiled when I saw you walking on the waters of my body.

You led me to pleasure. I smiled, my self is or thought it was, alien to itself.

God died passing by. I thought he was the one who loved me at night. Hidden spectator. It will be because, adulteress I love, I love you.

Today will be a day of celebration. I responded Fiat to the wish. Today your logos will be revealed, it will become flesh for me.

I'm waiting for you. Today I will give you my woman's body. Today with your flesh penis, by my vagina, you will come to meet me.

No, the song of love songs cannot be alive without us living flesh uniting.


The night of love


I leave the day, I walk in the night not towards heaven,

but towards the earth, in history. I walk thinking of you.


Like a bridegroom I follow the trail you left for me.

I follow the scent of frankincense and myrrh

which thou hast exhaled for me at dawn of this day,

certain promise of union with you in intercourse,

prophecy of other intercourse.


Tonight, as a freed bride,

Renewed by love, bathed by the moon, you will join me.


Tonight, with you, for you, the Word will become flesh.

Naked body of a woman you will be for me,

two breasts, a belly, a vagina...


Naked body of man will be me for you.


For us profane love will be united to sacred love,

the divine to the human, good to evil, time to eternity.


Get up my beautiful friend and come and open up to me.

I knock on your door.




Are you knocking at my heart, my love?

Are you disturbing my meditation, my dreams, my life?




Come on, come in, don't stay on the threshold, I was waiting for you in the dark.

So much I looked for you ... You know?

You filled my imagination, my thoughts, my dreams, my life.

I fell in love with you.

Come into my arms now, make love, hurry, kiss me.


Turn on the lamp, my friend, that night has already fallen.


What are you waiting for my gentleman to get me?

She is your sister and my soul awaits you and trembles in expectation.


I want to look at you naked in the light.


Come into my arms. Do not linger, already I am naked for you.

Yes, my husband of love, all naked I opened my door to you, my hands wet with myrrh and honey.

Now, lying on the bed, I'm waiting for you on me.


What's different about your love? What did you find in me to want to give you to me?


Stop talking my love. Accept my desire to love you.

It's not a dream. I am here, I am alive for you. You are alive for me.

Come on, come and feed on my honey, my wine, my milk.


Still delaying? What are you waiting for? What are you afraid of? Take! I am already yours.

You know? I am no longer a tight garden, the source of life in me flows again.

Under the apple tree of my garden, where we were conceived and were born, I will give birth to you my love.

You have awakened my love.


Let yourself be watched.


What do you want? What are you looking for?


I'm looking for you.




I look for you in your eyes, I look at your face framed by long hair,

I look at the neck, shoulders, breasts, hips, navel, vagina, legs, feet...

I go back to your gaze. All naked you are for me. You are really very beautiful.

But, really, who are you? What do you want from me?


You already know what I expect from you.

I want you to become a man for me, I want to live with you the Song of Songs of Love.


You're just a woman.


Yes, I am only a woman, but I want you in my vineyard to give you my caresses.

I want you to teach me the art of love.

But fear me. I am not a toothed vagina. I don't want to castrate you.

Scents of nard and saffron, scents of cinnamon and cinnamon,

Scents of incense and aloe are diffused in the air.

Let yourself be seduced by your desire for me, by my beauty.

Come into my life, come and eat with me the fruits of my garden.


I will eat my honey with you, I will drink my wine and milk with you, do not be in a hurry.

Let me first meet the woman who came up from the desert, all perfumed with myrrh and incense, to meet me.

Let me hear your voice, tell me about yourself.


What are you looking for? Isn't it enough for you what you see, what you can touch, what you can have right away?


I am looking for you.


Stop talking, I'm already yours and all naked for you relaxed, open, quivering I wait for you in this bed.

Undress too, join me in my wedding bed, embrace me, kiss me my love,

the Garden of Eden is reflowered.


I watch you undress ... You are naked to me. I watch you walk naked towards me.

I like your naked body of man ... You are handsome.


Lying naked next to me, naked for you in the wedding bed, hugging me I kiss you.

You kiss my kisses, you play with my tongue.

But now come upon me, communicate about me, live with me, my soul awaits you.


Slowly rises and your caress descends on my skin, your kiss runs between my thighs.


A thrill, a melody ... You are no longer just a dream, you are real...

you are in my living ... love becomes living flesh...

My spirit trembles and groans... How beautiful you are, my love ... I want you.


I feel, I follow it, I accompany it, penetrate your hand slightly,

descended the mountain of Venus, my vagina, lingers on its threshold.


My heart beats wildly, a wave of heat rises and envelops me.

My body jerks and arches and opens...

Again, again, again.... Hold me by my hips, take me far.


You linger, you look at my naked vagina, you smell the wet scents of my sex,

Taste the vaginal honey listening to the wave of the stormy sea inside me.


I feel your desire to take me, I see it, I touch it.

I want you inside me. What are you waiting for?


Caress my turgid hot breasts now... It feeds your mouth to my erect nipples.


The scent of sex envelops me.


Come on, come upon me, enter me with me, join me within me for my body.

While I feed on you, you taste my fruits, they are sweet, they are ripe, they are bread and wine, body and blood

I'm yours, you're mine, it's me and you, it's us.


I want you, my love, I want to enter into you.


No, don't protect yourself from me, I'm healthy, it's not a fertile day...

Don't stop, keep going... enter me naked, I want to feel naked in me...

I want everything about you.


Are you sure?


Yes, my love, all naked I want to feel you inside me.


Ecstatic I watch your blasphemous penis leave my mouth,

I see him approaching my vagina.

I take him in my hands, I accompany him.

You stop to play, rub against my clitoris...

I want you inside me, I want to feel you inside me, my love.


Suddenly you penetrate me, slowly penetrate me, deeply...

You jump into my emptiness, you come to meet my spirit.

I feel you in me, my god, I feel you knocking on my womb

I welcome you in me ... My soul join you.


You kiss me, I kiss you.

I feel your hands looking for me now between my breasts, hips, buttocks, pubis.

Now rummage my vagina with you inside me.

I feel your breath, your desire for me.


I follow the rhythm of your penis getting faster and deeper,

I squeeze it between my vaginal lips.

"I love you," you whisper.


I hold you close to me, I want to come with you.

Say my name.

Yes, my love, it's me, it's yours.


Call me again.

I look at you, I look at me. I see myself in your eyes.

It joins the rhythm of my time to yours in a mystical carnal fusion.


A flash. An explosion. Light is separated from darkness, land from sea,

I don't know where I am anymore.


I fall with you above me into a tunnel of light.

I cling to you, don't leave me, don't get out of me, stay,

Wait for me, let me be embraced by you in the roar of the rising wave.


Don't go out, not now, stay inside me, stay united with me...

still above you leap my body with you inside...

dance my soul, my heart pierced by pleasure and pain...

Transfigured I float with you in me, I in you, in the rainbow.


Where are we?

I miss the air, where are you, where am I? Who am I?

Say my name.

Tell me love ... Is being flesh my most hidden and dark side?

Call me again.


Sweet wake up to you fastened. Now lay your head on my breasts.

Stop the time of the night, let's stay here.


How beautiful you are, my love.


How I wish you were my eternal husband, the father of my children,

On the streets of life I would kiss you without any fear.


I saw myself, I am a woman, I am naked, I am beautiful, I am alive. I have crossed the threshold of love, I have known what mortals have not yet enjoyed,

the taste of you, divine love, made flesh. Baptized with love, I was born to new life. Now where are you?




- Welcome back to the living. You made me worry. You looked like you fainted. Are you all right?

- Hold me close to you. I have to talk to you.

- Are you repentant? Should I be worried?

-No. I wanted to tell you...

- I listen to you.

- I lived with you the most beautiful feeling of my life, I do not know if it will ever be repeated with such intensity. I had to tell you, I wanted to let you participate, but I can't find the words to tell you ... I can only tell you that I PERCEIVED THE COLORS.

- The colors?

- You know, I had a strange orgasm.

- A strange orgasm? What do you mean.

- Yes, I had an orgasm, the most beautiful of my life, but understood as a set of emotions-sensations not only sexual.

- Glad I gave you pleasure.

- No, it wasn't just pleasure generated by sex... No, I experienced the most beautiful emotion of my life. I'm glad it happened with you.

-What do you mean?

- I can't describe in words what I felt, what I felt, where I was, but I wanted to tell you, I wanted to share what I experienced.


- It's not easy, but thank you for listening, thank you for understanding the importance of these moments but thank you above all for understanding that I had to talk to you.

-I don't understand. What happened to you?

- Hard to say in words. I experienced a different reality. I touched, we were the colors, the sounds, the scents, the flavours. I know that I will never be the same again.


- I really experienced that reality. It is something magical, OF COMMUNION OF ALL THE SENSES WITH THE EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL ELEMENTS TO ME, while I was united with you.

How could I be the same as before now that I know it can happen again? I'm not crazy.

- No, you're not.

- Will we meet again?



Who are you?


I am alone now. You are not there, where are you? Who are you?

What do you want from me? What do you want to do with me now that you've had me.

What will become of me? I'm confused. It's all a mess.

I don't know who I am anymore. I don't even know who I'll be anymore.

I only know that I am yours and that you are mine. I just know I want to stay with you.

Do you want it?


You know? I flew incorporeal high. I found myself in infinity with you.

In that timeless spatial dimension, unknown to me, my soul was lost.

Looking down, in the light I saw our naked bodies still united in intercourse,

but motionless and undone, like dead.

I was afraid.


Then, you called me.

Catapulted to earth, I found myself in your arms.


I looked with fear into your eyes ... then... I felt happy.

Still, your eyes spoke to me of love.


Yes, I am happy to love myself in your eyes, to love you in your eyes, to live for your eyes,

to see you live in my eyes.


Yes, I'm happy. I know it wasn't just sex, I know you'll always be with me.

I know you will love me even when I can no longer join you for the body.


Will we meet again?


Yes, my love, we will meet again. I dream of you and I wait for you. And, if you also want it, reach me. You know how and where to find me.

Being united, we, in the intercourse, were not an inescapable animal instinct, an incoercible need. We wanted it.

You know? Today I was born for you. You were born for me. Now you live in me, I in you?

You have taken away from me the madness that petrified me. Today what I would like is to continue living with you. Come to me, who am your sister in soul, I will not prevent you.

Will we meet again?

Yes, we will meet again. You know my name, I know yours.


You took me for a man


Lying on you who took me for a man,

I found in your bones, flesh, breasts, the source of life.

You in our bed of love, now lie cut off, stunned by sex and the adulterous stone,

but still look for me.


Yes, I have spoken to you, you have heard many years of words as I looked at you,

while I fed on your ancient mother's womb,

while, with the immortality of Christ at your side, I slipped into your innocence,

Bride violated, the wedding vanished.


Today I will climb the stairs, my dying beloved.

Foolish I come to pick you up in the Sanctum Santorum

hidden from the eyes of the angel with the sword of fire.


Of inestimable value is your collaboration to live,

you want to be in my life to give me love.


No, I can't let you die now, no.

Your verb is love.


You are the light that illuminates the earth,

the light that illuminates the night of dying.




A thread of your light penetrated when you lifted the stone that covered me.

Your kiss breathed, like God, life into my dead body.

Like Snow White, I vomited Eve's apple.

And you, you have been astonished witnesses of my resurrection,

father of love.


Reborn, naked under you lying, I loved myself in the intercourse with you.

Within me you have planted your seed of love, and my garden has flourished again,

Now I'm waiting for you again.


The unreal silence of rebirth is terrible.

Where are you?


Here alone in the dim light everything is silent.

Hidden from God's eyes for you, I am also frightened by the shadows of this room.


Don't leave me alone, come and get me, I'll wait for you

Also tonight

You'll love me

Tonight I will see the sky again.


Mother of Love


Pregnant with you, I didn't abort you.

Today, when I have been upon you, I have given birth to love,

I gave birth to you.


You have entered me, you have come out of me, accompanied by me,

You, love, are the fruit of my womb.


No god, given my folly, had penetrated my vagina to impregnate me with love,

no other God had given life to the flesh of my flesh,

I was buried to life.


Today Love was born.

You, you inside me, only you, you born from me.




Blah blah blah are the words of love today, after knowing love with you.

When, when it will still happen that I can leave the tomb that encloses me

for your calling me back to life.


No, I'm not dead,

I lived in another dimension, between happiness and pain, dreaming of eternity.


But I'm not dead, no, and a lit candle is not enough for me,

A prayer on the Day of the Dead is not enough for me,

It’s not enough for me that you touched my G-spot

And you called me love.


Again I want to return with you to the forbidden Eden,

I want you naked flesh to bring me back to the unknown universe of me,

Where we have been together and where everything begins and everything ends.


Yes, bring me fire, bring it to this desolate land of mine,

dry my tear.


Get out, leave your narcissistic enclosure of madness, come and meet me.

I am not alone in life, true, but alone I am waiting for you.


You will look at me again, again you will enter my garden,

Again I will join you, again I will live love with you.


Come and meet me in my nights, in my days,

Every time I will drop, for your eyes, my wedding dress.




I address my appeal to you...

if I think that only once I had you,

If I think that my breath becomes immensity only for you.


I still can't decipher you.

And you, you who are you, so far, so close...

In an instant I annihilate my present

just to be next to you with the soul

only to give me, to give you, to still have a fragment of you.


Live our moment now, open your arms and welcome me,

I need to feel safe.


In this narrow and winding path that will be our history,

I see our walking through the unknown dark forest.

But I am not afraid, you are with me, you know the way.


I see our path,

and you hold my hand at every obstacle

and move every thorny branch letting me pass,

and... pick up a bell by donating it to me,

and cover my shoulders at night asleep at the edge

and wake me up with a kiss

Every day

The smell of the morning is even better if you are next to me.


And then sit down one day and look back.

See your smile, which rarely contracts your face.


So, sitting in any one over there, you bend over each other's shoulders.

Against the background of a sunset we will laugh at our follies,

We will hold, as always, our hands and...





It's spring. I seek you my love.

Dressed as a bride, on the streets of Jerusalem, I looked for you.

I asked my friends, the guards, "Did you see my love?"

In vain.


In the dark streets of sex, lit by bonfires, they asked me:

"Show us your tits! Are you wearing underwear?

Come on, lift your skirt and show us your vagina, give us your ass,

let yourself be touched, let's have an orgy..."


Even in the illuminated shopping streets, good people asked me:

"How much do you want for your beautiful body?"


True, I am not a virgin, nor am I your bride

but not even a prostitute ... I am your love.


I escaped, I returned home and here, in your company, I wait for you.


On your return I will dance for you the dance of the seven veils, the belly dance...

I will show you my femininity, my voice will be melody...

I will let myself be looked at by you, I will let myself be touched by you...

You will kiss me, I will undress you, you will undress me,

you will accompany me again on the new journey to the land of love,

and everything about me will be next to you.


There, with you, I was a free woman, you a free man,

There, we revealed ourselves as human beings of equal dignity,

There, we freely gave ourselves to each other,

There, in the darkness a light separated, there, I knew love.


No, there was no death in the mystical fusion of us,

I remained a woman, you a man.

No, there was no masochistic violence or passive submission,

We loved each other without judging, without killing.


You'll be back, I know. I have faith in you.


damn love


A damn forbidden love you are for me.

You, so helpless and fragile ... innocent you called me.

Imprudent you asked me divine love ... Did you know that I am the serpent.

Did you know, descendant of Eve, that forbidden is to love me,

It's no longer heaven for me, I just have to look at it.


Awakened by the immobility of condemnation,

I wanted you, adulteress before the eyes of God and man,

I have had you, divine creature, among my coils, to have salvation.


Between lights and inebriated perfumes I tore your wedding dress looking into your eyes,

I washed you with my tongue ... You know...

I didn't want to find God hiding in the garden between your thighs again.


In putting on a condom, I didn't want to make you the container of a fertilized egg,

Putative Father

I did not want to mourn children, who died in the cosmic war between Good and Evil,

You stopped me:

"No, don't protect yourself from me, I'm healthy, it's not a fertile day...

Don't stop, keep going... enter me naked, I want to feel naked in me...

I want everything about you."


You, the most beautiful of creatures, in my arms have screamed for forbidden pleasure,

you cried out for love in the silence of a lost promised paradise,

But you will cry again, one day, even the pain of condemnation.

Yes, we will meet again.

You know?

I want you, damn love, I love you and I still want you,
but I want you to be happy.


No, don't think of me thinking of you,

I just want you to be well, even without me.

Run away from me, my love, run away while you still can.


You know, I am the serpent.


Are you the angel or the snake love? Whoever you are, you are ... my. I who am a woman, fire of love will not be afraid of the apple, I will wash you of guilt with purified water ... Love me!

I will make you the most beautiful angel of the new Eden! Away with censorship! Away with sin! I will be salt ... and then sugar ... I will strip myself of the last veil, perhaps the one I never lifted.

From me away the din of censorship on my ego! Away with the fear of sinning! To you the purity of a love, mine, Serpent ... I love you.


@d 05/01/2003


I want you


I want you, I want you, I still want you

I want to hold you skin to skin again.

Shivering I want to caress you,

Look at you as you undress and walk towards the embrace.


Lying by my side, satisfied sex,

I want your perfume, the word that caresses being...

It is not enough for me to remember the divine experience.


Excruciating indelible desire

Bold I'm looking for you to get you back

I irreversibly love you.


Seduce me! You are not my husband, but I do not fear distance if you are there

Continuous time is nothing, it is not that time...

Look for me!


@ad 07/02/2003


Listen to me, I'll tell you something about me to understand who I am.


This evening, lying alone in my empty bed, in the silence of the night, I think of you, I talk to you about me and with you I retrace the stages of my life as a woman.

I want to try to understand what is happening to me.

Young woman, educated for life, inexperienced in life, I loved to love, I loved love. So, years ago, out of love I got married in church. I became a mother.

I was happy, but above all I was happy to have left my father.

I didn't tell you the whole truth... As a child I dreamed of being able to live at home without eyes wide by pain and fear of violence...

I dreamed that my father would not beat us. You could not play train with chairs, which my father shouted; I couldn't read which tore up my books.

You couldn't do anything that children usually do.

I was ten years old and I already had to be a mother to my sister instead of my mother. Defending her from the violence of my father, a father who taught me sex one night,

a gratuitous and conscious violence. My mother knew.

I hated my father. He didn't speak to me. He didn't call me by name. Only when he was sick did he remember that I existed. I wanted him dead, and he died. I don't feel any fault of it.

It ruined my life. But, I didn't know that I still had to live the worst.

I enrolled in an acting school. I was young, I was good, I was beautiful. They offered me a television job, I accepted it.

On the night I was betrayed by my husband, torn, torn, destroyed, I let myself die, I petrified.

I continued to live in the house with him and he kept cheating on me. She wasn't enough for him ... He was still trying to have sex with me, telling me I was his wife.

I refused to give myself to him. When he approached to kiss me, I rejected him ... whenever.

He didn't notice it, but his presence bothered me, his hands on me bothered me. So, one day, faced with my umpteenth rejection of him, he raped me.

I remember everything, as if it happened now. I remember every detail. It was almost noon, the children at work. The sun drew the contours of the shutters on the floor.

I was preparing lunch, when... he threw me to the ground ... I didn't scream ... everything happened so fast ... I don't know... how long did it last... 5 minutes, one minute ... I don't know the time ...

the socks were not broken when I picked them up ... I hate it.

Luckily for me, he spent most of his days and nights away from home, leaving me alone. And, in solitude, at night I punished my body, desiring, trying to die.

I immersed myself in my work as an actress. I was acting out another life. I started to leave the house and make friends. When I wasn't working, I went out with them.

I wandered with them looking for a man, for the city, for the shops, I stopped at bars, I went to the mountains or to the pool to read and sunbathe.

I was courted, but I always refused. I didn't want more men in my life.

My husband, while seeing each other, continued to remain married to me.

He was satisfied to have a beautiful wife to introduce to his friends, a wife who didn't break his boxes.

The children, now independent, made their lives. For them, the house was a hotel. I was the servant.

We were often invited by his friends, by his band, to parties. She was always there. Everyone knew about them.

At dinners, he boasted that he had a mistress, that he had taught me to make love, that I was good and that he did it every day.

The idiots listened to him, looking at me with desire, undressing me with their eyes. They hoped to have me, seeing the stupid husband I had.

He told them that I had small breasts and that he wanted me to make plastic.

Yes, he wanted me to have my breasts redone to make it bigger. I refused, just as I continued to refuse to join him in intercourse.

He was more and more insistent, violent, so much so that he joined me, that evening we met, in my dressing room. He promised me.

He asked me to undress that he wanted to make love. Faced with my refusal, he pulled me, trying to throw me on the ground.

I was afraid, I knew the violence of which he was capable. I had already experienced it. I strayed from her embrace and ran away half-naked and saw you in the hallway.

I followed you into the warehouse. You saw me, you said "hello". I threw myself into your arms and said, "I'm afraid."

You didn't ask me anything. You hugged me, you protected me. Then you touched, with your hand, my breast.

I looked at you; I felt in your eyes the love I was reading about, the love I had sought, the love I had lost.

I wanted you for myself. I would have given myself to you. But you took me home, to my husband.

For days I thought about you, your hand brushing against my breasts. I inquired about you.

Now invulnerable to pain, I was not afraid and I asked you for love to give you the love that was buried in me.

In the erotic intercourse of bodies, awakened by you, I revealed to you what I really am and did not know I was.

I have revealed myself to you in my most intimate, true, profound essence. We freely love our souls through us. Don't betray them.

Today, I walk barefoot through the world, enlightened by my senses, thinking of you, seeking the encounter with you.

I want to relive that magical moment of communion of all the senses with the external and internal elements of me, which gave me peace and made me happy.

Be found, please, open wide your door to me, join me.

Let the erotic ecstasy experienced, which I have never experienced before, not only a fleeting moment of immeasurable and excruciating intensity.

I know, it was a concrete physical experience, I know, we can repeat it in everyday reality.

Join me, hurry up, listen to me, you know, I have only today to love you, my love.

I was glad that after the intercourse you didn't go away, but you stayed embraced to listen to me.

You asked me what happened. I had no words. I don't know. I am not like that.

I think it wasn't me who loved us, I think it was our souls who loved each other for the body.

Was it the same for you? Do you want it now?

Then reach me, strip me, strip me of this flesh, pull me out of this body, do not let me die waiting.

Tonight I'm waiting for you. Come and see me cry, my love, your love burns my body.

When, when will I still be able to unite my soul as a woman with you, who with so much love hold me in your universe?

Love, I'm waiting for you. Join me. I'm yours. Do it, do it now. Penetrate me, take me to live or die in your land. I don't ask you anything else. All yours I am.

You have penetrated me, my soul has joined yours and I know how sweet your possession is.

Struck by desire, divine madness, I immersed myself in the sea of the immense beauty of living.

You killed my petrified self, you made me know myself. I want to kill your wandering self, I want you to be happy too.

Now I know that life is worth living.

Thinking of you. I think of that moment and my desire to receive you within me and find peace grows more and more.

My soul desires erotic physical contact with you. Do not leave me in the incorporeal and sublimated dimension of platonic love.

Violent is desire, violent passion, I am alive, you are alive, my love wants to give you my flesh, wants your flesh.

But fear not, I am not an amoeba, a leech, a praying mantis. I know that after the intercourse there is the detachment of the bodies. But I am a prisoner of love.

I love you as I love myself. I love the whole universe. I don't want to come to hate you for that.

I don't want to love another more than you and me, but what would become of me if you loved another more than me? I'm scared. Again, today, I am afraid.




Hungry for you, my soul calls you,

He tells you strip me of this flesh, join me.


Sacrilegious I want to feel again within me sterile

Your penis shape the hot mud of my bowels



Nourished by your sperm in communion with you,

I will drag you into the abyss of chaos of a deep mystery

asking for eternity of us.


It will be imperfect life,

But to you joined in sin is the human way to life.


I know, they will be groans, breaths, pain, pleasure, fear...

But I cannot, I don't want, now that I've known you, to do without you.


It was mud trampled my garden before your kiss,

My mute word, my dead body.


On this night, crucified to you, leave me a trace of you,

Let me meet you tomorrow.


Now give me a tear, a word

Give me peace.


At last! You seem like a dream to me, you are here with me. I haven't finished my period yet, I tell you. The same kisses me, the same caress me, the same enters my vagina.

I join you. I'm happy now, you love me. You're rocking me, you've stayed with me. Nothing softer to rest on is to feel you.

You know? I was really afraid of losing all this. I thought you were gone. I was afraid that I would never feel this warmth again. Stay with me.


@ad 10/04/2003

Nocturnal thoughts


No, I have not made you an asexual divine body.

I didn't make you a thing, a perfect housewife.

I have not dominated you, nor have I subdued you, nor will I be your master father.


You who are more precious than gold, more beautiful than diamond,

you are alive and full of energy,

You are perfect, though fallacious and vain beauty, for erotic sexual love.


You are life. You are flesh, we are flesh, we have the same destiny

And as you know there is no life beyond death.


I have come to you to meet you. I did not come to pray.

I asked you to take off your white robe and give me your sex of love.

But today you only wanted hugs and caresses, stating that it was an impure day for love.

No, you are not impure. Menstrual blood is not impure and intercourse is not short

and that nothing stands in the way of loving us.


I watched you, erotically uninhibited, undress you for free for me.

Our souls, loving each other for the body of flesh,

they have not mixed with the divine,

They did not give us the sin of pregnancy.


No, monstrous beings, giants, will not be born from us.


You are beautiful in your woman's body.


we will spend the night in my bed


I, Diana, am in love for you.

Yes, you saw me naked, you touched me,

I have seen you naked, I have touched you.


In the love affair you have left your stigmata on me

You have entered my story.


No, there was no fusion in one body,

nor was I looking for him.


True, I'm just a woman, but I don't lack anything.

I'm certainly not looking for the missing penis you have,

I don't have to fill my holes,

I don't look for my mother, not even my father.


Now that I have tasted love I desire you,

I still burn for you,

I burn with a love that is not consumed.


I, Diana, am in love for you.

I'm excited just thinking about you, I still feel your desire in me.


Come, my love, within me tonight,

Give me your hand

we get out of my self,

let's get out of your self,

Let's give each other love.


Come, my love, join me, we will spend the night in my bed,

there I will give you my caresses,

there you will tell me...

there you will give me...


True, I am only a woman, but happy to be with you a woman,

the beloved woman who loves you.


Conscious living our history,

History that is and will be the only mystical eternal fusion stronger than death.


Today, again, we together to kiss. Your hands caressed, scrambled my breasts by the v-neck of my shirt along the path.

When we reached the river, hidden, you lifted my skirt. Water flowed. Madness.


I'm not a prostitute


I'm not a prostitute, I'm just a woman.

I have never made myself an altar for false gods of love,

No one ever prayed to me kneeling at the crossroads

to request my graces,

Only you.


I never offered my naked body to passers-by for money or just pleasure.

I never received, in my woman's body, useless members of men who wanted

masturbate with me.

Only you and you know.


I am only a woman, the woman who offered herself to you having seen Love in you,

I am the woman who loves you.


You are just a man, true, a man who loves me,

the elect that I let enter me.


Remember, only for love you had me.


I love you as a woman


No man ever had me naked before meeting you. For no one has my being ever become flesh and blood with this intensity.

It is impossible to metabolize the violent emotion, unknown to me before, to hear and see you, to want you, to love you all.

You have been able to see and hear me, accept me ... you have been able to reveal me ... like no one. For you I am a woman who has become human.

I had you, true, but the excitement does not go down ... Being in you with me and talking to you is beautiful.

No, it cannot happen again. No, the spiritual positions of meeting each other will not be repeated, they will not be able to repeat each other.

The soul, which sees beyond, feels that we could live together, we ... marry me my love ... Oh, immerse ourselves in love and enjoy some time of joy.

Do not drive me back into the solitary realm, where the soul is sufficient for itself, to live the expectation of the eternal mystery accomplished of a thought of love concluded.

I don't want to return to the superhuman world of goddesses, nor love those I don't love. I wasn't looking for you, I didn't even know you existed.

I was not looking for anyone, I am a wife and mother, my story was already over. But so it is. Today adulterous I love you.

The feeling is now beyond comprehension, beyond my will.

The eternal hope of overcoming the human condition of sin to remain eternal and innocent human to live there is now accusation.

I love you because you are, unique and unrepeatable, I love you like this, maybe too much, but I love you. Give up on you? What a waste.

Make you just a memory? Never. I will never give you memories, these excrements of lost life live on nothing.

I will never feed you to dogs. I will be waiting for you every day.

This evening in the embrace I felt at home.

You tell me you want me to be happy. Then don't kick me out, leave me to you every night. I will watch you sleep and for a daring caress you will wake up in my arms.

Again I will ask you to kiss me, to let you undress and ... but I will never hurt you.

With you life has the mystical flavours of communion ... with you ... and if sometimes silent silence still rises in the soul, the fear of abandonment in distressing solitude, do not be afraid...

I want to stay with you, I am eternally in you, I love you. Life is beautiful.


@ Diana 22/7/2003




This pure essence of substance and sound

This embryo of clear speech

This secret touch is you.

Crystal as mobile as the waves transgress my silences

quick and only strike my blue.

Crystal I drink you in the dawn

Candor of dream, magic of the East is you, magic of my secrets.


If I think, the secret turns to dust

rain of an altar that is not valuable.


You in the apotheosis of a mystical instant a ray of light,

Oblivion after the agony, the awakening after a long silence.


You who gave me a smile

when my life went against the tide...

when even my shadow was gone

Your "hello" composed a song for me.


I will never be for you the pleasure of an instant

to you I will give more, I will give you the imprint of my smile not to forget (by D)


You've been with me again all day. Trampling on the autumn leaves, we talked about us, we loved each other in the sun, we said "I love you" and my love increases.

"I don't want you different, I don't want to submit to you, I don't want to merge into one body with you for fear of losing you because you are other than me. I love you as you are. ", you told me.

I love you too, I am with you, I want to stay with you. You won't lose me if you don't want to. Even if vain, redeemed by you, I love you, we love each other.

Impossible in your presence to remain motionless and impassive ... how not to look at you ... How to see you and not want you?

Imbued with inexhaustible and, at times, unspeakable desires is our fairy tale.

Lie down between cuddles for the warmth of a more daring caress and full of unprecedented sweetness, for emotional physical contact, conscious presence, magical element,

We create our universe of liquid love to swim together to discover this itinerary of amazement that leads to you, to reach us.

I told you that my friends have always supported, that a relationship like this was what was needed for me. I argued the opposite and have always avoided it.

Now I don't know for sure. I just know that I love you and that I'm afraid of losing you or hurting you. Know that if this happens it will never be by my will.

I could not and would never want to hurt you.

You trusted me, you showed me that we can also hope and live despite what bad life forces us to endure.

How I wish I never had to see this story of ours end! You always say that you cannot offer me a regular family, respectability before the world and before God,

But I have your respect, your time, your affection and a thousand other feelings of you. That is enough for me and sometimes it seems too much. I give you much less. Ours is Love, and also

God will forgive us.

You may be wondering why I told you these words, there is no answer. I felt the need to do it.


@a 05/07/2003 Your @Diana.




I broke a silence, today ... "I love you," I told you.

So after a long journey I felt at home.


It doesn't matter if this house is empty, if you are far away...

I feel the warmth of a hug in this house that does not belong to me.


I would like to pull my heart out of my breast and then give it to you,

I would die even now if only you asked me.


No, don't listen to my pains, you have to look forward

Follow your light, walk, before you is life.


I am death, I am in another book...

that book that you may never finish reading,

maybe you'll never understand it...

maybe... there isn't. (forgive me if I love you so much)




Love, how difficult it is to pass in front of this video and not be able to turn it on, even just to send you a I love you, just to receive it ... This is unfair.

You've been in my thoughts all day and my love grows.

Today that the sky is blue and warm is the sun, I wait for you. Mentally I ask you ... Come and swim with me in this lucid and profound transparency,

You know... Despite knowing about the trip for the discontinuous time, every day I miss your presence.


I marry you


When I think, I always end up next to you.

When I dream, like every night, I meet you.

At every dawn, if you will, I marry you.


Come to me,

and I will dance for you covered with a veil of skin,

fragile obstacle to your desire.


Join me tonight.


And thou salt run over me like a soft breath, shivering with desire,

wrapping my soul with fire ... I will be Diana, Miriam, your woman.


I love you without knowledge,

I love you no matter how hard it can be to love you,

but I love you. Yours forever.





You, a dream hidden in a dream, grow in me, like a foetus in a womb.

You substance and essence, you creature that thirsts my being a woman

thou forbidden love, thou looming sorrow

feline came in my restless nights, silent nights.


You gave me a look at one of the blackest nights,

You offered me your love by surprising my senses.


That breath of wind came to me, breathed my lips to smile...

That day my life became yours.


Today, before God, I swear my faithfulness to you, my love.

I will be the bride in a virtual world waiting for the real,

I will be heat and frost, I will be, for you ... whatever you want.


I had the gift of love, I had you as a gift.

I will not leave you to the wind, I will keep you hidden in my soul.


You will never die, my love ... never.


Good morning honey, my night is you, as you are my sun. Love, I hope you will forgive me for last night and for this morning, but... Here, it's not easy, here it's a bad time.

He who screams and offends. It is not the first time. Will... as have so many others passed ... Or we will arrive, again, at a crossroads.

I don't want him to touch me, I don't want his sex... I am no longer his.

I wish you were here to take me away. I would like to fly away from this hell, but ... I can't, you know.

If sometimes something does not go as expected, do not take it, try to understand me. It is not my will.

I love you, my thoughts are for you, always, you fill all the voids. I love you.


@ad 12/03/2003


It's not a game.


It's not a game.

You who live in my world listen to my cry.

Here you die without a reason,

You no longer live the sun, you no longer see the sea.

Between hatred and grudges you see a truth...

You are not a game, but love.


For this I am condemned...

hell has taken me on this night that never passes...


And the next day I put wings for you...

I am reborn for you, I relive for you...


and we will walk under a rainbow of peace,

We will hold hands, we will say I love you.


wait for me, I'm still afraid to love


Today, even if Saturday, we cannot meet, I work all day. The director who directs me is very demanding. But, if you can call, I will gladly hear you. I miss you a mess.

I think of us and I write to you. I ask you ... Let me live this song of love with you. The ways you want, but let me live.

You asked me to tell you about me, that you want to know everything about me, but what would be the point of telling you about me?

Do not tell me that you also want confidences from me, what is not "told to everyone". Because? What would you do with it? Is it something that helps me or you? Do you like gossip? Do you want exclusivity?

I have already given. I'll be honest with you all the same. I love you, I want you to know everything about me. I trust you.

A man, a friend, had become very attached to me, while his wife, my friend, was pregnant. He had like a rejection of her and he was not entirely wrong, because she was really unbearable.

One day he asked me to undress for him, who wanted to see me naked, who wanted to make love to me.

Faced with my refusal, she reproached me that, if my husband could have a lover, I could keep him in his place. But it wasn't the same for me.

He was a very sweet man, but I had no intention of ruining something beautiful, like a child on the way, even if his mother didn't deserve it.

They separated after a couple of years and it seems that he has found a woman right for him.

She, the ex-wife, got together with another, since she had "nothing to do." Even with her husband she had put herself because she had "nothing to do." His own words.

I am not like that. My marriage was founded on the ideals I still believe in, and it collapsed.

I already told you that I was betrayed, betrayed with someone who said she was my best friend, in my wedding bed.

Although betrayed, I stayed with my husband. I never betrayed him, but staying with him destroyed my soul. My soul, which I considered clean.

I continued, I continue to live with him and I feel dirty for "duty."

You know, I believed so much in love and sincerity that I told him what I felt and lived, but everything backfired. I was punished with my own life.

I never felt like throwing myself away. My self was not and is not very strong, but surely I would never have put myself with anyone because "I have nothing to do" or not to feel alone".

True, I am married and I was and am alone. I live separately in the house. It weighs on me to be alone. I suffer so much from loneliness.

I wasn't born to be alone. I feel wasted, but I never had any intention of throwing myself away, but only of dying.

Loneliness was the price of my dignity, of freedom, but you don't know what a high price it has. You cannot know the value of this suffering.

Then, the day I saw you, I found in you what I wanted. In love with your soul, I offered myself to you.

Your way of talking about love, your love was unique, wonderful, enveloping. I wanted it for myself.

Today you ask me who I am, what I want from you. I don't know. I only know that I live with you the love of the Song of Songs and that life is beautiful.

I know that I no longer think about death, but about meeting with you. I offered myself totally to you. You warned me. But I want to live you.

Even my friends told me that this relationship of ours is what I needed. Maybe that's true, but I want more. I still don't know what, but more.

I live with love, of love with you. I know, I am yours and you are mine, but, for the moment, when it happens, if it happens, even if deliberately, in freedom.

Freedom ... It has no time, no limits, no rules. The important thing is to respect it, not to lock it up, not to demand visits or appointments. It's living. It is to live it.

Love is also living and living it.

I think of you often, I dream of you and in the dream I would like to marry you, have you close for the rest of my life, but each of us has his luggage in his backpack, we can look inside,

But we can't exchange it. Not now. We are on the same road!?

Meanwhile, he continues to love me like this. Perhaps, tomorrow, I will ask you to marry me. I already want it today.

It's evening. At the end of the tiring work I think of you desiring the meeting with you and I am alone. With the TV on, a love movie, my husband with his lover, my children having fun,

You maybe in the company of your children or to sleep or gnawing inside or in front of the PC or alone like me.

What are you doing? Where are you? Do you see that you are far away?

Even though I've spent all this time thinking about you, writing to you, wanting to talk to you, wanting to be hugged to you. The time will come.

Freedom is also this. For both of us.

There are times when everything seems possible to me, even with the limits that reality imposes on us. It is not these limits that ruin, it has nothing to do with your family, my family.

It is I who am afraid, I who am not ready yet. Give me time, wait for me.

There are so many things that you do not know about me, that you do not give me a way to tell you, and that I do not tell you because I am fine for you and because sometimes I do not see a reason to do it

either it's not the time or I don't consider it appropriate or...

As you can see, I also send you something, something that I did not want for fear of losing you, but that I thought.

A bit like you, when you let your thoughts free to wander in search of something. Thing? An answer? A certainty? If you want certainty, I'm just the wrong person.

The only ones I have are in my little daily life. In which I try to keep order so as not to get lost. In order not to lose the meaning of a life and not to let go.

I have so many answers to give you. If you want to ask direct questions. But they are not able to formulate thoughts or desires. I can only tell you that I love you and that I want, I want, my meetings with you.

I wrote to you in real time. I opened the PC to find a kiss. Okay, I'm the one sending you a kiss. A hug.


@ d 31/03/2003


the pleasure


My naked body seeks you and embraces your presence.

In front of you kneeling, lips dry, I ask for your sperm.


The rhythm of a shared harmony that leads to pleasure is unleashed between us.

And still together later, exhausted, bodies embraced, minds numb, I breathe in me the sweet taste of you.


Nourished, I love you.


And so flows the living without you, with you inside,

out of the meat.


Without criteria I upset existence

and in pain I seek.


I would like to pass through the eye of a needle and join you in your realm.


Open the door once more, enter into me again,

And the world will be ours for a moment.


@ad 29/04/2003




Good morning love, tonight I want to talk to you a little. I am alone in the house. Where are you? I've been looking for you for hours. I would like to see you, if only for a moment.

I know that it is difficult for you, it is also for me, to find a way to meet you, but it is always the famous wish box that if you open it comes true.

I know if you want, you can. I'm waiting for you.

I love you, I perceive it as something arcane, inescapable, even if wanted and sought. Love me. Let it be early and every soon always.

Don't you live with me? It doesn't matter, I'm waiting for you anyway, you give me serenity, you gave me the desire to live.

I perceive it as something arcane to love you ... you love me ... Let it be early and every soon always. You're giving me my life back.

Call me! Right now! It does not matter, I care only today, now, we, you, you who transmit to me peace, serenity and all that are beautiful.

I would like to see you on Monday even for half an hour, maybe in the morning as early as you can. Just tell me yes...

I'm ready to sit in my corner again, don't worry about me, even if I love you, if your serenity demands it.

Tomorrow together, the way you want, I'll wait for you ... anyway... Hello. Tomorrow too I will be alone.

I don't want to wake up from this dream, it's three o'clock in the morning, and it’s time for me to go to sleep. I hug you tightly.


@ad 18/09/2002




Nourished by love, by you unexpected, this morning, now, that evening has come, again in desire I wait for you, to offer myself to you, my love.

I wait but I am serene, I am no longer afraid to offer my sex as a woman to your desire for a man.

Already I hear your voice whispering to me "I love you, you are beautiful". But for you I want to be even more beautiful ... You must desire me beyond desire, you will have no other women outside of me.

Will you come to me again this evening? I will wait for you. I will wear for you my most beautiful dress, I will be perfumed.

Already I see you slowly undressing. I love it when you unfasten my bra and kiss my breasts. I love it when you take off my briefs and look at it before you catch me.

I already feel your embrace, your caress. I like to undress you, see you excited, welcome you into me.

Again today I will be happy, again I will follow you into the universe forbidden to all to live in love.

I know you don't need a thousand shades of sex to savour pleasure, you just need to feel my love, you just have to look at me inside my woman's body.

You are love.

You know I'm willing to do anything to travel with you, I love you ... Feel free to use every fantasy about me, I'll let you do it as you let me do it, but please... forget De Sade,

It forgets all other perversions, even if it is called pleasure of love.

And don't think of selling me, of exchanging me ... I know, and you know, that it is not love, but sickness or perversion, it is unhealthy pleasure that kills love.

I offer you confident and free to love me, all of myself. Don't take me by the pads.

Tonight, while embracing you in a dream, I still do not sleep ... I'm waiting for you... but you, where are you ... and how are you ... you can hear me ... If you want it, in these screams of silence.

I think I see you now... You travel between hate and love looking for the shadow of nothingness leaving the desire to cry, on this night of the black moon.

I think of you now far away ... Yet you are so close to me beyond the distances imposed on us by fate.

And you are alive, you are spring, you are the life that grows and that still smiles. You are everywhere, you are in memory, you are in the present, you are in the deprivation of a body.

Perhaps now you are only a prayer, a hope that rises and does not die.


@ad 19/09/2002


I think of you, you know?


This is my land, my breath, my unfinished universe on which you still unaware walk.

I think of you, you know? Every evening, every night as every day

finding yourself between bare words and the din of the world,

longing for deeper silences with you on your skin.


I wish you were here tonight waiting for the waning moon

to reach you in the flesh full of desires.


I will not speak, we will listen together, silenced by the kiss, the stillness

until day fall.


@ad 09/05/2003


yours forever


The tree of our love will soon cease to bear fruit,

they will tear him down,

cruel choice of those who have the axe in their hands

And it can and will decide and cut down our tree and that day will fall.

His silence will be a scream to the sky

and the dying branches will look up asking why

in the background of the blue of a sky our reflections

and slowly they will leave their hands, invoke a prayer...


but... My love will remain yours forever, my sweet darling

I will live in you for eternity, they can kill me, I will die

and I will still be yours in the love of a pain.




Today, the next day, I'm still waiting for a call that doesn't come. Why don't you call me? How much harm you do to me you have no idea ... I ask very little.

BUT SOMETIMES THAT'S TOO MUCH TOO, ISN'T IT? I feel humiliated when this happens.

Forgive me if I am like this, but I suffer. Sometimes I wish I didn't love you, but I love you so much and I miss you today.

Every kind of love lacks something precious that only the other can offer.

I'm lying when I tell you that I don't want you all mine, but it's out of love that I accept I don't have you, just because you don't want it. I would like to marry you tomorrow.


14/05/2003 @ Diana.




And for this trip I brought a suitcase full of precious

that day after day you gave it to me.


You gave me wisdom and sweetness, you covered me with love covering all my mistakes


For you and with you I understood how beautiful life was

And in this forbidden honeymoon I will be everything to you

from here to every day to come.


I will speak before you the formula of love.


There will be no judges for consent,

Only we genuflect before us

to love each other every day in life and even more after life.


I sinful and full of guilt, betrayed bride

Traitor before the Father I ask consent for our love

and may God say yes and bless us.

I ask God for your hand.


Of this love I do not want death, divine is the path

And even if the road is hard, there is no hint of fatigue.


To you I ask instead ... Join me in this life

I am alone and lost without you and, although far away, I am beside you.

In every moment you shine in my space.


Drink my blood, today, feed on me,

I want to be yours for the eternal even before God.


I love you, I want to flow through your veins.




you will not find God in my vagina.


Stripped of my wedding dress, I dance for your eyes tonight

in front of the sea.

Falling into your arms, you listen with me to the rising tide,

kisses me.

My love I am yours, you are mine.

Kneel before me naked, my love.


Smell, my vagina sends you its smell.


Look at me, kiss me, touch me, taste the flavours from my hand,

and then slowly come in to find yourself in me,

Come in and drink from the source, we will have joy.


Yes, enter with me into me, open the door, here dwells my soul,

Here he joins you.


Don't be afraid, I'm with you.


No, you won't find it, God, in my vagina.

No one has ever entered it with love

No one has ever met me or found me.


Deserted was my garden, I was elsewhere, now I am with you.


I answer a prayer of love.


I'm in you,

Seek me in every love and my presence will become flesh.

Invoke your love to mine,

I will welcome your song that will become prayer

I answer the call like a lark,

I'll be yours every night.

Yes, it is the truth of love in the communion of two bodies,

I will believe in you and I will never let you die.


He continues to love me more and more.

I already love you like this.


love, I miss you


Love I miss you.

I knew what violence befell my being.

The flesh trembles, the heart trembles, the space vibrates around me

and, when in silence I accuse your call,

a sweet harmony caresses me.


Yet you are far away.


A thousand times in a day the eyelids close

and every time you are my thought, my desire

At every dusk I hear my voice in my soul calling you.


Another day has passed without you,

getting older.


I miss you, my great love, I miss you.


I will close my eyelids forever, one day

And you will be my last thought, my last wish.




I don't act


Hello mute snake, my love. I didn't want to disturb you tonight, but it's stronger than the ban to want to talk to us about us.

They say of you that you are only money, sex and sin disguised as love, that you are the eternal mystic of the flesh in love.

What do you feed Don Giovanni, Casanova, Venus, Messalina, Circe ... of illusory and infinite desires.

They say about you that you prostitute them, that your thirst for sex is not extinguished, that you lead to damnation by playing with God.

But tell me... What do you have to do with my substance, lost satyr? What do you have to do with my love?

You wander around in my nights, ghost of the stage. Yet I have seen you, you have seen me, you have kidnapped me.

Wrapped in your arms, hidden by your cloak, you took me into your story, you incarnated in me.

No, you are not, my love, that serpent. I know, you are a non-violent man who respects me, the man I love.

Yes, we talked to each other, yes I had you in my arms and you are in my life.

This evening, still awake, alone in my bed, I dream of you and call you. I miss your kisses kissing my kisses.

I ask you ... Accept my love of you, drown my senses in you, my love, and then stop life. Stop it there, where dreams are born.

I want to be eternally yours.

I love you, I love you as a woman, tell me why it is to dirty the soul to love you, because God is jealous if I love you and condemns me,

because they call me adulteress, because people die ... because. I am an actress, true, but on the stage of life only for you I do not act, only with you I become a woman...

You took off my mask, you took off every veil, I am naked in your eyes.

I love you. At every awakening you are there ... Do you exist or, crazy me, I guess? I miss you, my love.

Nourished and satiated with kisses and caresses only yesterday ... now the indelible memory has remained ... Or was it just a dream?

Come back to me ... I will rise with you in the Garden of Eden. Trembling, naked with love, I'm waiting for you. Sorry if I want you to give me to you. Listen to my singing.


@ 30/10/2002


You are not here with me.


Acres of love thrown into a ditch without understanding why,

yet desires intersect,

harmonic songs raise praises to heaven,

What a waste.

Where a thought arises, a memory lives

Where a memory dies, nothingness appears.


Salty excrement, precarious oases of light, now boil in my being a woman.

Small fragments now shudder at my state.

Emotional loneliness hidden in meat offal

You emerge victorious after each of my defeats.


I will find my way again one day, and then I will be the winner.

I will raise the sceptre to heaven, I will have won against my worst enemy

my distorted self.


I'm going to catch that demon, I'm going to make dog meatballs out of it.

I will reduce to a pulp that weak woman who lives in me.


I would like the strength to defeat me

I would like to be cruel so that I never suffer again.




What's your door tonight? Give me the key, I want you.

Now in the dream I am together with you ... it's nice to travel through time...

The two of us separated are now even more united.

To have you back by my side, I am there and I will be there forever.

Desire trembles in me tonight.

I'm waiting for you.


Tell me more about yourself without limits and boundaries.

Give this woman quiet, take me,

accompany me to enter you to join you.


Capture this moment for eternity

For my desire to grow in thee is but at the beginning,

Treasure it and give me back in person my moment of you.




Set me free


We will meet again, at sunset, to talk a little about us,

I know you'll be waiting for me,

For my desire to grow in you is only at the beginning.


Tell me more about yourself, mysterious is your soul,

that I, although hesitant, would like to know.


To my ardor grant stillness and knowledge quenches thirst.

What about you... You accept me as I am, left trusting in your hands.


Kiss me as only you can, free me from uncertainties, from doubts.

Let me come back to you, inside me to embrace you again.

The soul will thank you.



Don't turn around like Orpheus


I wish I had you here now in my wedding bed, under the sheets, in my arms,

but I will not call you, you will not hear my voice tonight,

you will not turn to look at me like Orpheus, even if naked for you for love I wait for you.


That is why it is written that I will not speak.


I don't want to be buried alive again


there is no sun there is no air


All is silent.

I want to live with you breathing your love.


Now sleep.

In this dream enter me, mine is your space

I live through your breath,

Don't want me if I love you so much

I had clipped wings and you gave me a couple of new ones.


Today together to love each other. You tell me that no one is the same as me ... What sets me apart? Swear to me you'll never love like this again. SWEAR IT TO ME.

I am your creation or creature or rather I am yours alone. If you didn't create me, where I came from, where I was and why I was born with you today,

Because, opening my eyes for the first time, I saw you the first and only true love.

No, I was not afraid because you held out your hand to me, you supported me, you did not let me fall.

I was slaughtered by dint of falling and after so much pain you arrived, you with your smile to give me back my life.




I walk beside you and, when night falls into the abyss of this life,

I pick a flower to forget the icy darkness

in the solitude of those emptiness

without you

I walk on the arid hell between mystical thoughts

I find the meeting of you.


Give me your hand, I want to see with you if among the dead there are

because when I look for myself ... in this life

There is already nothing left of me.


We in the eternal not to die twice.




It's ten o'clock, love me!


Yesterday, at this hour, you were naked in my arms ... How far away it was yesterday! Day now is day, night, night. You are not here in my arms.

I quicken your image in my mind. I look at you, the memory stirs the desire.

You know, I contemplated caressing your face illuminated by the light of the eyes, in the night that saw us together to capture it.

Now I let the wind push me where it wants, even against the rocks. The mind, mine, yours, are fought, agitated by strong conflicts.

Loves each other serious and is it madness to continue? To love ourselves deeply in freedom by following the laws of desire and knowledge and to react to the absurd law of duties?

What is sacrilege? What is sin? This confusion is not a confusion of love: the heart and mind are clear about what they want.

They are, instead, confusion of mentalities and duties that are opposed to the vital needs of the heart.

Duty tyrant! Read hypocrite! Allow, in due form, the same violation of the rules that this love wants!

And you love me my love, if you need to love! And you love me, if you want to love! Love me by choosing freely without any constraint. Rebel.

Because he wants everything, because if it is love, he will be forgiven. Love me! Do not be afraid to degrade yourself, our passion, our love for each other, ennobles.

But I don't want anything necessarily, I don't set any conditions. You have nothing to fear. If you want tranquillity, you will have it ... You can close your door or open it again whenever you want.

If you want, when you want, I will go away, leaving you to your quiet. You just have to say it.

Oh my love, come and see me, I want to undress you, as it once was, as yesterday. I would like to take you in my arms, carry you in my life.

I am yours by right, because what you have called to life belongs to you. And it is also a gift. You know it well!

As I knew from the beginning, I have no power over you and if you love me, it is only by your choice and by your gift.

I can't believe it, I can't understand it, but in this situation I'm happy to love you and to be loved.

This I tell you, this I want you to know: that you are always with me and I accompany you in the hours. How did you catch me like that?

The words spoken still resound, the desires not dared ... How much of you I haven't found yet? I feel like I'm holding you in my arms, talking to you and listening to me. You speak to me and I listen to you.

What will they say about us? Of us, tomorrow, only they will be able to say: "they loved each other".

These are the thoughts that crowd into the mind, silly meteors. It's ten o'clock in the morning, after nine o'clock we were together. Love me!


@Diana 18/09/2002

The fusion of two substances

cold, hot ... liquid, solid.


We a mystical interweaving, meeting of two opposites,

we fusion of two verbs of love into one LOVE

who becomes flesh.


Here logic has nothing to feed on,

We are.


And where is the formula?


I keep it jealously hidden.

You are not for sale.





Careful to call me, today ... I am not alone. Also tomorrow morning, my daughter will be in the house. You could call me by phone next week in the morning.

Decide with me on the day of the meeting. I want to make love with you, I want a child of our own. No, I'm not pregnant with you and I wouldn't have an abortion if I were.

You know I don't take birth control pills, I didn't need it.

Today, crazy with love, I ask you ... do not hold on to your seed when you are naked again on me, do not exercise TAO, do not practice coitus interruptus to prolong pleasure.

I want a child from you. I know what I'm asking you, I'm not afraid. And don't be afraid too. I don't want him to tear you away from her and chain you to me.

As you can see I will not have it secretly, I am asking you openly. Maybe it's not just being flesh that is my darkest side, maybe it's bringing the life you give me.

I swear, even if I face a thousand difficulties, I want our child and you will give it to me? Do it for me, for us, for a great, immense love.

Believe me, I ask you with an open heart and on your part without any commitment, without interference: you and all of you will be free from me, never fear anything ... In any case, never fear me.

I know how to stand aside is for me a rule of life. I learned a long time ago. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.

I read your latest poems, they are full of sex. Feeling that I am the one to whom you are addressing, I feel even more like the lover.

They are very beautiful ... the problem is mine ... I miss your kisses, your eyes and I can't do anything about it.
I am your lover and you decide when and if ... I am silent and waiting for you ... I don't want to be a lover, your lover. You are love, my love.
Come and pick me up here I'm so afraid.

Thank you love to exist ... I love you so much that maybe you can't even imagine. You are the light of this gray life of mine.
Every time I look up you are there, ready to tell me: "love, I am here ... love me, I am yours"...

The stolen days, the days I live with you, you make them sweeter, better, almost childish. Had it not been for this, it would have been worth living.

Now I am waiting to meet again, when you say yes, in that corner of paradise, ours, where no God, no priest, no law has yet entered.




weak superman


I didn't need anyone

Lonely God.

Sitting on the high peaks of extreme knowledge I had no weaknesses,

I didn't care.


Now, imbued with so much love, my existence is a sea of vomit.

God made me the whore of his kingdom.


Today, unable to live in space, I crawl on the ground spitting poisonous desires.

For you I refer wisdom to god, to hell with balance, goodbye to all prejudice.


@a 05/05/2002


Yes, you didn't need me then and you don't need me now, but what a difference it makes. Although nothingness may also have a way, I, I in my nothingness as a being have no value.

So why would anyone need someone like me, after all I'm just the pleasure of a moment.

It's true, intense moments, but only pleasure, only flesh, only sex and nothing more. How, tell me, how can you need such a woman. Beautiful offense not only to me, but to all women.



Back to the Abyss Now

you wanted to see life

Before you are born

And then you found out too late what it was

Now go back to that old man and tell him who you are

Tell him about us


What you've been feeding on so far

maybe he knows

maybe he'll tell you it's not the right way

Let her go

you already have your woman

but remember that I love you so much

Don't hurt me, I'm afraid of evil

incarnate in a cross

both stateless

We ask for two different things


but one to the east and the other to the west.




If God also wanted to absorb our nothingness, why did he leave its imprint? If each of us is God, why is there hatred? If the cross is luminous, why is it a symbol of suffering?

If you really love me so much, why aren't you here, now, in my arms, wiping away this tear? Why does so much loneliness cause this sadness?

You wrote I love you, don't forget it, what if I forget?

You are not there to renew these words, I am alone with my love for you. Suffering from this, I would like you to steal a smile from me, now, so as not to have to suffer moment by moment.


maybe everything is nothing


I will return to the ashes without you,

maybe you're just my wish,

maybe you don't exist.

How much love I give to a fantasy.

I'm afraid I've had a mirage,

My hands are empty


always that nothingness

that immense nothingness

Everyone's opponent

invisible but timely

causes pain

solidifies thoughts

camouflages itself in souls

and petrifies the wills

Someone cheated for nothing

and someone died

for nothing

maybe everything is nothing

perhaps it is God's secret.

Waiting for a silent silence

hoping to increase wisdom

or painful because of a distorted note.

Oh... if innocence had not taken over

if everything had a different path

of this chaste dress that I wear I would have warmth

I would hear a song of love

poem written just for me

on the day of resurrection.

Oh... if only the mills went against the wind

there would be a return

the return to life for the life of us.




Empty fire

Emptiness being as a creature

emptiness all that is is not God


God if he is love

He would have a duty to be among us.

You, Adam, created to originate other lives

you who rebel against the voice of judgments

He returns naked, he returns saturated with wisdom

Come back


who sometimes as a necrophile of monsters

Break the spear

Break the sceptre

and come to me.




nocturnal thoughts


Where is my love mess a little sweet and a little salty? Do you know I'm dreaming of you? Hands in hands, in infinite sweetness, we walk in the hope of eternal knowledge.

Will I be a face illuminated in the night and immediately disappeared in the darkness? It won't be because of me.

You continue to caress me with your voice in the silence of the night. Let your soul detach from your body and messenger reach my heart.

Make your body reach me too. I will be careful to welcome him, careful not to hurt him.

Enraptured, for my dilated pupils I seek the meaning of your flesh, the beauty of attraction. With you I embrace territories with boundless horizons ... Where are you taking me?

The universes have expanded, endless hypotheses, rapid incorporations of images, thoughts and realities seek a compromise not to lose you.

The imaginary represents before my eyes all the possible hypotheses for the survival of this meeting.

It proposes on the factual level, sifted by logic and morality, an infinite series of hypotheses. All useless, all are zeroed.

It is useless to look for the codes that make our desire to be together unified for the eternal. It depends, in this space-time, only on us. Thwarted. Forbidden.

In fact, reality is there, with its rules, its punishments, remains of a past of collaborationism and holy inquisition, to prevent it under the complacent eye of big brother.

My every sense is alert in waiting. The sense of smell smells the air seeking your passage to explode at your appearance.

Hearing isolates each voice, gathering in silence to perceive the slightest trace of the voice and to explode in symphony with you, at the meeting.

Sex gets excited in front of you. Obscene! But everything is obscene, obscene to recreate life, obscene to recreate an Eden, obscene to procreate, to desire what is considered imperfect.

How can my woman's body be considered beauty, as seductive as the imperfect forms of a body? Going through life with sex on your head, stupid accusation.

Life is not the tunnel of a vagina lined or depilated with pubic hair in which to get lost to rejoice.

Will I return to a mythical past in search of spontaneity, where I can live in ecstasy without pretence, without veils, without petrified encodings and stereotypes that will lead me back to petrifaction? Or will I become stone? What is the order of the codes of conduct? To seek only abstract perfection?

Meanwhile, the charge that drives life is lost. The uncertain, the indefinite, the almost, the possible become, before God and the laws, sin, uselessness of living.

Here, on the other hand, everything is producible and reproducible, here everything is recyclable goods, consumption, entertainment, here the virgin's breasts have no boundaries, the curves are marked and redone, production rages on the pubis, the woman offers herself naked to asexual spectators who penetrate her at every hour ... Sex in pieces for impossible love.

The truth that seduces is naked. The truth is dead.

I happily possess a body capable of despairing and rebirth, of getting lost and finding itself, object and subject of dark passions, not shattered, not for sale,

who does not participate in any show, who refuses to be torn to pieces, to be soul, ass, penis, legs ... I don't need to be upset by psychiatrists and surgeons,

I don't need to be sold. I am this body, it is not the other from me. You, you are the other from me. And we love each other.

Being oneself does not mean at all destroying one's body, its possibilities, its properties and its sensations in order to find a soul, which alone is immortal.

I will not commit suicide this living body, I will not line it up on the autopsy tables. I will not offer it to the ideal of a higher order by alienating my life.

The game is discovered, losing. Time disintegrates. Creation is imperfect, everything is torn, absurd.

Salvation is absurd, a disavowal of creation. I will accept insolently murder whose culprit is life itself.

Disenchanted in front of this universe I am unable to read the fable and immoral is the bet.

Life is not a game. All to ask you to stay in my life until I live ... It's up to you and me.


@ d 19/09/2002


Honey, my hands are looking for yours, lost between my thighs

and in the dim light of this room a shiver goes up on the skin

I would love you now, but time is our enemy

and perhaps our day will depart again,

In the meantime, I love you to death.


And between the ringing of a phone

a strong melody

in the thought of you my love

Now everything is in control

but my immediate exit.


Many can be younger and more beautiful than you

Yes, also available, but you are unique

I will follow your steps I feel them.


You say that beyond the night there is life.




I trust you

A love born of love.

We are two lives, two loves,

who came together for love in a single story

in the violence of an ordinary night

in the blue of the water I mirror

sways the water

your reflection appears in the background

you more than a shadow.

Shadows die, reflections do not.




You have entered the eternal story of my life,

I let you in for love.

You have been with me in my body, in my soul,

I have revealed to you the most hidden and dark corners of my being a woman.

And you told me, "You're beautiful."

Yes, I am beautiful, I am worthy of love and of being loved,

and again I desire to unite with you also for the body.

So you played your heart with me.

How, how can you leave me now?

How can you smile now at other women?

Evil wants you, but, if you listen silently,

Within me with me you can find what you are looking for.

You weren't next to me the next morning.

Not even a tear you kept

You castrated love


Your light breath has a subtle note

and yet that rose has stung you

And in that drop of blood there was the smell of life.

Come back to me, to breathe, to play, to smile.




In the ashes of this fire

Here I love you.

Among the leftovers of this ephemeral life

Here I love you.

In the memories of moments lived

Here I love you.

Where our souls embraced without fear

that parallel intersects

Here I love you.

I love you with the tremendous terror of abandonment

But, I love you with all my might.

And, even if my path does not speak of you,

I won't let our hands not touch each other

At least for a moment.

I love you in the usefulness of daily resurgence

together with the memory of us

in the moment lived in an instant

I love you

reaching every impossible peak

in contrasting moments of time and non-space.

Let me into your house today, let me sleep by your side.

Let me listen to your sweet, subtle breath while pretending to sleep

I will caress your dreams.

Don't let me die, I'm not ready, it's not time yet.




together again


I will never go down the stairs of darkness alone, no more. I missed you three days and already, the dark clouds of separation crossed my mind.

Forgive me these bad thoughts. Forgive me the selfish fear of having lost you. You know, I read my days without you inside me... I was afraid.

Today, again in your arms, I know, I am alive in you, you love me. Away with the frost of separation and let love is life. I love you and I love you more than yesterday.

Love me, love me with me, warmed by the love we wanted to give ourselves.

For you, knowing your soul, I have dropped the last veil. You have seen, beyond my naked body, my soul.

From that night on, each of our meetings was like returning to Eden. Today the garden has flourished again, today every moment of life speaks to me about you, about us.

You are life, you are my song of love songs, you are ... you are love. I will never close my door to you.


a great love






Tell me the truth, do you love another woman? In what you write, it seems that you love another woman with me. You know, it hurts a little ... Why am I sick of you today?

What a fool, I read your past and now I feel guilty. You will kill my night if you do not answer ... ever!

I want, I desire, I implore you to be able to embrace you again, alive. Am I the wrong person? Don't make me feel bad, answer me! It doesn't matter, I know you're with me.

Love I'm crying ... Every time I am born with you, I die of you. It's terrible how colors fade. Love me as much as you can, love me as you love innocence.

A thousand drops wet my face. In the rain I turn on myself, I scream your name. The flowers look at me, they have understood how much I love you.

But, how, tell me how, you can write like that, if she weren't there? I am not enough for you, my love makes you write to the limit, his crosses it.
Now you understand? It is not jealousy, but, you who know ... She can't have loved you like that, no one will ever love you like that! Remember.
One day you will come to my grave to bring me a wildflower, the most beautiful, you will give me a smile for the love I have left in your soul ...
You will remember, you will understand how much I may have loved you.
I felt a shadow over me reading, what chills ... I will never do it again... those letters ... I will never read your past again.
I too have a past and, if I have been loved, it means that I have given a little of myself. The past is the homeland that we carry with us for any new journey we make.

Without a past we are not.

Now we love each other together. I want with you to give life to a new life for our resurrection.

The love that binds us is the beginning, it does not want to hurt us, it does not want to be violent, it does not want to destroy.

My desire to live, to improve, to be a better mother, to be a woman ... It is nourished by the sun, by the light emanating from you.
Your love is my courage to continue my journey as a woman, as a mother. I want to have faith in you, that your words be made flesh!
I would like to be your mother for a few moments, to have you in my womb and if I had been a child I would have called you AZZURRA ...
The blue of the sky that is reflected in the sea: aquamarine.
The pangs give life, may my pain at the distance be us alive, of us more and more.
Now goodnight, my son wants to go to bed and I'm in his room. I hug you tightly. You’re Diana. We meet ... tomorrow. I love you.


@ d 05/03/2003


I don't stop poetry from you.


May your cry to heaven be loud,

so strong as to break that sharp divine silence that makes you a prisoner.

And meanwhile I love you.


I think that at this moment, while I am within the walls of my castle,

You love her, she who cannot be just a poem.

I will also lose my dignity, but I call you, leave it,

Join me, we will write together the Canticle of Love.

Only then, leave me,

Leave me without turning around or courage will go away.


I offer you freedom on a silver platter

while remaining in communion with you

that from the sweet taste of honey deceives the acid of my pain

Aware that I will lose you, I will sign my condemnation.

I love you waiting for the sentence.


I love you.

Let the water from this spring flow

Come back to her if it's not just poetry

Love is but a fragment of life

And I am just the end.


I terrify my senses by telling them about death,

but you, you must live, my love...

Grit your teeth and say yes

you belong to her.


I'm a whore, your whore. Who are you?


- I wasn't expecting you, but I'm glad it's here. So I can tell you how I live my life with you, what you leave in me, how I spend my days.

- I thought we were going to make love, but I listen to you. What do you want to tell me?

- Love, you have called me to life. You wanted me. Your voice now possesses me. Mine answered you, it owns you. But know that the balance is already almost having reached the finish line.

Why are you with me?

- I was interested in your existence. I wanted you, at least for once. You are a beautiful woman.

- I also wanted you in my life. I wanted to love you and be loved by you, but not just for once. I want more from you.

-Intentional? It is true that everything turns to ashes. It is true that reality calls us. But we're not dead yet.

- I know that we did not die in intercourse sowing words to have what we have now and what tomorrow you will give me and have. As long as you want to continue to love me.

- What do we continue to walk for together, if not just to be earth?

- You saw me. I have no more defences. I am yours, my divine love. In vain I tried to escape. I had to give up. I wanted you to fill your life with me.

You know, you gave my time, my space the courage to live. Now you are in me more than me.

With the affection of my kisses, my breasts, I welcomed you into my closed vagina or open in its prison, I gave birth to you.

What was a dream of mine in the happiness of a love that came true has become reality. We gave ourselves. Everything changed in an instant.

Two lives, mine, yours, have a life that is no longer what it was before.

While again, this night, made flesh you take me, I light up immensely, losing myself in the fog of the closed nose.

You're on me. You look at me from the tops of an abyss, like God. Who am I with you my love? They are nothing. Cogito, ergo sum. I doubt you exist. You tell me. What are you looking for?

- I was looking for you without finding you. Yet you were in my cogito as the sensual and erotic flesh of a woman who wanted to take me. Hidden woman who wanted to be born.

Now you are here, naked in my arms. You are the flesh of a woman.

- You don't ask me anything anymore. You look at me. They are in your arms. I'm covered and naked. My nipple is in your greedy mouth. Your hand touches me all. Forget or all.

I forget that we are already in each other in happy duality. Your hand runs through my naked body, lying next to yours in unstoppable mutual passion.

You kiss me in my kiss. I am lost in the paradise of love. My mouth full of greed possesses you. You feel my breast, your vagina. I feel your penis.

I live the unspeakable, indescribable ecstasy. You are me. You lead me back to Eden.

I thought I had already heard something in my life before. I don't remember anything about the dead moments of my past life.

Lying in bed, now I don't think about anything. My mind wanders freely. I feel happy to wander with you in my garden.

I am a virgin prostitute dressed in flesh and dance or sensual to you with my woman's body. For you I have made my body a great gift to yours: I have brought you your future.

- Again you have me on your lips, you kiss me with fiery kisses as I fall into your body with my body.

- Our souls in ecstasy to the rhythm of our worldly lives knotted with the divine seal of sex.

The moon is watching us from the window. We lose ourselves in an unexpected, sudden encounter. I'm all for you.

Your hand caresses my breasts, mine your penis. Hold me tight in your bodyhug me with you, we can get lost in the sky. You're everything to me.

You penetrate me. I speak to you about my being. I wrap you up with my charm of a lost woman. Tell me you love me. I love you, you know it, I know it.

In your mind you have me and in my mind you can see that I have you.

I'm wide awake. Why do we love each other? I offer you the bread of that grain that comes under my wet skirt of a fruitful and young mother.

I offer you the wine of my grapes. I give you the passion of my breasts and the water of my rivers. Allow me to take you in your desires. Hug me. I feel coldThink.

- What do you think?

- I thought of love, of what grows in these nights between us and that welcomes us at dawn. I don't want you to die or go into an unknown hole.

You're here in my arms, right. But where are you? Don't you feel emptiness? I want to share with you the word that makes us be God. The verb not to be missed in nothingness.

We live when together we possess each other while continuing to live in the distance.

See you at the dawn of the eternal horizon. I'll hear you perch on top of me. I was the one who gave you life. Don't laugh at me. Do not think that I have gained existence because my life is yours.

When my bones turn to ashes, my soul will remain in you. And will we get there?

- We'll get to that soon. Already the ecclesiastical stones cover the soul that rests allowing our body to love.

You now exist only in the failure of the search for the hidden other, as my paranoid ideal.

No, don't call me, my love, when I'm gone. Don’t look for me, my loves, no, don't do it.

- It's dawn. I have to go. You tell me. No, don't leave me alone.

- Let me go in peace. I leave you a beautiful memory, a thought without me having to die first. This world belongs to those who love becoming. Not to those who desire the eternal.

- Don't leave, please.

- Who are you questioning the distressing question? Who are you to deny the reason for this life that curls up and sleeps under your skirt? Are you unconscious, blind? Who are you?

- I am Diana, a woman. You are a man, you are my whole life, presence in my days. Love is you, mother's seed is me.

- Love is you, woman, my life, the life of life. But tomorrow we will be a pile of garbage. How beautiful the view, how sad the message of love.

In the eternity of worship and celebrations I will come to see you, my bride of these nights. I want to kiss love and make it sing with ecstasy.

I want to get drunk on your soul with the passion of the first time.

- You have travelled to go and to come. I expected you to stay with me. I knew that the emptiness and quiet of my home was as temporary as your flight.

- Don't wake up my altered subconscious with your nerve-wracking nightmares that disturb the peace of forgetting my dreams my nights. Do not take away from the soul rest.

I love you in a moment. You continue, if you will, to love me in your desire. Maybe one day you will still have me as flesh.

- I will die of love.

-No. He will consume love, his passion. I will not take the memories with me.

- You can’t admit with such sadness. How can you live without me?

- I see you, you are reflected in a tender look. In your eyes you keep the blue of the day and the full moon. I got you. You, you are the mother, you are the deep night that covers me with your immense beauty.

Your blood is as pure as your innocence in the malice of salvation. The tragedy of this life is that we are matter. Worms will devour us.

The God of men, universal presence, is the mysterious owner of happiness.

Innate creation, dream and reality, paradise of ideal love, search and absolute encounter, the embrace of the unknown father. Curse. Perpetual sentence to man. Unjust guillotine.

Challenge and shame. It's us. Can you save me from all this?

- I love you in the heart of the world and in the green of my gaze. I love you like just two who truly love each other. Call me to the land of my bones.

Speak to me the language of my blood. I Diana in love with the reunion am the cradle, mine and your mother of origin, mine and your return.

- Where do you want to lead me happily, with your body generously open to me? How much immensity is in your life! You have forgotten the others, you have left them out.

They don't know what's going on between us.

- Love, says you love meBurn words. Don't go away. Stay with me.

- Virgin prostitute, heavenly bliss made flesh, can you hide me? Do you have a place in your innate serenity? An abundant place for my solitude?

I dialogue, for you, with the universe, with myself.

I sail through the waves with you absorbed by my hands, with your hands, with the bodies of desire, in adoration, discovering the endless departure and return.

The land is forgotten and at war. The memory is conceived. And at night he sleeps above everything, keeping his words. Do you still know what we explore and why we are?

- I know I no longer belong to myself. I live with different eyes, eyes that can see you without words. You still have so to be.

- I feel your emptiness like a dense darkness. Will he swallow me up in his horror and celebrate? I don't know if God is his accomplice.

I will hide in fear until I lose it behind your eyes waiting for it. What will you do?

- I will fall asleep without your kiss, sideways in your grave, curled up all in my sense of guilt, on the verge of sadness, hoping not to fall, like reality, to the ground.

- Living is eternal truth, empty and perfect, in its becoming history. Together and inseparably independent, my love.

- I understand your gesture and even your word, but I don't know what you're saying.

- This space is empty. It exists only for that purpose. I haven't defined myself yet. I don't know how much I'm worth. Perhaps I have the wrong illusion. Many times I wanted to talk to you and I did not do it insensibly.

- I took your bitter silence and gave you to take my solitude.

And you know it, universal soul like the universal sea and the full moon in which, lying down, you made love with me under the naked caresses. Yesterday you held my tear on your chest.

He did not reach the earth, fallen into your lips.

- Now you are awake with your night, dark crystal, elegant, transparent. You're ready for life. I see myself in your deep and gentle silence without feeling dead.

You didn't kill me today, but I know I'm dead. Today you didn't, you didn't close the door. I understood myself with the night. I let myself go. I am the whole soul.

Loneliness is full of depth.

- I will learn, once and for all, to choose without bitterness, between the words you say to my eyes and what you speak behind my back. You will be made of angel stone of my illusions.

- I take your words like a glass of fresh water. I thirst for your halo of unattainable beauty. But I don't speak behind your back.

- Do not disappear leaving my hands in the air and my hope empty. You are not just a name, just a slightly imagined desire. Or do I dream of dreaming of something?

I ask, but I don't know if I can ask you, or if you have an ear to return, or if you have steps just to go away. Love me! Do not remain still alive of the memory that is never silent.

You wrote in my soul. It's your name look at it. You exist to be a sound in my world of hours and spaces, but you always pretend to have disappeared.

- I'd rather have no memories.

- In my garden you sprout like an ethereal nail. You crucify me. Is it my turn to die? Do you know how much death I have left? Have you done any place in your sky for me?

am not the years I feel; I don't even feel the years I have. I don't want to be your victim. Only your love.

You tell me that you would like to be God. Yes, to be God. To be God could create things, to be eternal. I now live love attacks in the midday sun. You're dead.

- Who died? Do I know him?

- You, fleeing from my embrace, are dead.

- If I had not known you, I would not have died, nor born. But the soul keeps flying behind your mirror looking for you. Open your door for me, I'm not looking for a goodbye, not now.

Woman, made up and perfumed for me, touched beautiful and prefigures the earth. I'm not dead, you're not dead. I'm here with you.

- I'm glad you're here. 

- I am here to penetrate your virginal oasis thirsty for wild moisture, to immerse myself in the clear smile of your seduction and creation.

I feel your sky; I feel that you love me, that you want to give me life. I see your call and drown my desire in the blue sea of your desire. Direct my compass, satiate my quest to live.

I feel the total flight towards you in a nuptial rapture that dispels nothingness, and fills it with fires still illusory, fruitful hopes.

The other is you, my irreverent mirror, my negation, incomplete rebellion, you who made me God. You are boisterous menstrual blood, difficult hormonal craving, similar and different.

You are the self to whom they say that you are more like me, you, the other, the mystery of your genes, a gaze that walks, in a naïve ocean of possibilities, immortal rupture of psychic hours.

Sharing without makeup the roads of our solitude.

In the cry and silence of ecstasy, sigh, surrender, the I and the "you" between your thighs, is the beginning of new rhythms and naked words are the masters of that night. They create the story.

They conceive, words and bodies, in a dawn that seems endless.

Our bodies light up, rub, desire, explore, stretch... touching, hugging, talking, kissing, eating, swimming, weaving.

They penetrate, shout at each other, cry, dance, fly, unite, are full. They have, they love each other, they hug, they cover each other, they hold each other, they are satiated, they admire each other, they are.

- Will you leave again?

- Death is deaf, it comes when you least expect it. Now my soul lies in your bed. You will close the door behind my last shadow one day. I wouldn't want to die or see you dead.

I would not bury your smile, my free night, with no return. I wish I was forever and avoid having been.

- I wouldn't want a lost eternity or an eternal tear either. What are memories?

- You wanted to return to the lost Eden. I took you there. Orgasm transformed him from a barren paradise to Earth.

From this banished placenta arise the impetuous genetic premises, antagonistic to orchestrated alienations. What have you done with your body?

- I tortured him, raped him or, drowned him under the harsh weight of his ballast, before. Then I looked for your love.

- Where is your other? Who is your other.

-I don't know. For se you. I'm not a psychiatrist. Not even a theologian. I am a simple woman. My blood screams your name from his garden.

-Damnation. You are. I am. This is shouted by an incorrupt God and a justice that does not allow it to be deceived. The curse devours us eternally.

The creator of disappeared, hidden executioner, tyrant who eats blood, dreams of blood, collects blood. It will kill us.

-Never mind. I have a dream. Your dream.

- You are the desired brunette woman in the night. Countless have been, will be, your suitors. But you wanted me, passionate, in a paradise, where the forbidden is not written.

In the night the fleeting innocence in the union lasted a moment. The naked witness penetrated your dark, fiery words, to the bottom of what is superficially penetrable.

The night of the conquest of your soft body that hid the secrets of the seeds of good and evil. Heaven and hell. Black hair in love you are.

- I asked my body to forget you. But you did not write with fire within my soul. "I forbid my body to live in you."

Now our names deceased to eternal life, are added in the strange marble of immortality that groans the tomb covered by God.

Open the stone that covers you, look, look. I light up my caresses, my looks, my kisses. Put my body in yours. Are you thinking about it?

- When I smoke on my skin flying in the breath of your lover's mouth.

- Yesterday, one night, you were between my breasts, yesterday we made love. We did so again this morning. We will do it, if you want, even tonight. Do you still call me love today?

-I feel it. I cannot speak, to be a verb, to love without holding hands, to cling to your mouth, to embrace the soul in union, entering from the only point that unites life to death. Would you mind undressing me, letting yourself be undressed, without making me feel your, my limits?

- It's noon. My door is open. Kiss me until dawn. I want to enjoy without limits the pleasure of feeling all yours and being inside you word after word,

with the complicit obsession of each of my senses.

I want to fall and stay in your body, mixing your tongue, legs, thighs, with the sweetness of a complete tremor.

- Yes, my love, let me penetrate your woman's body. I did not come to pray. Reveal to me the unspeakable. I don't know how much I'm worth to Him.

Let me absorb your mouth, biting honey with sighs of thirst and flames between your breasts. I want to fall and emerge with you with new bodies resurrected from the night.

I want to slide along your body with tenderness, caress, hands, eyes, naked.

The mouth and the common verbs such as loving, how to sink into you, fill your womb, make them immense, almost indefinable.

The pleasure of syllables and words such as heart, affection, sweetness, growing, giving... They are like life.

Seduce me as you let me conquer the mystery of your womb, as my body grows to fill your vagina, your mouth.

- Your mental labyrinth of smoke moistens and my flight inside you. With your voice you called me, with your sap my lips are nourished.

- I woke up your infinity. And it was fire.

- Let me live, you shouted encouraging my voracious tonguewhile licking your lips, between my breasts. You closed your eyes to contain the waterfall of the sweet ritual of loving us.

Let me live, I replied, I rose with you. You gave me nectar of sacred juice in the small chalice of my navel. My buttocks, my vulva, between your fingers.

The rain fluttered, my fingers swam the silk of my tunnel. Let me live, you begged as my mouth devoured my root in your sky.

You entered with your shadow, into my open house.

- Yes sweet love, I climbed the fire of your waves, the storm of your breasts, the ember of your skin, the dawn between your legs. I gave you my soul made pain.

- We got it, we got lost. We found each other. You called me heaven. You shouted my name. Let me live, you screamed, drink my sperm.

- I drank you woman. You drank me man. I saw you and you were heaven. You told me I love you. Live.

- Wake up in my dream. I open to you the sea, the sky, the country in which you reign. There were patches of honey between the sheets where everything is ours.

Creation of a new life between the crossed legs under the sheets of dawn.

- We do not manage eternity, except that of the moment.

- You tell me it's forever today. You have deposited on my altar the roots for other days and nights, the eternity that cradles between the legs the light that begins with our kisses.

I have received within the seed that we pass from death to life.

We are born together in the same time and space. Our seed is water and earth and sea, sun and bowels, deep fullness, where creation sings.

Our bodies celebrate it and in orgasm we give a name to the truth of life.

Time and space are united in us, reality is united in its appearance, our bodies are united in a single fact.

Our lips and eyes are united to hear the same words with all our senses, to unite our lives under one roof, our illusions are united by uniting truth with existence.

We received our first breath, sweet moans, of a reality that exceeds the dream. At dawn you told me, I was silent, when a woman says nothing, her silence can be deafening.

I'll wait for you tomorrow. We still have so much to tell each other.

- Love is not a dream that two dream of. Love is also made of words, not of ideas, with words that bite, but also of bodies that touch, that sing, that copulate, that is presence.

Because to be is to understand what it is, what we are. It hurts deeply, when we are and we are not and that complicated self that exists in, with, for, and that is a river, a god, a love, that feels nothing and struggles to feel everything, or, in any case, to become something.

- That's why I cultivate my dream. Alive is my vagina that with the totality of its being, to sprout, extracts your sperm.

And feel on my tongue your sperm enter my life, thinking to immortalize our life.

- Dawn strips the night and yours gives me life.

- I celebrate my Mass on your altar. I stand naked under you until I pull you out of the fabric of my skin and mind.

I sing in the darkness, I light up by putting my nipples to the wind. I walk around you dancing. I look at you with the inquisition of lust. I explore your body, the outline of your hidden domicile. Still I want to see and touch the glow of sky and water in your dark eyes. I still want to throw myself to swim and enjoy without secrets the color of your soul.

But tell me: is it night or day, are you a dream, or are you true? Whore I force you to make love. Do not accuse yourself in front of the father.

Coming out of you, I asked you: Where am I? Who am I? What am I to do? What day is today? Here and now in promiscuity of the senses, while I live submitted to desire, I find your Name.

Burn your penis in the centre of my self. It attracts me and rebels against me. Enter my open slot to the scream of creation. I'm yours.

- I evoke the hands, the arms, every word of my body, to exist in you, to exist ... All the time... without adjectives.

- You, deity, collect the blood of my twilight. You say you love me, as you get to the bottom of my body enjoying its waste on the steps of time.

In my church, where the divine rains pour on my impenetrable skin, you suck life with the complicity of the sacred.

To you my love that have seduced me, and translated life my love is all allowed.

- You are the apple of the Edenic nightmare I was looking for. Do you own me? And do you give me serpentine death, earth or bird, messenger of an incorrigible resurrection? You look at me hidden. Stay there more than beautiful.

What do you still want?

- Do you brag about a penis, or is it the rebellious erection in my vagina?

- Cruel beauty, in your garden I can taste the bunch of grapes from my vineyard that you guard.

- But who are you? Where is your sweetness among the stars? Where is who? Who's who? Who is it? Who am I? Who is she? What is wisdom?

- They say that we all came out of a dream to land and die.

- The soul does not die. How to touch your soul? You ask me as I step out of your body. With fingers playing with your testicles between my breasts. What a waste! What a waste! My vagina naked!

What a waste of my empty uterus!

- Touch me to penetrate me and I will penetrate you.

- I touch you with my eyes, with my ears, with my hands. You born of me do not want. I know you don't want another child from me.

I feel the aroma of your presence in me, in the us of our good fortune to love each other with and without skin, with and without voice, with and without importance.

- We are all gods. Hold me with the physicality of the caress, massage of your whole body.

- Know my body, I collect, from your warm gardens, the seed. Touch me again.

- Touching you builds me again, I abandon myself in the other identity it creates.

- I'm all naked. Lay me on your body. I open your door for you. Don't stop me. Don't stop. Stay with me.

- I'm in you. No, you are not God. There is no eternity between us.

- Maybe so, but I love you.

- How many women understand the logo that speaks of love. They complain that they cannot know him. But they do nothing but offer only an aging body.

They complain that they are just a body that men take for fun. They clothe him with signed cravings. They hide it to seduce and have them.

Sometimes they look for the poet, but they laugh at his words. They want comfort, the quiet life given by money. You don't. You gave me my soul. That's why I'm with you. We will talk about it again. You know how to listen to me.



Essence extinguished by dark shadows, cold fusion,

You have broken down two parallels, giving rise to offal of emotions.

Essence, by dying you have frozen a heart

And now...

Now all is silent in the graves.

Silence has become master.

Essence you prayed when you were life,

you plagiarized when you were strength,

You cried when you were emotional.

And now...

Next to the memories you laid a flower


memory offer praise,

But time is no longer time, now everything has become wind.

Essence, returns ... It warms my heart.



sacred and profane


This evening, finally, we were able to meet. Parked my car, having seen that you were already waiting for me, I came to meet you by lifting my skirt.

Underneath I was naked. Yes, I showed myself to you naked like a prostitute, illuminated by the light of street lamps, waiting for a customer.

Troubled and excited, I showed you in public, on the deserted street, my vagina covered with only thick brown hair.

I knew I could do it with you without being judged and rebuked. I knew you'd like it, I knew it would excite you.

Your eyes lit up when you saw me realize my fantasy with you. You ran to meet me. You hugged me, kissed me and played the game.

- Are you alone? You asked.

- It's a strange evening. Tonight no man requested my services. I answered you as you caressed my vagina. What are you doing?

- I touch my goods.

- You do not touch the goods on display. You can watch it, but if you like it, if you want it, you have to pay for it.

- You are really very beautiful. How much would you like?

We walked, shaking hands, down the street. You, my love client, took me to a dark corner, you caught me. We loved each other.

As I recomposed myself, you put your hands to your wallet to pay me.

- How much do I owe you?

-Nothing. You don't owe me anything. Today is a special day, your lucky day, today I offer. I answered you.


- I would cost you too much ... But, you don't pay for love.

- Under these conditions I will still come looking for you.

Later, at the bar, we talked about ourselves. You told me that I am a special woman, you told me that you would have liked to live with me a day of sex only.

Then, point-blank, you asked me, "Do you believe in God?" I certainly did not expect such a question at the time. But I answered you sincerely.

- Yes, I believe in God. I go to Mass every Sunday, go to confession and receive communion. Why are you asking me?

-Thought... if you still want to continue to receive communion, to nourish yourself with the flesh and blood of God to become a divine body and have eternal life, you should renounce me, who am only human flesh and blood.

-What do you mean.

- You got married in the Church. Your marriage is indissoluble. You live in sin and I cannot give you eternal life. Isn't that what the priest tells you when you go to confession?

- Yes, he tells me, but I don't understand it. Only belief in Him should be indissoluble. Don't have another God. I believe in Him while loving you.

- Yet you can understand it ... Life itself prepares us for this.

- No, he cannot ask us, he cannot impose on us the same love relationship that we have with him, just because we grow old, because we die.

- Don't you also want eternity in our loving of ourselves?

- I would like it, but I know it is an impossible desire, an illusion. And I also know that I will love you, if you still want to, even when I am a barren old woman, unable to give you and receive sex.

But why are you telling me this now that I am still young? Where do you want to go? Do you want me to part with my husband? Are you already thinking about leaving me?


Letter to the Creator.


Subtle voice yours, the call to you

a devotion

yet I can't listen to you

you, who have descended among us, trying the flesh,

How can you not understand.



It was perfume, it was melody, it was flavours,

It was also pain.


Here you love and your hearts beat.

You, who have tried the cross, tell me what I must do?

Listen to my silence that becomes prayer,

Listen to my cries.

I no longer distinguish sorrows and joys.

I who am only an atom of nothing

I ask of you divine greatness

Listen and smile at me.

My skin has spoken to you,

of me, of my thoughts, of my desires,

you know how to listen

perceiving from its heat

The essence

in your uniqueness

Accept his words

making them symmetries of substances parallel to your flesh

Meanwhile, my desire becomes substance

materializing in your presence

and it will remain written about us.




I will come out of my silence having reached the strength

Wait patiently.

In the meantime, let love grow

this is the force of life

Absorb from it all the energy it offers you.


Don't kill dreams, let me sail in you,

but above all let yourself be loved.

Yes, they raped my soul...

I suffered violence that made me mute

entering the abyss of a long silence

until... I have passed a light.

He entered through a crack

I didn't know what it was all about

So I approached

I saw you

You gave off a dazzling brightness.

I was afraid, so I cried and it was that tear that opened the door.

I tasted the mystical taste of communion with you

And again life smiled at me,

But, in the soul remains that silent silence

sometimes distressing that knows how to make the nights gloomy.

Fear advances, pains resurface

Only you can alleviate my hell

you who gave me back my life

Thank you love thank you.



After loving each other for hours yesterday, I was asking you are you tired? Do you want to give up? And you asked me. How can I be tired of love?

But if you want it, I don't deny you freedom. What kind of love would that be? Be honest I recommend.

Today I didn't eat anything all day. Sometimes love also makes the stomach close.

Love, you know how to take me from heaven to hell in a short time, perhaps timeless, perhaps from one step to another is the right term.

When you speak to me of a non-earthly life I already know it, you have brought me into a world where there is no time, no space, no light, no darkness,

Only joy and pain that together give the absolute. Emigrating to this dimension is far-fetched, it is ... I love you.

Sometimes it's like falling into quicksand, you feel a horrible feeling of helplessness, you would even cling to a snake, then ... the pleasant mirage, love made flesh,

the salvation of my flesh. I feel selfish, but... sicut et ... ora et semper ... Glory to life


@Diana 01/06/2003


Do not risk your existence for me,

you are pure.

Don't upset physics for me,

I'm scared.

Do not petrify time for me,

I'm just a woman.

And when you've crossed infinity in an instant,

for you search through the thin thread that is life

you will find that gift you have,

that sometimes you forget in the drawer of your whys.

Listen to that voice, just for you

Enrich your soul

for you, only for you.

Everything else is dust.



Yes, you didn't need me then,

You don't even have it now, but what a difference it makes.

Although nothing can also have a way

I, I in my nothingness as a being have no value.

So why would anyone need someone like me

after all, they are just the pleasure of a moment

It’s true, intense moments

But only pleasure, only meat, only sex and nothing more.

Like, tell me how, you can need such a woman.

I'll go back to the ashes

without you

maybe you're just my wish

maybe you don't exist

How much love I give to a fantasy

I'm afraid I had a mirage

My hands are empty


always that nothingness

that immense nothingness

Everyone's opponent

invisible but timely

causes pain

solidifies thoughts

camouflages itself in souls

and petrifies the wills

Someone cheated for nothing

and someone died

for nothing

maybe everything is nothing

perhaps it is God's secret.



Weak breathing fatigued by time

shining on the feast day.


Little being, lead my songs to the altar.

He accompanies the notes exulting in the creation of a secret love.

Oh faint breathing

Today he finds the strength and freedom of a light flight.

The sea is waiting for you

and the blue of a vanished sky accompanies you to death

Oh faint breathing

wait for me, don't leave me ... hour... arrival... (By D)




I'm not in love with you. I love you.


Good morning my love, I hope, yours, it was a fairy night, like mine. Falling asleep with you, of you, made the night magical.

In the morning you were still next to me and you made my day so sunny that, if you weren't there, I would invent you. You put a smile back on my mouth.

Thank you for everything you have given me and still give me.

I drove away from me the fear of abandonment, the din of censorship, the fear of sinning ... To you I would like to give the purity of a love.

You know? I'm not in love with you. I just want you to be well. With me or without me. You decide. Know that I'm not crazy. I know the reality. I see your flaws. See.

But I want, if you want to, to grow in love with you. I want to live the Song of Songs, with you.

It is reasonable for my heart to love each other, and I rationally, despite all obstacles, want it. I know you want it too. I know that you also wish for my good.

You know, not in love anymore, I love you. It excites me that you also want it and love me. I don't know why. Yet your word, which becomes flesh, caresses me. I eat it.




I love you

with the tremendous terror of abandonment,

but I love you

with all the forces

and if even my path does not speak of you

I won't let our hands not touch each other

At least for a moment.


I love you in the usefulness of the daily resurrection together with the memory of us

in the moment lived in an instant

I love you reaching every impossible peak

in contrasting moments of time and non-space.


Let me into your home today...

Join me in orgasm and then let me sleep by your side

Let me listen to your sweet, subtle breath

pretending to sleep I will caress your dreams

Don't let me die, it's not time yet.





The furious waves of this stormy sea slowly subside.

But the tidal wave will return, tomorrow and I must prepare my ark,

It must be resistant, it must not sink, not at the first violent impact with the wave.


I bring with me the desire to live, received as a gift from you

and memories...

They are my strength to row against the current.


I carry with me all the love I have, to feed myself on the coldest days.


I bring with me my most beloved doves.

I will let them fly one day, free, in the blue of their sky.


I wanted to hold you to me, yesterday, when I saw you and tell the world that I love you. It filled me with joy.


@ad 24/02/2002



You know about me some flashes maybe, nothing more.

Not the past, not the future, but the dream, the most beautiful: the eternal dream of a life for two.


So everything disappears from time in the present as I look into your eyes,

telling me that nothing has happened in my life as useless and terrible as to affect my being and dream.


I wish you were mine, beyond all convenience, beyond all useless knowledge, beyond all God.

I love you, from that day I love you.


I know, I'm a mature woman,

I live sin

Every day

I look death in the face.

And, even if both love and pain are useless, in knowing that everything...

I love you.


That's why I want you

to consume the moment of sin of us in love.


You know, sometimes, in poverty, a little happiness is stolen,
then later you know it's everything.


@a 01/07/2003


I am alive and happy with you and precious am the memories of us, but they lead to nothing. You are not mine, I am yours. I know you are mine and you want it.

I know that love demands daily presence in continuous time, always! Or is never.

Sometimes, in the smile, the tear for the lost life is hidden, sometimes, for love, we take our lives ... and we, more than lovers you and me! We!

Embrace me my love, watch me die. This love is greater than me ... How to live without you?

I open the cage of our universe, hurry up, run away, my love, do not linger ... Fly away, don't turn around, never come back, never again, to me, I love you.

Your life is beyond this window opened with pain, for you. Fly away, hurry up ... Be careful... You will always be with me.


I'm telling you about me


I tell you about me, listen to me carefully.

I live hidden in a kernel and wait every night for darkness to find myself,

find myself with you.

I press when my senses join you

and I live for that vital energy origin of desire.

So all my thoughts are with you,

gently they cradle me as if I were immersed in the sea.

Yet I am powerless,

my hands tied,

for love

I tell you about me every time you breathe,

I tell you about me as time go by

I speak to you ... Listen to me.





Transparent beauty that emanates and sweet emotions are your words. I knew how special this moment is. I can give you an emotion, I can receive greater ones from you

Every day. Tomorrow, when the wheat fields are ripe, we will smile exulting with joy ... Never is a love so sweet and true ... Of rare beauty is this pearl ... you...

I can't refuse my body to be yours. I consent to this work of art, the desire for communion is consenting.

Certain that I will never be able to satiate myself with you I dedicate my moment to me ... waiting.


@d 06/07/2003


now I know


I close my eyes trying to understand if beyond the threshold there is life,

That promised life.


But there are no words in the answers,

Only love, an immense love

that elevates every impossible and brings stillness

A love that goes beyond love.

I thought I knew this word,

Today I recreate myself,

Yes, I think again in front of your love for me.

Now I know,

There is a greater love

what you talk so much about.

God wait for me ... I love you...

and I love you too.





I love you, I want you, I want to hold you tight in my arms, to hear you talk, to feel you happy ... I would like to be for you that something that makes you serene ...

I still live the hugs, the kisses stolen from the night ... I wish it were already tomorrow to tell you with the embrace of a kiss.

I still have your word, your scent, your taste, the desire on me, inside me. You don't know how much of you are left in my thoughts.

In that embrace, in the words we said to each other, in the kisses, in the desire kept at bay ... Love was visible, real, palpable... it was little ... wished ...

It was enough to be there ... Hold me tight, as much as you can.

For me it is like a dream, like being immersed in the universe, being part of it without any particle of it can object anything to our being together...

What power our loving has if it can give so much with so little.

It's cold, now, the room, a veil of sadness envelops me ... I do not want to communicate to you my sadness which is also yours ... know that I am with you even when you do not see me,

even when you can't touch me... as you are to me ... The knowledge that I can love you makes me happy.

Sorry for the insolence of words, but I miss you ... feel my heart ... beats about you and the feeling is melancholy...

It takes me when I really want to have you close and I just have to think about you.

Is it beautiful? sweet? sublime? (What word is there to say it?) to be able to love you the way you let yourself be loved. You are a very special man.

I would like to be in this moment in your arms to cradle you and let myself be lulled, I would like to be among your kisses. I would like to be the caress of desire on the skin.

I would like to be tonight and tomorrow and after to love you. I would like to make all this to you.

I should think of something else, but you are in front of my eyes, you are in my thoughts every time I breathe.

I would like to tell you that I will never destroy this tender love of us. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. I don't even want you to have the desire to leave me.

It would be a sad day, but I wish for your happiness. I will be with you as long as you want.

May my hand, yours, be joined today, always.

Dreaming of walking together through the streets, through the meadows, flying like seagulls and resting like dew on every blade of grass of our bed.

I embrace you, strong, now, enveloping you, while leaving you freedom, I must leave you. Luckily I'll see you tomorrow. Because I miss you.

Inconclusive thoughts run through my mind.

Your presence in my life leads me to rethink the human situation as described by historians, analyzed by philosophers and every other scientist,

codified by laws, derived from religion. The reasons are many, the answers also ... But where is the truth?

What sex is my soul as a woman, your soul as a man? What sex is beauty? Are we body and soul or people? Are we half of a hermaphrodite to be reassembled?

Will it be possible to have children later, in the afterlife? Loves necessarily having to procreate? Why should it be so difficult and forbidden to love?

We forget, my friend, the domination of power, the violence, the philosophical play on words, the asexual god that have dominated and subjugated us in the centuries of past history.

There is no such thing as a struggle between the sexes. We say no to prostitution under the reign of money that still remains protected by law.

You are man, you are free, you are Eros, you are logos, you are body... Like me who am a woman.

Like you, I am free, I am Eros, I am logos, I am body... tell me about your being a man, your sex ... I will tell you about my being a woman, my sex ...

We will also communicate through the body, why we are human, why we are equal even in diversity, why we are mortal, and what will touch us next.

May philosophy, metaphysics, be refunded! May God speak more clearly! May they give us the freedom to love each other!

We have what many are looking for and looking for it in the wrong places in the wrong way.

Even if I'm far away, loving you like this satisfies the rest ... How could I renounce this love that almost no one finds in life?

Do you understand then why there is no thought in me to leave you? Do you understand why I am not afraid of distance?

But I wish I had you really close even right now and I just have to think about you.

I would like to be now in your arms to cradle you and let myself be rocked, I would like to be among your kisses ... I would like to be the caress of desire on the skin...

I would like to be this night and tomorrow and after you’re only woman... and convince yourself that you will not be repudiated by me. That I will not destroy this tender love of us.

You ask me who has the power to separate us... my husband, children, your wife ... all other obstacles that do not depend on our will.

I love you, it's true, but I don't want anything bad to happen to you, I don't want you to destroy your life.

I don't even want you to have the desire to leave me, it's sweet to be loved by you ... It would be a sad day.

I will be with you as long as you want to, but it matters more that you are serene, your life counts more.

The room is cold now. A veil of sadness envelops me ... but you don't be sad ... I'm with you even when you don't see me, even when you can't touch me...

just as you are to me.

I also hope that it never happens that an obstacle gets in the way of our love, but should it happen remember "I LOVE YOU".



you only know ... you alone can


The body claims you, looks for you, wait for you


declining with me in non-life the days without you.

Yet the soul no longer fears temporary deprivation

He loves you, he believes in it.

You only know in which sea the secret lagoon is

where naked look at me,

where we can join the sun in the eternal find ourselves.

Already the moon shines,

you alone can accompany me by the hand,

you alone own the key to the house!



If tomorrow


Solitary my light today...

Hanging by a thread is my courage in its purity.

Yes, I belong to me, but ... I belong to you.

Painful are the choices of obligation.

Where are you now?

Sentinel is the night that surrounds me,

sentinel is death always ready,

Lurking awaits us.

Where are the dancing larks above the streams,

Where are the springs that flow to life?

Oh... If tomorrow awaits me, it will be naked of you.

What violence has struck my being a woman!


leaning against a wall I let myself slide

in a vacuum.


@ad 08/07/2003


I'm scared


I don't want a snake to crawl on me.

No, I don't want a snake in my nights, it scares me...

you are not...

I'm afraid of tonight without you love.


Don't love her tonight,

I'm scared...

She is the black of the night...

do not love you please,

do not love her not tonight...

I'm scared...

stay close to me,

hold my hand until I fall asleep...

love... Where are you?


Welcome me into your kingdom, live my woman's body,

Fear not, I have no chains.


Stay close to me, hold my hand until I fall asleep.

Love, where are you?


Anyway I love you to death.

Yours forever.





Don't hurt me too, I'm tired of living like this

I am a woman, the woman who loves you, I have my own dignity.


I'm not a whore, I don't love for money,

I'm not even looking for unbridled sex...

I would hate you.


I wish I had given all the love I carry inside to those who deserved it,

Now I would be happy.


Don't hurt me too, I'm tired of living like this.


@ad 08/08/2003


I don't want freedom


Sometimes I wonder why you can't find even a minute a day to give me a little call, it makes me suffer.

After the other day we made love, not even a minute you found. You could call me, for example, after you had finished working, what does it cost you?

How do you feel about me if you don't find a moment... Just a moment? Don't make me cry please. Call me... Where are you? Listen to my heart.

You give me freedom, you tell me. FREEDOM. I don't want freedom. With you next to me I would remain tied to chains for eternity. You are part of my eternity.

It is our love that I speak to you about and you live up to it more than you think. If it is doubtful for you, I will take care of strengthening it.

Don't give in to uncertainty, don't do it, now or ever. Do not be afraid my love ... I will not abandon you on the street, from here to eternity, not because of me.

And if one day you don't want me anymore, I'll cut all my hair and give it to you ... You will keep them in memory of a magical love.

Camouflaging ourselves, yesterday, among the leaves of those trees was easy. They embraced us and we let ourselves be lulled in their warmth.

I loved walking with you holding your hand, kissing you under a tree ... a thousand times I dreamed of you ... But it was just a dream, now I've really met you.

Tell me you love me as much as I do! Tell me once, ten, a hundred times ... Even now your kisses come to me, your hugs envelop my soul.

Honey, the very fact that you exist is great.

Ah... Yesterday you asked me if I was offended by something, yes, I am a little. You know that when we meet the next day, if you don't call me I feel humiliated.

I feel like being used and put in a corner, like a rag doll.

And, then, I do not understand this detachment. You are detached as if you do not need me for a few days, then you come back ... I don't know and it happens every time.

So every time I cry and ... Never mind... remember those geese ... Here, I remain crouched waiting for the pain to pass.

Then you come back. I need to know why this. Hug me! I love you.


The challenge


Sitting in time, on the space of waiting,

confined to immobile rooms

between the living and the dead conjoined and disjointed

illuminated by the only feeling that rises and dominates from the abyss, shattering certainties

for the exclusive journey to love us

I look forward to meeting you.


We love each other humanly, it's true,

But this distance of love carved by the divine scalpel

It will be neither separation nor passive acceptance of a dream.


Abandoning the negative instance of birth,

I do not repeat a backward path in the recognition of useless pain.


Join me, my love, I want to be happy,

I have already paid the ransom to life.


Love me!


Loving us is freedom, it is eternal hope (which you also want)

it is infinite certainty (that you also love)...

Because this is true love: a life without law.


Insatiable I invoke your incarnation in the presence

that breaks the ice for a warm caress

and illuminates, indomitable, the dark cradle of space-time.


You are in me.

You take me with you within you to be with you.


We will be together in the life of the exalting being united and divided,

We will be bread and wine on the table for the meeting of the bodies.


Loving each other is sacred madness, the challenge...

It is the eternal leap into the divine space of death to find ourselves alive.


@d 09/07/2003




Hanging by a thread, spider without canvas on the void, I decipher every single word of yours

I seek the desire of your love for me.


I love you and I can tell you: live.

Go if you have to go, crush me, but be happy,

Your feeling good is also mine.

Without you...

What violence in a woman's life!


I want you, I would like you here, now, without censorship,

to live embraced by kissing each other,

to strip us naked and look at you,

to let you caress my breasts with your mouth

because you want me too.


And I would like you here, now...

to let you slip under the skirt on my skin

touching my sex to provoke in you the burning desire

that is already in me

to hold you by the hips dragging you inside me.


I would like you here, now, in the after, exhausted

abandoned on my belly

to lull you at every breath and tell us about us, that...


Do not hate me for this "shameless" desire you,

This madness of human love is also love.


@ 10/07/2003


immense love


I am back my love, I am in your arms. Away with the frost and let love is life. I love you and I love you more than yesterday.

For all the drops the water that can contain the ocean, for all the molecules of light that the sun can contain, for all that is most beautiful in the universe,

For all this, you exist with me. Love with me, warm yourself with the love you wanted to give me. You know, from that night on, every moment that speaks of you, of us, is beautiful.

Your soul is beautiful. You are, you are, you are ... my life.

He drives away that frost that enveloped me by kissing the kisses of my mouth. Why those bad thoughts? Why did clouds cross my mind?


I love you... Covered by a single veil of skin I run to meet you.

The rain wets me, so I embrace you.


Be caressed by your hands




and kissed by your lips



sweets... you my dream.


I hope this great love remains written in the time of all times and I hope it is unique for its rare beauty.

Sometimes being so sensitive leads to suffering and being like that involves discomfort you know? It is not easy to find friendships that understand my being.

I can't find people to talk to. You are easy, but the world is different from us.

Staying with you ... Tell me this is heaven and I will not be afraid to die. I love you so much. What is paradise like? It must be feeling what I feel now with you.

I believe that nothing exists more than that.

I would like to be special for you, to be a tiara to be jealously guarded. Now, reluctantly, I leave you to sleep hoping that in sleep there is a place for me too.

I hug you tightly. You’re Diana.


@ 01/07/2003


Loving each other is the only revolt.


No, there is no affinity between divine sacrifice and our sexual act of love.

No, you are not animal flesh to be sacrificed to the phallic God for eternal life,

nor are you God ... I wouldn't love you... I would kill you,

I would be a murderer.

No, there is no darkness when I join you by the body,

(The pleasure of the flesh is real and is not intertwined with any mystery)

but only obscure prohibition,

No, there is no death, but a lucid desire for eternal life with you.


I know I'm not exempt from the law,

I know I don't enjoy the Ius Creator.

I know I can't give you an eternity.


Slave by birth, I rebel against the system,

I do not want to repeat, by law, procreation.


I have chosen you and I choose you, even though used and discarded by God,

to love you.


I look forward to you every day,

conscious with you in the orgasm that unites us.


I reject the legal orgy of feast days between songs and dances

to have you as an animal.


You are not an innocent Dionysian prostitute

placed for enjoyment by the law.


Yes, I want you, but free and conscious, I want you as a living being...

Needless to lie, you're like me, human, I saw you, you know?

And you are beautiful, you are worthy of eternal life.


Loving each other is the only revolt.


@a 11/07/2003


I would like to be a mother again.


It is a joy for me to meet each other, my love.

It increases every day, because of my being in relationship with you, because of my being loved by you, my consciousness, my knowledge, my desire for you.

Matured in orgasm, although fruitless at that moment, I give myself to you every day, totally, with joy. I am grateful to you for that.

I love you so much, you love me so much... I marry you, I told you.

But you who knew that it was still only a dream, a desire, you who knew that I was not yet really ready, replied that getting married is only a fatuous desire for eternity guaranteed by the promise made before God and willed by human law to avoid chaos and form a civil community.

That you too would have wanted it and that together we would decide one day and that you would have stayed the same with me. You told me that you don't want me different, that you love me imperfectly.

You also told me that you do not seek fusion into a single submissive body, bound by being married, for fear of losing ourselves in time.

I asked you to give me a child and I didn't ask you to tie you to me, you know.

You replied that it cannot be the primary purpose of sexual intercourse, of the love relationship to have a child and, that getting pregnant, would be an accident.

That you love me.

I insisted, I would like it even though I am already a mother, from you, a son.

You have reiterated to me that you do not want to procreate a new life by cooperating with God because it is not eternal life, but only a fiction. That we would talk about it again.

Is God alone eternity? Only he should love? The same here and now I as an adulteress want to love you, even if it is a vain thing.




Loving you is not death, nor does it violate the I, but accuse God, accuse the Father...

And false are the religious psycho-analyses to justify laws.


I join you without dying

to live in the pleasure of the flesh the tender beauty of your being.


I love you to live, not to die.

It doesn't dissolve my ego in ecstasy.


In orgasm I am there to enjoy with you,

I do not dissolve in death and exult my body next to yours.


And if eternal desire appears to me in thee, for thee,

I don't want, for a moment of pleasure, to kill you.


Loving us is not a metaphor for suicide/murder,

to love one another is to claim creative power from God. (Of the eternal)


So I erase from the cross the name of the father who gave us life to die,

Nor do I look for my mother's breasts in you.

I erased, living, even his name.


It is neither desecration nor transgression to love each other,

It is a free human choice, not made a day of religious celebration, but an ordinary day.


@a 11/07/2003



I tremble if I am assailed by the doubt of losing you and no longer finding you...

just as I falter at the thought of your embrace.


I hesitate to imagine the instant of giving myself to you

When finally, ignored any excuse,

You will want it too.


The act of love will be the completion in the real intercourse of our bodies

what already happens with joy in waiting

for every word, for every look and for every tacit and complicit understanding

feeding on words of poetic prophecy

or of hope alone.


Life now suspended increases its rhythms every day for the imminence of the encounter

when, too, you will joyfully reveal to me how great your desire for this woman’s body of mine is

and you will know how great mine is for yours, already known to me, but still unknown.


@ad 11/07/2003


Fear of love


Even my woman's body claims you

is looking for you

helpless in its fragility

is waiting for you

declining the private moments

to feed on you

for love

for pain


for moments of absolute emotion

in our secret space

you exalt my desires

in your body

Today I love you


Because every day is more.


@ad 11/07/2003


naked, but without shame


When I am in you who inhabit your body, I lift my gaze,

in your eyes.

I see you naked, helpless, illuminated by the moon,

I look at you, without judging with the eyes of the law.


But what hides your aged naked body not faked by fashion

What secret, what identity?


Don't answer me like Sphinx: it's the object of fun for a day.


I too am naked before your eyes, I do not hide, I do not fear,

I feel no shame in being in my nothingness.


Why did we see each other and then meet?


Why did you appear as a body in my world?



In the conjunction of our diversity

I have not consumed alienated remains of divine production.

My desire was not objectifying human trade.

The sexual act was not just a breath of wind,

but deliberate openness to your being appeared in your body... Who are you?


Why die?



Make yourself flesh, my love, do not ask the Father for forgiveness.

Do not remain chaste, do not follow the commandment.

Join me in the sin of living to die.


I miss meeting you, you're beautiful! Come to me.


@a 13/07/2003


cannot, as it can, as it dares


I will never let myself be seduced by chastity, I cannot exist without you

how to leave us if we are happy in loving each other,

Why forget that we are a body?


It will not be divine castration that breaks the carnal root that nourishes this love,

Not as long as bodies have youth or life.


I will not follow the chaste law of prohibition,

I refuse to lose your human singularity,

I refuse the renunciation of fornication with you to love God.


We are not a divine soul in an animal body,

we are human persons,



I woman will follow you into the hell of pain

to love you.


It cannot, as it can ask me, how it dare condition you

How dare blackmail forget us?


No, I cannot love the God of love who separates me from you...

I can't without you.


@ad 13/07/2003


I follow in your footsteps


I follow your steps...

without you, in this bed, I think in your arms...

I touch myself...

I open the door to a scream ... I dedicate it to you

Spirit of being embodied in the unknown of my whys.


I follow, daydreaming, your steps,

I accompany you on journeys still unknown to me.


I don't ask you anything to stay with you.


So now logic becomes illogical by releasing my fears from desires.

In imagining you disappearing on an ordinary night, leaving me inert to life.


How could I then, how could I ask you for help

If you, spirit or essence, interrupt my path?


As a human soul I fear every death that knocks at my door,

As a human I ask you: remove the bitter cup from me.


@ ad13\07\2003




Spasm and cry climb the abyss of our encounter.


Born to die to new life the madness of truth

It is the innocence of the unique reality that composes us

and it is accusation, in the absurd division into soul and body,

for the death of the body.


For every rebellious separation, the prayer of seduction for the return is renewed.


Every time, always, towards the father, the accusing orgasm rises, at your every yes.


The cry of the flesh that grows old and dies resounds in his house,

violent is the desire for freedom and eternity

in the human joy of uniting us.

Unjust accusation and condemnation

It is unfair to die.


Salvation without eternity is useless,

useless without infinite preservation in this form of us

useless without the joy of our free union.


If you are there, we will not be spectators, in a paradise that does not belong to us,

of the father's orgasm.

@a 14/07/2003


Dying, yes, if...


It's not my excited vagina, it's not getting wet or feeling you ejaculate into me,

the origin of desire, nor its death.

Desire is desire for you, it is coming out in you from the frost of the living self in the crowd

leaving a daily madness, to exist in you.

I let my flesh call you. I dress her with seduction while waiting.

Yes, my love,

I'm waiting for you forgetting my identity for you,

to find it in you,

I wait for you to be, dragged by you into the abyss of sex, where I have known love.


Recalled in time to life now I accuse death.

Let me die, if I have to,

but throw me not on the cross as a Christ




Loneliness of the universe

in vain.


I feel alive. That's why I love you.


@a 14/07/2006


Are you God? Why aren't you?


My soul in love, wrong full moon in a black night of sin, explosion of atoms of a naked consciousness, appears to the eyes of inexperienced modest as the black fairy of the woods, and yet ... of Lilith has remained the essence that reigns under a sky made of tomorrow.

I crossed the threshold of the impossible, but I found only shadows, yet love and death to the nth degree celebrated their golden wedding today.

My kingdom of questions evolves sincerely. I woman in the song of life I ask the same to implode in the name of love, in the name of an instant, for that moment made of moments that give life to a whole life.

Sin will never die because from it the right is drawn as from the false the true. So within these solid walls I look at the sky looking for my answers.

I love you, my love, and I will not keep my lips closed, tight. I speak to you. I know what I'm talking about. With you I met Amore. I live with you.

Eden is flourishing. With you I hear the birds singing, I hear the sea roaring. I would like to shout. For you I am lying naked on the ground waiting for you.

Come to me, go upon me, thirst for me, the source flows in me. I will reveal to you, you will understand every secret.

Join me. Stick your hand into my nothingness, go obscene into the emptiness of my being. Together we make sense.

In this life I want to be with you. On this night I look for you, but, today, I do not find you. Where are you? Where are you hiding?

I seek you, my love, to tell you, "Love my love." And I ask myself: Who are you? Are you God? Why aren't you?


aut aut


Because you feed on the blood and wine of the transubstantiated body of Christ

is the love between God and man eternal and total life?

Why doesn't it happen between us?


How can it not raise the cry of rebellion

The creature he loves, for divine privilege?

Why silence the flesh by accusing it of idolatry and sin?


Tomorrow, aged bodies, how will the word of human love be incarnated?

Remember that you are nothing while choosing freely in this life, eternity,

between Heaven and Hell.


Aut aut of the creature condition.


God is one.


@a 15/07/2003


shipwreck in you


I approach you with troubled joy, for the possibility of rejection,

to lose myself in you with the obscenity of the flesh.


Innocent provocation let you glimpse my little breasts

in the innocence of everyday life without any malice

and fall into your arms

driven by desire

in the passion to find myself in you

without knowing of my identity lost in you,

entrusted to you...

but there is such immense tenderness,

so much life,

that it is sweet to me to shipwreck in you.


It persists in my eyes, on my skin, on my lips,

in my hands inside me ... your sperm, but not satiate,

It does not appease the impetuous desire for encounter.


You are always different, you are more beautiful every day,

you are infinite and absolute,

impossible to love you and be satisfied only for one

and finished life.


@ad 15/07/2003


I never loved


Last night I had a nice / bad dream ... You had to go to war while I gave birth to our son in the rubble.

Love I miss you, I wish you were close to me now, I would like your kisses, your caresses, your breath on my body, your warm hands touch my senses, the smell of the warm embraces of love that I found only in you.
It's too big, too beautiful. May you give me life, light ... everything I've never had.

I cry with joy, you are ... wonderful... I love you to death. Never in my life had I been enveloped by such strong desires.

Never in my life had loved spoken to me so closely. You give me vital energy, you are my joy now, and maybe my pain tomorrow... No, I'm not afraid. I truly love you!

You are not a dream and I must remain of you to love, and if I lose you I will not be afraid because I will always be with you.

We will not lose ourselves and we will not leave each other, we love each other. It must not happen, it will not happen.

I desire you, I want to embrace you, I want to caress me, let me caress you, caress you and then make love to you.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, always yours! D.




Oh God... if this love is too great and you are afraid of it,

from obsequious death erasing my being.


My soul tired of being an unhappy legal couple,

tired of waiting for the recomposition of the disjointed senses in a wounded body,

Tired of suffering the violence of the onslaught of time,

prone on the bed of violent space waiting for your coming,

suspended mute in this tomb violated by the master father,

she met him ... In pain he brought me a flower.


Now you know, I love her ... and you also know that only in Him have I revealed myself,

in boundless confidence, in my being.


Only to him have I shown the threshold of mystery,

in absolute silence, ignoring my limitations.


Only he saw, with me, the useless pain, the nothingness in the emptiness of existence,


hidden under the mask of beauty praised by communication,

to exhibit smiling and desired by all,

but by violence violated.


In this frost, together we have built,

digging into the roots of the sin of this nothingness that still burns suspended over the void,

a house.


We are good together...

Oh God... I know it's not human... Yet I ask you:

"Give us the happy eternity of being together!"


@ad 16/07/2003


unique love


You are the only man, met in life, to which I reveal myself

who can see me, talk and hear me.


And it is a sensation, a precise perception,

that even if I met more beautiful and better ones today or tomorrow,

I could not repeat this total exchange of us,

in the intimate joy of being with you,

last factor of dreams,

in the illogical ecstasy of minutes torn from time

those dilate the limits of life.


The fear of the soul, which is always alone in its mystery,

to feel again in silence the night of abandonment,

it would now be more atrocious...


You know, this love is sincere truth,

is created by us and for us alone,

will remain with us,

So no one ever saw us and never will hear us.


Meet? Today I can't, I have theatres rehearsals.


@ad 17/07/2003


It scares fireflies in the day, yet everything is warm in the light.


Where are the white stars when the sun lights up life,

where is the passion of a great love when a cloud crosses the sky,

what comparison to use to define the pain of pain...


Where are you...?

Now that the path becomes steep and the breath fails?

Where are you...?

To you Stella I dedicate my suffocated cry between the sheets...

Take it far.




on set


-Hello. I'm sorry for last night, I forgot I had rehearsals on set. The driver of the director of the film picked me up.

I had to act out some love scenes, I had forgotten. Even tonight we can't meet, but you can watch me on TV.

-Hello. On TV? What do you act?

- I personify Salome in a story that you also know. It is a play, written by Oscar Wilde, reinterpreted by the director.

- Tell, I'm intrigued.

Herod Antipas lived with Herodias in his palace. He had weaved with his sister-in-law a relationship legalized by a marriage.

A banquet is taking place with Jewish, Roman and Egyptian guests.

At the centre of the room there is also a cage, in which John the Baptist is locked up, who shouts prophecies about the advent of the Messiah condemning the behaviour of Herod and Herodias.

The soldiers, put on guard, discuss the beauty of the moon and my beauty.

Because of