Extra global economy nulla salus.

Salvation no longer comes from heaven but from the earth.

Here is the big brother. Ecce homo. Ecce Deus. Ecce dollar.


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The economic dictatorship of capitalism over states, societies, people is being implemented. After accurate simulations, an economic totalitarianism, oligarchic, authoritarian and inhuman, has conquered the power to decide the fate of the planet: murdered God, we now witness the elimination of man.

Economic globalism is creating, beyond any moral and civil rule, the kingdom of Caesar.

To achieve this he uses private and public techniques of annihilation, after having convinced the subjects of his innocence and their guilt.

In this kingdom, in fact, nothing is true and nothing is false, nothing is right and nothing is unjust, the only rule is to be the richest, because everything is bought and sold.

In accordance with the economic laws, for which the results count, not the principles, the enslavement of the employees is carried out and the genocide of the useless: the man who has nothing is nothing, the man who is nothing is useless. It is therefore excluded from the right to live, by the power to decide and to legislate.

Even thought, law and morality must be aligned, standardized to the one and only truth: universal globalization on the basis of economic logic.

The strange and terrifying increase of economic power is the conclusion of technical and philosophical ambitions begun with the rebellion of Adam and Eve, to God, in the Garden of Eden, ended in the terror of the beheading of kings, representing the divine power in history, in the name of the values ​​of humanity.

To Mussolini, to Hitler, ... the ambition of a world empire has been lacking; to economic liberalism, abolished the moral of God and the social contract between men, nò.

For the first time in history, a theoretical and practical ideology proposes and realizes the total unification of the universe.

Theses, antitheses of the Hegelian idea, are realized in the admirable synthesis Money = God, living historical truth, universal, immutable and eternal

This infernal mechanism, which all crushes, boasts of being universal truth, guarantee of freedom, justice and democracy, substitute of God, God.

We believe in Money .

His religion is the only one that leads humanity to salvation under this sky full of satellites and spy stars.

He is the only one capable of building the human city.

The Crucifix, Buddha and every other God should be replaced with a dollar. Kneeling in his presence, let us pray: give us today our daily bread ...

But in this universe, which can only be a universe of few masters and multitudes of slaves, the law alone is the law of profit; law imposed by deception and force, disguised as democracy, equal opportunity and freedom.

Man, in this universe, renounces being so as to live in it.

Being free means dying or revolting. Each slave, in fact, either is a slave by his own consent or is deficient, but perhaps it is only a sold, if it were not so it would die or it would be in revolt.


Certainly, humanity demands globalization, but this can not be directed solely by economic logic.

The savings of the citizens of the nations that make up the G7 are (data for 1998) of about twenty billion a year. This is a figure that far exceeds the budget of the individual states; it is a figure equal to 95% of the capitalization of all world stock exchanges.

It is a financial mass capable of buying GOD. Who controls this flow of money is the true lord of the planet and decides which laws, which justice, which knowledge, which school, which freedom, which culture, which job, what quality of life, what sense to give to life, which goal, which death...

A handful of billionaire supermen has arrogated the right to govern with absolute and unlimited power, reducing democracy to an assembly of automata with the function of ratifying laws. There is no longer a state of law because citizens are no longer equal before the laws. There are no more ethical and moral rights so that both God and man have been expelled from history.

Before long, every manifestation of individual and public life will be managed and controlled on the basis of the single economic-contractual capacity, from the infernal mechanism to which we have entrusted the direction of human history and from which the excluded ones alone, without this having to die, it's the rich.

It is the surplus of money that generates the rich; it is the acceptance of injustice, due only partly to ignorance, much to the convenience derived from the possession of a small vegetable garden, to allow them to exercise power.

Misinformation, the belief that it is inevitable, that nothing can be done ... they are all lies of convenience ... that's why no one can declare himself innocent.

The rich man proclaims himself innocent, just, perfect citizen, example of man ... only by believing his ignorance and his incapacity, can I accept his innocence.

There should not be so much money in the hands of a few people, even if it comes from the small savings of multitudes of people.

Capitalism is not, by its nature, democratic, but falsely democratic.  

If the future has to be different, this is the first rule to change, to strike deeply the heart of capitalism, restoring justice and freedom to humanity.

That humanity is not able to make universal decisions for its own good, it can also be true, but having given up judgment and a willingness to make decisions to financial globalization is hellish and stupid.  

There is no evolution at all in global well-being, leaving the government of the universe to the economy.

The economy from the middle, from a powerful engine, left without a direction does not follow that road.

Even today in the newspapers we read of the defeat in the fight against hunger: leaving methods and means to the economy of global capital the only way to reach the goal is mass genocide.

Boeringher, Bristol-Myers, Glaxo-Welcome, Squibb, Hofman, La Roche, the multinationals of the drug, to safeguard their profit (derived from patents) by managing the health market by following these rules, get it as a result.

Yet the same economic logic, on a global scale, should quantify the necessity and the means to produce satisfaction (which satisfaction?) Without surplus and waste.

Utopia, wrong logic or taking advantage of some single?

It would be time to debunk the belief that both the good of the individual and the purpose of the economy, pursuing their own interests, pursue the good of society.

I dare say that, beyond their personal interest, the leaders do not have in mind a logical and rational imposition model, consciously desired, or are aware of its evolution.

I think they are incapable of thinking so much; it would also be very dangerous for them, because they can be identified and blamed.

They are not people, but part of the idea, they are the capital itself. They are part of the mechanism of the theory made praxi, of a single basic rule or commandment, for which capital must make the maximum, in unnecessary competition with the subdivision of itself, realizing its no further subdivision and getting closer and closer to perfection , derived from its accumulation without producing anything.

These intelligent leaders live, do, undo ... haphazardly, knowing that nothing is lost, by the automatism of the mathematical rules of economic logic itself.

It would be time to debunk the belief that the US is pursuing the world's good (and that it is the only depositaries of truth and power); in reality they are not looking for their own interest. The rich, happy USA, satisfied with owning their happiness, feel they have the right to it. They are convinced that they are worthy and predestined and that they deserve it in respect of every other nation, to which only what belongs to them belongs.

Considering the impact of this evolution with the biosphere, knowing that the fulfillment of these needs of humanity coincides with the destruction of the same, it was decided to continue this way by killing, committing suicide, aborting ... to allow a few to be men .

The US has stated, by the voice of their president, that they will not sign the Kyoto Treaty, that they will not accept ecological limitations. The fact that scientists have some reason about the greenhouse effect remains the reality of the answer, which does not give rise to any doubt: it is nature that must bow to the demands of financial liberalism. The same answer sails for animals , humans and God.

Surely the principle of the global calculation of the pollution to be subdivided among the single nations will be affirmed, which will be able to sell their quota, will be forced to sell their share of pollution, decided on the basis of who knows which principles. The conscience of citizens and green organizations will be so bought and silenced.

For this alone globalization is necessary.

Journalists, new missionaries, are free to think of it in the same way following the directives of the great masters and great pontiffs like New York Times, The Economist, CNN ... all aligned on the same model of imposition, as under a dictatorship, propagating the new religion , ready to excommunicate, stone, ignore, burn the heretic who is opposed to their faith.

It is not very difficult to manipulate thought in the absence of certain truths, loading the words of other meanings and creating confusion. Man believes that his mind has dominion over language, but the opposite happens. And this is the task assigned to the school : create corporate groups with private lexicon and reserve access encrypted, hence the classic motto: I have studied, I have the right ...

The Internet, born free, now controlled by ECHELON and by the managers themselves, transformed into a market, is the beginning of the realization of the false idea of ​​absolute freedom of thought, communication and techniques.

It is news of yesterday, forwarded by the G8 held in Tokyo, of their intention to bring the internet in the Amazon forests and in the African deserts.

But even if there is a lack of correct information, we can understand the future that awaits us.

Every single state can be taken as an example of what happens and what will happen with the advent of the globalized economy.

It is not necessary to be economists, sociologists, politicians ... to know it, we live it on our skin.

The need to produce does not serve humanity, but is a consequence of the economic need for maximum return on capital invested.

Economic logic requires that the maximum yield is the highest gain for the minor product.

For absurd to sell the nothing produced, at the highest price, to the least number of survivors.

Here we are at the global meeting between economic law and the need to safeguard the biosphere.

Here is perfection.

How can humanity be guided by such a monster?

Chances of change are void: ignorant, specialized, super-specialized individualism prevent it at every level.

Every revolt is impossible. Of what is below and that maneuvering the whole nothing is known.

Their followers are chosen.

For the rebels, voluntary suicide, at least in appearance.

In the newspapers one can no longer write the things that matter, the facts, the truth; they can not even be told on television or on the radio.

Everything is spied censored and distorted.

-Who are you who dares to make these statements?


A beautiful woman, tall, oval face, high forehead, dark eyes, long wavy hair in red Titian lit, long legs, showy forms, a woman who until recently could choose who to love.

Born in an eastern country, I attended high school, I studied Marx and Henghels and the idealistic theories of Heghel, Hume, Hobbes and Macchiavelli, Darwin and many others.

I was destined for an ambassador career.

I loved life, I loved the sunset, the storms, the books I read, the music, I loved my days.

Then it was chaos, darkness ... the Berlin wall fell. I was not aware that my life would have changed with its collapse.

The country was in disarray. The West, instead of helping it, raided all its scientific and economic capabilities. Inside the delinquents took possession of power, originating the new privileged class, led by Elstin, destined to be part of the globalizers.

Faith in orthodox Christianity was restored to the people.

It happened that I was kidnapped, kidnapped. Locked up in a room, raped, humiliated.

But I was not there, I had left my life, my world was inside me, a prisoner of my thoughts. There was no space for anyone. I was absent.

Finally, their violence no longer hurt me. Their words did not touch me.

Slowly I would destroy myself, mute, passive, neutral, empty, alone.

The deprivation of liberty consumed me. I was not expecting anything but death.

They took possession of my body by humiliating my identity and using it as a weapon against me, for their pleasure.

I have waited so many times to die, I have waited many times for a solidarity that was not there.

I spoke, screamed, explained.

-You are no longer in Russia. You have been sold.

Illegally, hidden in the trunk of a car, I crossed the border to Italy, where I was sold for the second time to the owners of a cultural circle for adults that forced me to prostitute myself.

They beat me and wiped my tears by introducing me to the customers. It was impossible to disobey. I was constantly monitored, even when I had to urinate or defecate.

Forced to understand that the only way to survive was to detach me and submit, I accepted their requests.

Thrown into the high-end prostitution market.

I managed to escape after I was noticed and that they paid 5,000 US dollars for me. I began a career as a fashion model.

Going from bed to bed trying to put together the pieces of my life. Until I married a big fashion. My other friends were more unlucky ... Tatiana, for example, 16 years old, deformed in the face by her owner with cigarettes, was sold by weight, it is said to extract organs to be transplanted. Needless to scandalize and tear off their clothes. The financial revolution created is enormous. Tax havens and complacent governments know how to recycle dirty money ... is not it yesterday's news that the US will not cooperate with the OECD to fight tax havens?

I resumed living.

Conditions of marriage were the separation of their respective goods.

I did not really care about it, and having nothing to lose, I accepted.

He wanted me for himself, at his service and prevented me from attending the fashion shows.

In return, he offered me the leadership of the relations and the valorisation of human resources and an excellent salary.

I loved my job, I did it with passion, it did not weigh me to stay in the office even twelve hours a day.

I struggled so much to have what I have today: a very good social position, a salary that allows me to live and have what and how I want.

I lived peacefully and without major concerns.

One evening my husband said:

I fell from the clouds and my securities vanished.

Again alone, but independent.

I went to bed with whom I wanted, when I wanted to.

I replied with an emerging politician and irony of destiny resumed my role, even if partial, as an ambassador. Thanks to my knowledge of languages, I accompanied my husband as his bag-carrier.

But it is not of my life that I want to speak, but of the causes and why this was the story of my life.



There is a double war in progress: against nations and against individuals, to make them uniform to the universal economic religion that will lead them to salvation.

There is a global economic war going on and there, where blackmail does not arrive, arms arrive.

They have established, in favor of some, the weapons to be used.

In Seattle, in front of the WTO leaders, I translated the recommendations to my country into English.

I understood that the globalization agreements intended to form, disguised by the desire for peace and stability, achieved with US imperialist philosophy using INFORMATION, EMBARGO, DEBT RECOVERY and the military hand of NATO, a holy alliance with the the right to armed interference against any threat to change the privilege of the classes of rich nations.

When a state rebels against the new world order, it must be stopped in any way, even with war.

This is why they intervened in Yugoslavia, against Saddam Hussein's Iraq, against Gaddafi ... for this they finance fratricidal wars, coups d'état ... because they undermine the agreements for the distribution of the role of nations at the economic level.

Is not it stupid stupid to go to war knowing I've already lost? Here then is the need for rebellion terrorism .

The Gandi war of product boycott may still be valid, but there is neither information nor union. We are all a bunch of donkeys, good only for the slaughter.

It is a lie that my country has fallen because of the Madonna of Fatima or the Pope.

The lie is that a socialist political economy was in power: as in every other nation on the planet, power is in the hands of the oligarchy of capital.

The defeat of the USSR is the defeat of a capitalist oligarchy due to another capitalist oligarchy.

As revolutionary history demonstrates, waiting for the total uprising, only some technicians should have the power to keep the idea alive and prepare the peoples.

The defeat of the USSR is the defeat of a capitalist oligarchy due to another capitalist oligarchy. It is the consequence of having accepted a commercial, technical, military challenge without the same rules, without the same markets.

It will be the mistake that will be made by CHINA entering the WTO, the mistake of the Americas to enter the FTAA (single market of the Americas) managed by the US and dominated by financial capital in the form of dollars.

The Roman Catholic Church, excommunicating (rightly based on its philosophical principles) communism, was the innocent way to make fall into the trap the critical-intellectual capacity of Christians in favor of capitalism (which, again from the philosophical point of view, it is nothing but another communism).

Lies are news of new well-being. The reality is the misery of the Russian people and the wealth of some mafia clans that will be part of the privileged class that will rule the planet at the expense of people.

The truth is not only about religions, philosophies, metaphysics, but the everyday life that manifests itself in history, an indivisible history from universal history that is economic.

Everything must be subject to the law, even my life.

The theoretical and practical models devised by the IMF-CMO and by the various clubs in Rome, London or Paris do not take into account anything but the maximum return on invested capital.

Any deficit must be absorbed by the worker and the nation that generated it, not by the investor.

Replacing public monopolies with private monopolies, in this historical moment, only means involving either an increase in taxation or a reduction in social services.

To privatize and to be in debt is for any state with a budget less than the floating capital on the free market, a fall into hell, the loss of its freedom.

A new French revolution is needed for humanity. It is necessary to decapitate those who own capital: just as kings and queens are useless.

Both the aims and the logic of every science have been betrayed, including economic science.

Classical economic theory, Klein theory, neoclassical theory, Say's law, Haavelmo effect, microeconomics, macroeconomics, depression, inflation, deflation, accumulation, investment, quantitative logical model, balance of payments between imports and exports, international trade. State budget between public spending and taxes, theory of currency between the single currency and price policy, level of wages and income policy.

Economic growth between dangers and benefits. Programming and quantification. Political Economics. Final economic model drawn up between mathematical and variable logarithms.

Of all the learned questions, useful without doubt, the reality is that liberalism is only a modern monarchy that, exploiting the power derived from wealth and economic necessity, directs politics and commands men deciding who should be marquis, who count those plebs who slave ... who king.

Instead of increasing universal wellbeing and brotherhood, the historical evolution entrusted to the personal economic logic of some, feeds pseudo-needs, violence, misery and destruction.

The theoretical-mathematical models do not look for what is right, but what makes money.

For this economy it is more important to invest intelligence, time, creativity and work for luxury items for the few, rather than for the well-being of everyone.

There is no longer a society even within individual nations and it is a ball to believe that it is investing in a global society.

In every nation, from the richest to the poorest, there are 5% of the total population, owners of 60% of the wealth of that country.

By reporting the data at the planetary level, a hundred people have the same share of all global wealth.

Where is logic and justice in this order? Is it perhaps a truth that this centralized wealth is necessary for the well-being of their country and of the planet?

All in front of the evidence answer no. Yet they are so powerful that they condition all thinking ideas and minds. They are so powerful that they change the destiny of the planet itself.

We are in a new Middle Ages, we have returned to the Stone Age armed with technology.

Returned individuals of zero value, no longer represented in the so-called civil society, we refuse every association to start from the family and give rise to new clans and tribes rejecting every right and every duty, using the most sinister and gratuitous violence. A new barbarism, cannibalism, advances to take possession of marginalized societies.

They, the super-men, super-powerful, super-rich, the untouchables live outside the ghetto, super-protected in their fortresses to enjoy the show and have fun with our daughters.

The G7, G8 ... executing US, UN, IMF, investment and investment banking orders ... have planned mergers and acquisitions; decided the bankruptcy of small and medium-sized enterprises, putting the blame on the labor costs of their employees, privatizing the public services sector , always expensive because of the population; financed the multinationals, lending them the money in lost funds, in the conquest of the privatized markets and services.

The small and medium-sized businesses that have survived, however, are employees of the multinationals, which dictate their quality, quantity and price and determine both the final salary and the amount of wealth of the country.

The productive economy of the countries in favor of free and fluctuating capital has been disintegrated, capable of bringing to bankruptcy the economy of any nation on the planet that opposes them.

The movement of capitalized, instantaneous money from one tax haven to another has also avoided the non-existent control of the states in which it was raked.

Playing in the stock exchange means to guess the moves for those four rich little ones that still survive; direct them without losing anything for the super-rich.

Besides the fact that the speculative floating free capital is higher than the national income of all nations it is associated that the public debt has been privatized. The same necessary interdependence of the economies and the fact that the highest debt is held by the US that will never allow its return, even threatening a world nuclear war, determines the path of globalization.

I believed in United Europe. I thought he could get the noose of the dollar off his neck. This currency is not convertible if not to buy the products of the US economy, the most indebted country in the world, which lives at and on the shoulders of others.

Instead, I witness the defeat of European civilization, derived from millennia of thought history, in favor of the USA, whose civilization is based (after having co-opted the brains of other nations, placing them at the service of a planned policy) on the economic logic, on the patent of science and technology, on the power of the army ... used to subdue the planet.

The USA, which controls and owns the more advanced and sophisticated technology in the field of armaments, dictate the rules and with these rules will always and necessarily be winners.

Europe, if it wants to win the economic war must change the rules, it must make agreements with the countries with which it trades in euros: buying and selling in euros, downloading the dollar or giving up the purchase.

World society must isolate the United States of America if they do not accept new international rules based on the majority Democracy of an international organization that can not be the current UN.

Not this UN subject to the blackmail of funding and crossed vetoes.

So the road traveled so far has been: to finance the private sector by making them debtors, to transform it into public debt and then make it an international debt.

The state is now under the blackmail of creditors. Needless to vote right or left, democratic or republican, conservative ....

Globalization is inevitable, it is part of human evolution ... but not this globalization that is in favor of a few nations and even few men.

Not this financial globalization that only exacerbates economic uncertainty and social inequality.

Not this globalization that compromises and limits the possibility of self-determination of individuals, of states in favor of a general pseudo-interest consisting of speculative logics that exclusively protect the interests of industrial and financial multinationals.

Globalizing is only the free movement of capital in search of the maximum profit that happens instantly and globally. This is not a value, but only one of the many mechanisms useful to generate wealth (but is it really the only one?) And as such it should be subjected to man.

The economy on a financial basis is no longer economy, but speculation, exploitation, will to power. It is not necessary to produce in quantity and quality for everyone (which is anti-economic), but only for those who can afford to pay; it is therefore not necessary to pay salaries and create jobs, someone who has acquired purchasing power, somewhere in the universe, can be found. The resources of the planet will also be saved and pollution will be avoided.

We can no longer accept the scandal of billionaire people facing poverty, faced with the sick person who can not be cured, in front of the mother whose children are taken away because they are unable to keep them ... or we are now so manipulated in the soul of no longer knowing how to recognize justice? So blinded, unable to recognize both good and bad.

In this decade there has been an occult revision of concepts and values, deriving from the liberal economic logic. The remission of faults, justice, the law, freedom ... the right, the duty, the state, society, the people ... everything is derived and must adapt to the only measure of truth that is the economic logic.

The latter is not democratic, not even right. Certainly it is an overcoming of dialectical materialism, but closer to absolute idealism in its projection of the will to power that led to Nazism-fascism than to a democracy.

When will a state like Zambia compete with equal forces in the economic struggle against states like the USA? Never! And this is a certain answer. This is why all the aid plans devised by the IMF and the like are useless. This is why even the abolition of the debt of poor nations is useless. This is just the need of the powerful to wash their conscience, the means to convince them that they are right and that they are finding countermeasures to injustice.

And in reality they do not want it either: under the pretext of favoring economic development and employment, the OECD countries have signed a Multilateral Investment Agreement (AMI) which gives all rights to the owners of capital that invest and imposes duties to the States.

In Europe too the European Commission and some governments pursue the path of globalization based on free trade to succeed in realizing a New Transatlantic Market (NTM) affirming the hegemony of the USA.

The basic rules of the economy are necessarily: transformation of matter through a physical or intellectual work to obtain a product useful for man to live better. This process is now altered, favoring the enrichment of a few, because of the power that derives from it.

In order to obtain this result, every rational concept of value has been abolished, replacing it with adapted concepts of fashion, utility, status symbol ... and so on.

In order to avoid riots and protests, the manipulation of thought has been resorted, with the help of intellectuals. We now live in a society where the concept of truth no longer exists. The concepts themselves have no value, not even in their definition.

We must revolt.

The solution would be to abolish the debts of all nations without conditions and ulterior motives, refound the UN on a democratic basis without a right of veto, abolition of all patents and international standardization of products, working conditions, wages, pensions, taxation and status social. Distribution of wealth in the same way as in a federation. Abolition of armies. Taxation of capital by a single percentage for all nations, abolition of banking secrecy, dismantling of tax havens and impediment in the private use of enormous wealth ... and, above all, deciding that a percentage of GDP equal for each country is used to finance the social status. And another quota to finance those countries whose economy can not guarantee this minimum share of democracy.

It is also necessary that the trade unions get out of their corporate and national logic by globalizing themselves.

In the face of globalized economic terror, the global defense of human rights (biological, civil, cultural, economic, labor and spiritual conditions and rights ...) is absolutely necessary.

Consciousness, perceptions and intelligences need to be reformed by making counter-information and capillary and instantaneous reporting.

Faced with the no, nothing remains but to terrorize, steal or kill.

Needless to complain: in this situation no person is innocent.

Certainly it is not the path they pursue.

-We want proof of what is said

- The evidence? Here they are: these are secret documents, which I have translated for the leaders of my former homeland.





Truth is a non-sense for a large part of the culture of contemporary society and, therefore, leading man to rediscover it is today one of the priority needs of the UN mission for the salvation of the planet.

Thought, society can not progress outside the truth, it only comes to way without exit.

To all the leaders of planet Earth, I address you who share with us the desire for truth and justice.

To all the people of planet Earth, I address you who share with us the desire for truth and justice.

The vastness, the complexity and the delicacy of the task that awaits us, requires from all of us a sincere willingness to obey and a courageous commitment to change.

In fact, the rapid and profound transformations taking place require it by following these basic rules:

- Structuring the budget of nations following the IMF guidelines.

-Activate new accounting and analysis procedures able to calculate in real time the amount of income and expenses trying to zero both.

-To plan.


-To verify.

-To adopt.

Continue with determination the process of cultural, organizational and management renewal launched in previous years in accordance with the programming document drafted by the IMF, based on the strategy of continuous improvement of the economy and articulated on three main levels:

1-Promote privatization by rewarding the commitment, the proactive capacity and the active participation of managers.

2-Rationalize the organizational structures and above all the production processes assigning the broadest autonomy and responsibility to the managers, in order to achieve the objectives.

3-Develop an integrated information system, modern, technologically advanced, able to direct opinions.

We are well aware of the difficulties and resistance generated when introducing management and organizational innovations so important, especially when decisions involve the sphere of incompetent people who can not actively participate in the modernization process and who therefore do not understand the reasons and purposes.

We know, however, that we can count on excellent people, of international prestige, who have been able to guide their nations in years of obscurantism and that are, for us all, an example and a guarantee of success.  

It is necessary to destroy every nationalism and to value individual people.

We have a duty, as human beings, to ensure that historical truth is not falsified or manipulated; we have the obligation that the truth be taught in schools.

True men are the heralds of truth and bring new disciples and reveal to the peoples the theoretical truth and the action necessary to achieve it.

Those who cause their ignorance, are incapable, can reach the truth as long as they let themselves be guided by those who know the truth.

It is a serious crime to prefer to survive in falsehood to live a few years more, compared to the truth. It is necessary to sacrifice yourself for her.

We can not allow ourselves to seek the truth in the way of the truth and life of Christ; not at least in this injustice of historical life.

Only the rich man could ask God "what should I do?" And we know the answer of both.

Even charity, the moral alternative, is a cause of injustice, causing competition to fail, any possibility of work that generates a chance for survival.

Helping man towards a journey of truth is freedom, denouncing every abuse and every morality that prevents the means to get there.

Check school and information.

The school as well as preventing serves to select the genes and through the grace of the gifts and privileges will be redeemed by the plebs that will be so deprived of dangerous intelligences.

It is also the task of the school to train specialists who will not have a real critical-intellectual capacity, but only with regard to the fragment of science that they have, while at the same time nurturing the idea of ​​possessing total truth.

An example of excellent information was the planetary announcement of the successful mapping of the human genome by the US president.

In fact, he immediately added that it is now the task of the drug multinationals to pursue the goal that leads to human well-being.

Too bad he added that, now, the fundamental problem was to whom to entrust the patents.

Fortunately, it is in the conscience of the populations that the results achieved will benefit everyone.

Remove: any symbol of religion based on metaphysics and reason.

Remove any nationalism by favoring individual resources, in free theoretical competition, convincing individuals, that only in this way will be valued, that will have a personal advantage and, at the same time, will bring a positive evolution to their own nation.

Promote alternative religions.

It is the dollar itself, the living fulfillment of economic law, because it realizes its authentic meaning: the true God of history accumulates, grows and self-generates itself.

Living law, necessary that it invites to its possession and gives, through the grace of a job, the energy and the means to testify it in the choice and in the works.

Questioning the good means ultimately turning to the dollar.

The dollar shows the rich young man the path he is attracting and at the same time binding; it has its source of truth in itself.

Only he who is rich is worthy of being loved by history.

Only the dollar is the source of happiness for man.

But love for the dollar entails obedience to his commandments which are the way and condition for life.

The inseparable relationship between the dollar and its possession derives precisely from the role it plays in history: faced with the metamorphic position of religions that find laws in non-real worlds, the dollar manifests its historical truth and presents itself as a living law.

Only the rich can affirm: we are not only rich, but dollars ourselves.

Be amazed and rejoice peoples of the earth, we are dollars, eat at our table.

It is a gift and a task. The dollar-centric connotation, develops in perfect consistency, its universal expansion.

The dollar, in fact, lives in its economic body, to which it gives its logic, so that it may be its guide.

And it is then, thanks to the economy and the logic of his commandments, that the person participates in the new life of the rich, in obedience to the will of the rules.

The contemporaneousness of the dollar to the man of every age is realized in his possession. This is why it has been promised and is within the reach of every man.

700, 800 people are holders of a twelve-digit account.

It is the first time, which manifests itself in the history of humanity, a phenomenon of mass opulence of such vast proportions.

Never before has the number of billionaires been so high and widespread.

Out of about seven billion people, seven billion, which make up the global society, there are more than five million in the US alone.

It is thought that there will be twenty million in a few decades.

If we then add Europe, another 2.2 million are added.

Only in Italy, out of a population of about 56 million, there are 141 thousand.

None of these was born rich, they are all self-made man.

The phenomenon is in such rapid evolution, favored by globalization, that in a few millennia, all the people on the planet Earth will be.

The rich poor, those who can spend only three billion and three hundred million a year suffer from admiring the super rich from 80 billion spending a year.

Both spend for the good of the globalized society: each of their spending gives jobs and increases the value of the goods and the investments made.

Wealth spreads, but, oppressed by the existential discomfort of being rich, they get too sick: they are on the verge of extinction.

A targeted intervention is needed to save them from extinction.

The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the various Clubs of Rome, London and Paris, the G7 ... jealously guard the doctrine of the economic gospel dictated by the dollar and therefore responsible for the righteousness of nations called to ensure the intrinsic link between the dollar and wealth.

No tearing must harm the dollar and life harmony. Their unity is wounded not only by the workers who do not want to work by rejecting and distorting the economic truths, but by any other that does not fulfill the tasks to which they are called by the economy.

The office of authentically interpreting the economic doctrine is entrusted only to the UN whose authority is exercised by the IMF in the name of the USA.

In this way the dollar, in its life and teaching, presents itself as a pillar and support of the truth of action for life.

The governments of the individual nations, indoctrinated by the UN, convinced by the IMF have the duty of a critical discernment capable of recognizing how much is legitimate, useful and precious in trends and indicate ambiguities, dangers and errors.

It is necessary to conform to the universal mentality by becoming perfect performers of the fundamental law.

They must know how to apply and enforce the rules and the law knowing that evil is the very destruction of the economy. Those who go against the dollar are destined to die.

The power to decide does not belong to them, but only to the USA.

The economic law, however, does not reduce or even eliminate freedom, on the contrary it guarantees and promotes it to avoid precisely the evil and the consequent damnation.

Some tendencies have developed Marxism which in turn has given rise to many orientations which have in turn influenced the economic logic to such an extent that some have come to affirm the need for domination of nations over capital. Such norms would undoubtedly lead to the destruction of the economy itself leading to the apocalypse.

Faced with such destructive theses, incompatible with economic laws, a true autonomy of the same is required.

Furthermore, religious activity is given. But economics draws its truth and its authority from its eternal self-generating logic. We must prevent these uselessness from overturning the laws.

An alleged autonomy of religions would contradict the teaching of historical truth itself, although the fact of dying is true.

In this sense religious doctrines are relative. Economy and religion can only be encountered where the individual ends his historic mission of living. Then the individual dies, but the economy continues and remains.

All this appears clearly.

Reason and religion must be and are subordinated to economic logic, if they want to continue to be. Without the survival of the body they too have no reason or cause to be.

Life can be found only in the economy and in its development. Objections derived from morals and other pseudosciences in dividing man bring him precociously to death.

Hence the legitimacy of the law, universal and immutable, which leaves within it the specific freedom to be oneself in the unique time space of each individual.

Every personal change in both quality and number leaves the law unaltered.

There can not be a free creative interpretation of the rules; there can be no rejection of the application of the laws or act in autonomy in accordance with reasonable grounds.

The law is law.

The results obtained are witness to the correctness of the law and fidelity to the law itself. The law is therefore a judgment both for the individual and for the nations. In practice, one must love and seek good and avoid evil.

The law does not refuse, but positively enhances the choice to enrich, recognizes the free choice of action of the entrepreneur who brings wealth. The true free man, in fact, chooses behavior for the absolute good.


The link between truth and goodness and freedom has been lost by the population and the nations, so to lead them back to rediscover it is one of the missions of the UN, for the salvation of humanity itself.

The UN mission - IMF is in its own all-encompassing centrality, is to evangelize, announcing the economic logic and the wonders of capital, inviting the image of its living image to the bliss of the dollar.

Hence his dignity and responsibility for his task.

It is called from the dollar to the new evangelization, but today's social-cultural situation among many populations requires a new evangelization with new methods, new means, new expressions.

We need to respond to the right of workers and men who lead them to think and live as if the economic rules did not exist and which is expressed by opposition and disobedience.

All of this involves decline and obscurantism.

In this context scientists are called to shed light and rediscover the logic and force of truth. The dollar announces a path through a life of renunciation for a better tomorrow.

The UN mission, free and demanding, is at the service of the USA for the good of the planet.

The UN looks at the dollar with untiring love every day, fully aware that only in him is the true and definitive answer to the narrowness of life.

Weakness, drama, the inability to find the resources to live are outdated by the US salvific intervention. They feed us so we are free.

A particular look of the UN is for the IMF that with untiring love sacrifices the dollars in its possession for the good of the nations.

This martyr reveals the authentic sense of freedom, lives it in fullness, in the total gift of himself and calls entrepreneurs to take part of his own freedom.

The weakness and the drama of the nations and their freedom are overcome by the redemptive intervention of the UN and the IMF: they have freed us to remain free.

The economy, so reborn, is in communion with the dollar, inexhaustible wealth.

The UN-IMF is therefore the synthesis of perfect freedom in total obedience to the US will.

The dollar is the full revelation of the bond with the economy and the exaltation of the fruitfulness of its saving power.

In its mission, the UN teaches unconditional respect to the dollar. The martyrdom that accompanies the leaders is a confirmation of the unacceptability of theories that deny economic norms.

And since the universality and immutability of the dollar and its economic laws manifest and stand in defense of the immutability of the economy, martyrdom is a confession of the intangibility of the law that gives dignity to the people whose face shines the light derived from the splendor of the dollar.

Fidelity to the law requires a commitment and a coherence that can also be of suffering and sacrifice.

There can be no privileges or exceptions.

Being at the service of all, the rules that accompany it are just the guarantee for a just and peaceful coexistence, of a true democracy in which everyone, no one excluded, is called to fulfill their duties.

Economic norms have a meaning and develop a force that generates and nourishes renewal.

The social question is a cultural question, in whose heart lies the ethical moral sense that is based on the economic sense.

As experience teaches, the construction of a free society is rooted in economic growth and therefore in obedience to its laws.

In carrying out his mission, the UN intervenes always by showing his master's face, that is, proposing to all the truth in his intimate meaning of irradiation of the dollar, come to us thanks to the USA, at the service of the freedom of nations and to the the pursuit of happiness, helping them in their journey interwoven with policies, labors, weaknesses and errors.

In the clear and vigorous presentation of the truth can never be separated from a deep and sincere respect for those who gave us the dollar, which every nation is in need in its path often made difficult by the difficulties, weaknesses and situations.

The proposed laws and the observance of the same can be difficult, difficult, indeed very difficult in certain situations, but never impossible.

The dollar does not ask what is impossible, but urges us to do what is possible or to ask for help for what is impossible, so that it helps you so that even the impossible becomes possible.

Only thanks to the redemption derived from IMF funding are the concrete possibilities.

In this context space is opened to hope without compromising or falsifying the measure of good and evil.

While it is acceptable for nations to recognize their weaknesses and their incapacity and ask for help and mercy, it is unacceptable the attitude of those who make their incapacity and weakness a criterion of truth to overturn the law and lead everything to disaster.

We must be vigilant not to be infected by these attitudes that claim to eliminate the conscience and responsibility of their own limits and sins and that are expressed in the attempt to adapt the rules to their needs.

Politicians are called to help the UN in this task. Above all in their duty it is the essential and indispensable reference to the UN magisterium in their educating mission in a spirit of adhesion and collaboration, all together united collaborating with the USA.

In this perspective, dissent must not have a voice, must not undermine the integrity and purity of the law.

Politicians will answer this in person.

It is their common duty to teach what is leading the way of the dollar and to prevent without exception the acts against it.

They must guard and use appropriate measures to prevent theories contrary to US authority.


The task of monitoring the implementation of the sacred economic laws of the globalized economy under the aegis of the United States is entrusted to the heads of government.

Of the correct application of the same they will be called to answer them.

The privatization of the basic economy of nations is necessary to globalize and is obtained either by debt blackmail or by war.

The rationalization of economic efficiency involves an increase in wealth, concentrated in the hands of a few, for the economy, but at the expense of social spending. The increase in precarious jobs, the unemployed, the poor is demonstrating this. It follows the need to stop, even reduce social spending. The needy get busy, have equal chances to make it.

The state must get out of this suicidal game, it must not tax those who are rich and create jobs, but only those who live on a pension from work or retirement. These must have no chance to enrich, but only survive to a minimum. All avoiding riots.

Otherwise capitals will leave the country for other more favorable occasions and situations.

At this juncture of history it is necessary for the rich to become richer and richer, draining the useless wealth of wage earners and the poor, so that they accumulate the resources necessary to acquire privatization.

In this way it is possible to obtain dominion over nations avoiding blackmail, the coup, the dictatorship: everything would be legal and democratic.

The task entrusted to politicians, historians and informants is therefore to falsify history by using it to demonstrate to their citizens that everything is necessary if they want to continue to have what they own and that is too much.

For example, Italian politicians behaved when they convinced their citizens that their intervention in the war that was necessary to declare to former Yugoslavia was completely legal and enshrined in international treaties.

The treaty required automatic intervention in war only in case of aggression to defend itself. Here it was a matter of defending itself from an attack on the world economic order from the last remnant of the non-aligned countries belonging to the former Yugoslavia.

Good was the active participation in the war against Iraq.

The oil-producing countries, at this historic juncture, are notoriously a lever of power and blackmail for all oil-dependent economies, while waiting for science and technology to find alternative sources.

It is clear to all the world that it certainly was not possible to leave the oil domain to an unaligned country. We have been forced by its resourcefulness.

Politicians take note of how they would be treated now that the USSR no longer exists as a counter-altar.

History can very well be altered and manipulated for our purposes.

Politicians pay close attention to educating their peoples to the rules of the new religion, and they will also obtain personal benefits that can be extended to their children.

Something good has been done: it is part of the common mentality, in fact, the idea that those who are unproductive and of weight to society should be eliminated, but it is still too little; the idea must follow the fact.

The owners of capital, in communion with the UN, are close to the politicians in this effort; they accompany them and guide them in their teaching, with love and mercy, open to all men of good will.

The provisions of the UN-IMF-G7 ... experts in humanity in the free service of every man and nation, are an extraordinary testimony of this attitude of love and collaboration.

The way of salvation is open to all those who respect the rules.

The IMF does not deny the necessary help to get to know and have the joy of capital. In the name and with the authority of the US dollar, they have exhorted, explained, denounced, in fidelity to their mission; confirmed, supported, with the guarantee of the loan contributing in a completely free way to a better understanding of the needs of sexual, social, political and economic life.

Their teaching constitutes the reality and the truth of history. Today, however, it seems necessary to recall some fundamental truths which in the current historical context risk being deformed and denied.

In fact, a situation has been determined which spreads doubts and objections, of a social and religious order, social and political, regarding the UN-IMF-USA teachings and their satellites.

It is no longer an occasional challenge, but a global and systematic questioning of the marriage between capital and US dollar.

At their root is the more or less hidden influence of theories of thought and religions that reject the universality and permanent validity of the capital law in favor of the individual.

It is believed that the UN itself can intervene in internal affairs only in the proposition, leaving to the individual nations the autonomous decision to choose the intervention.

The dissonance on matters of the utmost importance for the economy and life itself, spread in scientific circles, which should be deprived of the funds they need, for example food, pollution, the practice of birth control should be noted , of life and death.

What must a nation do to be among the favorites?

Simple: sell what it owns and that citizens enjoy more and more without giving anything; privatize everything.

Only in this way is the prolific meeting between the nation and capital realized in the realization of the common good.

Interrogation on the good of citizens means respecting the fundamental law of capital.

In her there is what attracts and binds at the same time to obtain the possibility of life.

Politicians, educated by the UN, must bring their nations into the truth, otherwise no effort, however great it may be, will make them participate in life.

You know what you have to do. Only the full respect of the commandments will cause the grace of the UN-IMF-USA to fall on you and will avoid the terrible punishment of hell.


"Eliminate the useless" this should have been the title of this page ... but a roaring tumult of emotions, other I can not define the chaos of these days, it requires me to talk about me again, with the absolute loss of lucidity, in the rotation of the events that have occurred. I am in love. In love with a known gambler at the casino.

It does not seem true to me to be the subject in action. But what action? The love? A game of love?

The game is catchy while the players show an involvement beyond the due and an identification in the role of protagonists too heavy and perhaps useless.

Above all because it is a lost game, not valid for any studies and classifications, nor played in anticipation of return games or revenge, not valid for life.

Gambling is the only justification that makes the challenge valid.

It is not possible to identify any chance of survival to oneself in the hypothesis denied of a victory.

But a player, not knowing the opponent's tactics, has no strength to escape his self-deception.

Play on the illusion that the game has no end or ends in a friendly tie between opponents and with a moral victory for both.

That no one should suffer from self-deception, bari and challenges, here's what you would like, but the rules are unfortunately universally fixed. Those who do not respect them are punishable.

How are you, my darling?

I'm looking for you in this night

I'm looking for you hands on my breast ...

Please, find a great place for us and love me ... to be ... only a memory ... only in our souls.

The exasperated feeling of those who do not renounce to lose their curiosity for something very particular that has found, casually in the sand, on the path of research traveled every day and which has now become impractical.

Perhaps it is more correct that men write love letters, but, in my story, the expression of the surrounding feelings or emotions, often passes first through written words, on the contrary I think I can do more justice to events by writing that talking.

The words spoken are not always the language indicated to transmit messages, the voice expresses tendencies, will, the evolution in real time of the story.

Writing is conceived, deprived of deviant emotion that often blocks the thought in the throat, because the presence of an actor shifts the attention and forces us to relate with something outside our being, preventing the narrow taste of the most inner thoughts.

Writing, if one thinks of a mere communication with oneself might seem hypocritical compared to the conditions that make the need arise, and perhaps it will be true, but it is the only possible moment to externalize the breadth of one's emotional grimaces, a moment of liberation, of thought vomiting.

I write without wanting to produce the chronicle of a betrayal or a theft, but over time this dimension becomes the most credible.

I had turned on the computer to work, but the temptation to talk to you was very strong and irresistible, because this is the sense of emotion of these days ... irresistible, irrepressible, something that untameable wildly grows beyond control.

And the daily confrontation with the other being my mother and wife makes me petty in front of myself.

I'm scared.

Hypocrite frightened of their mistakes, the responsibility of the facts concerns only me. I am the greedy, I am the thief, I am the woman who is risking herself for the deep desire to seek the other side of good through curiosity, virtue or defect, for a game.

And to think that among researchers of all kinds and species, curiosity is considered a virtue. It allows to construct new hypotheses of work and discovery, advances in investigations take place for the curiosity of human beings.

It is not this kind of curiosity that invades me today.

From this curiosity no one else will earn us if not us. Others will pay for it, so this is not the sphere of virtue, but of its denial.

Find me God, find me and talk to me, touch me, let me feel your strength, let me penetrate your player skills, wrap me and the game will end.

Next to the greatness and beauty of this flash of life I'm afraid of finding the abandonment.

I'm afraid to face the post. The farewell. An announced end.

I'm afraid of falling.

I will be alone against myself.

I do not want to imagine how difficult it is to lose everything in a moment, to live as if nothing had been and to have to believe in my future ...

I will have to find expedients to forget and repress, to begin to see my life as it was before I met you.

I should have been more fatalistic, pretend to believe in a destiny that required me not to leave the tracks drawn for me, I would have to ignore and ignore, I should not have looked at you.

I will have to learn to be harder with life.

It's already Thursday. But it's only two o'clock in the night or in the day.

The appointment is expected, longed for, awaited, longed, still impalpable.

Too bad I'll be almost unpresentable: dark circles, face turned off, the age printed on him.

Should I go to sleep, two hours of sleep will be enough?

This morning I will try to translate perhaps rational and technical concepts for an audience that is waiting for solutions to little-known problems: will I be credible? I hope not too theoretical.

I would continue to talk to you.

My sweet man ... where are you now?

Where can I find you?

I would wake up with the thought and pass lightly on you, in the night slipping under your sheets and playing, tickling, laughing, yawning, sleeping.

Good night or good morning

See you tonight.

If I had fixed the different ways to start writing again I would have probably already produced many sheets.

It seems instead that every variation in the normal flow of life leads me to palate with you. And it is pleasantly relaxing to let me caress your image.

I have the opportunity to forward myself in different topics and dimensions, I could talk to you about my work as a researcher of truth ... I could tell you what the powerful of the earth say ... I could tell you my day ... I could believe that I would bore you a little.

I could talk to you about an imminent trip, of a man and a woman who will leave wondering what will become of a love story ... I would bore you.

I would like to talk to you about whispered moments and movements in the night, of trembling gestures and passionate kisses. I would like, God, to feel your hands, now, around my life and your mouth on mine.

I can only dream and return to crush this land made of time, things, facts, people I belong to.

I wanted to rock you in my lines, sublimating in words those gestures that I was doing. Now, not a poet or a hero, big eyes look at me and a little dark envelops me.

I knew I would walk with you. I did not know the weather was so biting and this sheet so heavy.




Capitalism, rid of all fear, took upon itself the ambition, dead God, to build the deified city of man, supported by technological science and the US military.

The status of the new regime of command of the history of the ends of man suppresses and dismantles the social contract, cancels the rights of the workers conquered with tears and martyrs.

The metaphysical horror, the dictatorship that subjugates the entire planet is wild liberalism.

After the terror of Hitler, whose unrepeatable crimes were celebrated with horror, the UN-IMF emerged from its ashes.

Something does not square in the life of the man: a fulguration, a moment of thought that escapes affirms that others are the reasons and the ends of the life.

In vain.

I rejected God for this and maybe I made a mistake. All that remains is to kill Caesar.

Terrible Sunday: all day in front of the screen of my PC to try to produce few ideas for my future of human relations manager, an interesting role, perhaps a hectic activity, but I hope at least a little gratifying.

The prestige interests me little, if not in the initial phase, my insecurity, my fears of mistakes will define me a feeling of frustration, as long as the esteem of my colleagues is such as to support even my difficulties.

Trust is a fundamental value in everyone's life ...

But it was increasingly difficult to stay on the job file, often returning to last night's writing.

I knew how many times I thought no story would have broken my balance.

I can not do it. I continued to deny the evidence of an attraction ...

Still your smell on my skin, the smell of your seed between my vaginal lips ... and they got lost washing and washing.

I always remain after our meetings the feeling of not having done or said everything that could be said or done, an unjustified potential.

Every encounter, so marked by time, so hidden by intimidating looks, so full of sensual tension ... I know I'll miss them, I'll cry the past, the passion and uncertainty, I know I'll have to come ... I wish it was painless.

Will we have to greet and forget the kisses and sensual caresses? Will I have to cancel this period of my life?

I think it will remain at the bottom of that soul a bit 'clumsy wrapped in so much tenderness.

I did not know the part of me that manifests itself and participates with you and that does not want to deploy to continue enjoying these enveloping moments.

Perhaps this unusual way of interpreting the situation will affect my philosophy of life. The unfinished sense of things, the indeterminacy ... now constitute my certainties.

I wish you did not want me, I would like you to be uninteresting, I wish you did not have the passion. But I would also like exactly the opposite. I want to hear you, I want to look for you, I want to meet you, I do not want to lose or forget a single gesture, a single word, the meaning of things.

Will you accept these contradictions?

The evolutionary law of humanity is directed by economic law.

It was not enough to decapitate kings and queens. The revolt has been betrayed by the most stupid of ideas: everything is bought and everything is sold. Useless every complaint.

I was convinced that united Europe was antagonistic to the absolute Nazism of the USA, creating markets and alternative alliances, in vain. The state has abdicated the economy. The evangelical laws of the WTO, IMF, World Bank ... are performed by every self-respecting politician.

Democracy is at risk of extinction, every day becomes increasingly imperfect and irrational.

Intellectuals have been entrusted with the task of convincing every person who is right and necessary.

And to be able to put it in that place to all the poor on the planet, they have turned into perfect fags.

This, on the other hand, is good for their superior, who thus does not risk having to give them the joys brought by the imagination of beautiful women.

But in some time even these can be done without: it will not be more necessary to cheat the people to keep them chained. The power of control and vigilance is being strengthened in every part.

Every breath, every lament is recorded, cataloged and numbered.

Every living person on the planet has a control board, updated daily, for economic and career progression.

Unemployed, underpaid rebel against the economic regime of profit.

They make us believe that the crisis that produces unemployed and poorly paid, the crisis that makes every job unsecure is cyclical and temporary ... balls! It's all a lie. The work as it was until yesterday is definitely finished.

Who is without work will remain without work and will continue to look for something that is no longer. And he is the culprit. He is incapable of grasping the new opportunities offered by the globalized economy.

The new watchword is flexibility, or reduction of salaries.

It is not necessary to be an economist and a professor at MIT to know that the salary of a worker can be divided, approaching infinity, creating an infinite number of jobs and an increase in the production and wealth of those who have invested.

After all, an infinity of workers produces more and more than one. Too bad that the speech applies only for small employees and for the non-tenants.

When the workers are missing, because the citizens refuse to be badly paid and they are not yet able to force them out of indigence, it will always be possible to resort to the work of the community extras.

Whenever possible, production must be transferred to countries where labor is at no cost and dictatorships guarantee.

I will educate my daughter to commit robberies.

Do not subscribe to the unemployment lists: you will be filed, sign your death sentence.

Young, face reality


Kill the monster.

They talk to us about everything so as not to let us see reality.

The new religion, God is the Dollar.

The priests: the bankers, the financiers

Their theology: the economy.

Science and technique their revelation.

Army and police, control of ideas, lying, their holy inquisition.

Absolute power, their purpose.


Love and positions of the stars to be copied



Celebrations and self-celebrations.

The real difficulty consists in choosing: blonde or brunette?

Where are you law men? Where are you prophets?

In this society, for good that goes there, nothing, absolutely nothing concerns man.

For men who are not afraid of responsibility or strong emotions, nothing remains but to overthrow the world government, to eliminate the monetary system and to destroy its leaders.


Today it has become technically possible to produce without the help of the workers.

Work, justification of the worker's existence is useless. The workers are therefore useless.

The worker is a walking abortion, an incomplete, calibrated, limited man. Being a worker is a congenital disease, being emotionally null and dangerous, crazy.

It is a totally isolated animal, incapable of any relationship. He just wants to eat.

His intelligence is but an instrument at the service of his impulses and needs. He does not know the passions of the mind nor the passion of pure art.

He can only connect to his physiological sensations of animal survival.

Imprisoned in this twilight he does not know whether to be a monkey or a man, but he is worse off than apes because he knows he is a monkey.

The worker was once a man, determined, idealistic, powerful. By dint of mocking their own principles and rights, he has lost confidence in the possibility of making it and has begun to passively accept the status quo. The world is all right, even if they can get distracting pleasures.

Although it was only a body, it was not suitable for work. Even when, rarely, he reached technical efficiency, he remained unable to enjoy his salary, he was ashamed. Moreover, he received no enjoyment from receiving it. Finally, being so obsessed with his anxiety to get along well, to win a record, to overtake his colleagues, who did not even realize that he was shit.

Corroded by guilt, shame, anguish, he was always obsessed with vile money: he was willing to cross a sea of ​​shit, to crawl in the middle of the phlegm and vomit if he was sure that on the other shore he was waiting for some golden mountain. She was even able to sell her own daughter or kidney for her, even to be masturbated by an old toothless aids.

He is and was an asshole.

However, it must be admitted that he had the public relations sector in his power: he had succeeded in convincing millions of rich people who could not be without them. In other words, the rich are rich because the workers are poor.

Completely self-centered and passive, he detested this passivity and projected it onto the rich.

His favorite affair was to work. Since every time he had to prove himself false, he was damned in a desperate and convulsive attempt to prove he was better than a robot, that without him production stopped.

Being an incomplete robot, the worker spent his whole life trying and proving himself to be a robot. That's why he was always looking for electronic media and tried to fraternize: he wanted to merge with them.

That's why he claimed as his all the characteristics of the robot: strength and independence, reliability and health, low cost and production.

He was racist. Every worker knew, in secret, that he was nothing but a piece of shit, which showed no interest in anyone. Submerged by this idea, he nurtured his self-centeredness of hatred and contempt for the poorest of him.

To defend his labile nervous system, sensitive to any minimum change in salary, he tried to impose a social code, to his liking, by which to prevent any subversion.

He used terms such as "defense of purchasing power", safeguarding the workplace, meetings with the employer, having working relationships, striking.

The worker was not a just man. The worker needed to tend to money ... think what he could do with billions of dollars. For this it was sold.

The effect of the rich on the workers was to make them dependent, passive, insecure, respectful of the authorities, introverted, boring, insipid and whining, and deeply contemptible.

The worker, always tense, frightened and uncomfortable, was devoid of analytical spirit and objectivity, assessed the rich on the basis of fear and respect.

They accepted that the rich man was a superior being and the worker a lower being.

It was the increase in development that caused the increase in stupidity and the decline of the workers, giving them the right to education to bring them to extinction.

The few surviving workers did not understand anything, and, to keep them company, all the poor on the planet.

These uselessness can not cooperate in a common project because their only project is either to survive, to work little or not to work and to have everything.

So you can not leave them the control of society: it would be global failure.

Although they aspire to be people, the workers and the poor, they are afraid of everything that messes their security. They fear not being able to be unwelcome to management.

The latter is a suspicion that upsets them.

If others are perfect, while they are not, they can no longer be sure of being people.

Their perfection consisted precisely in being identical to others. Just to please the boss they dared to show themselves different. Their robotic function was their true identity.

They consoled themselves thinking of those who performed worse, like the unemployed and become puppets full of tics and anguish for fear of being scrapped.

The workers do not yet have the sense either of good or evil, (which on the other hand belongs to the Money God and his Church), they have no moral conscience (not being innate in them), they have no trust in their self; they are necessarily competitive, by nature, unfit to act freely: they would do nothing, all taken to worship the god of money.

So they need a boss, a manager, a boss.

They deeply desire that it is God, the Money, to guide them, but they can not accept all this, they are not satisfied. They want to own God, they want to be God.

With a meaningless existence, since they do not possess God everything becomes absurd.

As we already know, they are unable to love and live only to have. As a result, the evil for them is nothing but begging, the old, the child, the sick, the poor and everything that does not produce money, because if it becomes the rule it would be ruin. Ruin of civilization.

The free market provides the worker with a goal, reinforces the subjugation of others and provides rituals with which to exorcise his shame and his guilt of being a worker, a poor richer than other poor. Most of the workers hide their cowardice, their incapacity, their stupidity by projecting them into those who are worse off than him.

The commentators, journalists, sociologists, philosophers, religious, politicians ... recognize the problem of their nullity to the worker. So they invented identity problems, crisis of existence, ways of being, etc.

On the other hand, the rich man knows his goal, his identity, his personality, because he already belongs to him and, even if they made mistakes, nothing would change for them.

There will never be a social revolution, even Christ has predicted it: the poor will be with you until the end of the world.

Moreover, the useless do not want the uprising: what is up high wants to continue to stay there and those who are at the bottom have the idea of ​​becoming a day like the one at the top.

In the end, what makes useless, rebels, is when they are forced by technological progress or the realization of the logic of the god of money, when they are faced with the choice: die or die. Now we are here.

But if all the useless do not move the ass, we risk the massacre. Money wants to have fun.

How much time I have dedicated to your image. I dreamed of you, I waited for you.

I wanted to steal a kiss from you yesterday.

Today I wait for you, fearful ... When I approach the day of a meeting I never have the certainty that it will happen. Any event could intrude.

We could be events.

The evolution of feelings is full of expectations and the days that elapse produce sometimes disproportionate expectations, far from rationality and perception, unknown. Perhaps only unexpected, perhaps too visceral.

But the recurrent themes are always the curiosity, sometimes imperious and overbearing, almost irrepressible, the sweetness that melts the heart, our bodies near or far, the pleasant desires of unexpected kisses. The caresses to meet you.

Engaging, exciting themes that inspire whispered voices, that want to keep as treasures not to be missed or stolen.

Themes that remain between us and only for us, of which you and I know the most intimate aspects and the most unique moments. Themes that I do not know where they will lead, perhaps indelible themes for this incision of life story. Topics summarized in a few moments.  

I am still fascinated by the indeterminacy, the letting flow sensations and senses, little conscious of the consequences.

A captivating, inebriating off-track, the challenge to the defined, to the built, to everything that can be imagined with clear contours.

And you are immersed in every thought, I do not know in what themes you recognize yourself.

But you know that my curiosity for this aspect is relative, goes further. My curiosity is linked to the thirst for knowing and knowing your thinking, for what you do, what you want, what you would like.

For God, man.

I would caress lightly touching your abstract thought, difficult to translate into my imaginary world, yet so pleasantly enchanting.

Who knows if I'll ever be able to penetrate this wall of surprises, who knows if you'll ever let me.

They were free thoughts in the midnight round, back to my work. I kiss you, I touch you, I wait for you.


From the need and the specialization neither does it derive a stupidity that makes them unable to see beyond their nose, unable to decide and to know.

To listen to them are an impressive logic: brunette or blonde, thin or fat, sea or mountains, small or large, hairy or not hairy ...

And managers play in all of this: they invest in ignorance; he knows that an enlightened and intelligent working population would be their ruin. This is why they do not aspire to the company of the idiots.

The intellectual conversation of the rich is all about money. The worker, malleable and passive, respects him and fears him and lets himself be submerged by his reasoning.

This is not difficult because his fear, the discomfort of insecurity that the leaders have inculcated trivialize his perceptions and make him unable to understand that the word of the boss is nothing but non-truth.

The worker believes he is passionate about listening to the words of the chief who praise his abilities and falls into ecstasy when he should throw up.

Not only does he allow him to speak, but he gets buggered, wiggling nicely as he lovingly taught him.

Trained from early childhood to being nice, kind and dignified in helping those who feed him, accept everything and smile, reaching orgasm.

It is a cultured and intellectual discussion, a discussion that deals with the destinies and the goal of life.

While he talks about the gross national product, the common market of globalization to the worker comes to mind the globe of the ass and offers it radiant for the good of the universe.

He is so trained to lick that he continues to do it even after, leaning to kiss the ground on which he has walked.

The leaders, for their part, despise all those who respect them and lick their ass and shoes, those who lick lick continuously trying to continue approval and reassurance as females in heat in search of the male.

The manager does not want this love, but makes them comfortable, uses them and exploits them.

Deprived of the humanity of dialogue, friendship and love, managers offer:

-Art: art of waste and recycling. Only the authority knows about the artistic project.

On their part, the salaried persons, lacking critical capacity, being themselves nullities, humbly accept judgment, in a desperate attempt to find a pleasure and a value in the void of their existence.

Unable to create personal distractions, incapable of being an artist and a subject, they accept what they are offered, through fashion and advertising, to escape boredom, despair and value living.

- Fee-based. Sex without relationship, sex as consumption, not to waste time.

Overwhelmed by the rhythms it can very well forget the sex drive and satisfy his animal desire by paying and masturbating in front of porn images.

The whores are the real symbol of this globalized society: they sell a commodity, which is their body, to the highest bidder.

Useless are the pseudo-moral crusades against paid sex, we are all for sale who for a short time, some for a lot.

The only real reason to remove them from the street, where they hurt our innocent eyes, is the recovery of taxes.

They educate us by saying that we are free to fall in love with anyone, they tell us the beautiful tale of Cinderella ...

But do you really believe it is still worthwhile to get married for love? What do we earn? Two hearts and a hut? The romantics in love with Painet? We learn from managers. They do not get married for love. They have invented a prenuptial contract for this. What is mine, and it is all mine, is mine; what is yours, practically nothing, is yours.

The love among the salaried lasts a little bit as hard among the managers, but the motivations are different.

The leaders love the beautiful and the young, the forbidden, have time to idle and engage in satisfactory activities. The salaried, bound by survival, have no time, mired in shit in an attempt not to sink completely.

Love is nothing but an ideology like so many others now failed, even for love fell the Berlin Wall. Love is an out-of-fashion accessory to show only on occasion.

Love can only flourish among free people and the workers are not people. Workers can not and should not have time to idle, to grow culturally, to engage in satisfying activities to share with people who are esteemed, leading to friendship and true love.

22.15 hours from PC

I should not open this sheet, but remain at least a little focused on my work ..., useless: as soon as you mention the possibility of telling you something I do not give up.

This is the point: do not give up.

Sometimes it is good to have given up the satisfaction of a need.

Or for the rest of his life he continues to gnaw the unexpressed and unfulfilled desire, almost a guilt for renunciation.

Yet if psychology does not judge, renunciation corresponds to a loss.

Should I have renounced you? And with you to an emotional whole loaded with pleasant tensions?

Today maybe it's too late to review the renunciation, but not enough to not forget my substratum. Today I gave up rather than give up.

Today, on the contrary, the imperious desire, the curiosity of tomorrow, makes its way, as they flee the days, while I await your nod, or study the quickest way to reach you unconscious of the dangers.

The leaders, on the other hand, are always excited and are able to bring the employees to such lust that they fall into their arms. Few are saved. Loving the head is an immense pleasure.

The more they are beautiful and good, kind, attractive, the more they are absorbed by the management to make them participate in the harmony of the global market.

The others, the less beautiful, the nullities ... those leave them to the fears of intellectuals to convince them to stay good and good, being satisfied with the pleasure of being taken for a ride.

-The drug, prison for others.

Drugs and sex, alcohol and chance are the refuge of the poor, means offered to them to come out of the nullity.

Awake! It is time to stop observing the rules and laws imposed on us by morals and conventions.

Anger must advance like a sea of ​​oil, dirty, attractive to incorporate everything.

Know the program, point by point, in the smallest details.

Get ready for the police beating, the prisons at the hydrants that shoot shit to the sleeping gases; but do not be afraid, you are already in the shit, already you are asleep as men, you have no personality, you have no future, you are nothing but you are afraid to lose again?

Get out of the sewer of life and advance against the globalizers to seize life.

Abandon this boring tick that punctuates life for a few dollars a year. Do not be afraid to get rich, stop bowing to lick, stop protecting them.

The managers know this and have prepared new rules:

-Control and censorship. The wage worker reacts with conditioned reflexes. He is incapable of living in totality. Therefore it is necessary to prevent the spread of the truth. All the news and ideas that upset this society are to burn at the stake.

- Witches to the witches, to the rebels. There is no greater joy than the increase of informers and scabs. Everything works.

-It is necessary to promote the traitorous character of the wage earners, proposing a minimum increase in their career and giving them our benevolent approval.

-Favor sex at the expense of all knowledge.

-Fourish their hatred towards the managers within certain limits, so that there will be the opportunity to make anti-recourse laws, if the threat of unemployment or death is not sufficient.

- To promote the birth of at least one child. The salaried would be so empowered that they would not do anything anymore.

The salaried do not know the concept of existence, neither its causes nor its why. It lives tended to satisfy its survival instincts.

The leaders are preparing a society of happy and satisfied individuals conditioning them from birth through genetic manipulation and childhood with a specific indoctrination about their role and in the more adult age through psychotropic drugs of happiness.

23.30 hours from PC

I dedicated you attention to sobs, closing and reopening this file. I can not deny that you want with an anxiety of pressing sensuality.

I see the moments that struck me the most in the imaginary of eros and back to the sensations in freedom of the last night.

The sighs and the unknown places of our bodies ... we just have to find out what and how many thoughts we could formulate to recognize the pleasure of the other.

I love looking for your most sensual and sensitive places to pleasure, I love to discover the parts of you that "give me shortness of breath."

I love inventing movements, surprising you, having fun.

Who knows if you still see me wearing that mask that you find it hard to coincide with my expressions.

The spontaneity linked to instinct is, for my part, a need.

The expression of pleasure linked to gestures or facts is given by research and, beyond the habitual patterns, by having found a way without false modesty.

But certain acts can only be described by acting, words are not worthy of explaining what only the intimate dimension understands.

Sometimes Saturdays and Sundays are the most painful days of the week. I do not know where to call you, nor where to see you, I can not look for you, nor meet you.

I write not being able to imagine your answers.

I remember you because time is so far.

I will remember you when you will be far away.




The elimination of the leaders is a due, legitimate and just act. What will happen to some time when even these wage-worker semirobots will be useless for a fully automated production?

Despite the continuous washing of the brain to which the salaried are subjected, the anger is boiling and they know it.

They know they have to kill them, eliminate them to survive. But even the leaders know this already have strengthened the forces of order and control, have already begun to eliminate people from zero value, with mass sterilization, with abandoning them to disease and hunger, creating wars between them.

They know well that the natural evolution of the global economy is the production of only one product for one super-rich.

It is necessary to dissociate from globalization, to stop adapting to absurd rules and laws.

If the majority of the workers rebels, globalization would have a few weeks of life.

If all employees simply left their jobs, they refused to buy and deal with executives, the economy would be canceled.

It would be necessary to have control of the media and education, impossible.

It would be necessary to boycott, infect computers, interrupt the production chain, break financial chains, poison and terrorize.

Without getting to the point that it is too much it would be enough to subdue the manager. Prevent him from making laws. Conflict, war and death no longer have to be among the poor, but move against the leaders.

It is necessary to isolate the scabs and the informers who are standing open their mouth to drink their urine and enjoy the leftovers of their intestines, happy to cuddle them given by the President of the IMF BMI UN USA.

It is necessary to rebel against the information and the manipulation of the truth.

Still you in my thoughts ... Cry the emotion, but the responsibility so heavy asks.

Nice was watching, on the face the feeling and the shortness of those who know that it's all a moment. Then the lost look to look for the reasons. Tragic the error.

Contemplating ourselves alone, we would never have lost our innocence.

The fault lies in the desire and irrationality that sustains it.

Blessed is he who dreams, who desires and seeks. Blessed those moments, and who, obtuse to reason, chases her.

Blessed is he who, in uncertainty, only embraces thought.

In the expectation of emotions we find the strength to overcome us

Unrealization is a vanished pleasure, a feeling of a woman denied in the lack of excitement. A surprised conscience of troubled mother and wife.

Body and morality are no longer preserved and needy and the search for truth is vain.

This is the universe, and, we, crazy meteors, not adversaries, referees of evil, but only aware or free, indistinguishable in misery and virtue.

To those who have understood that only the dream is without limits, without time, without dimension.

I do not want to destroy my family. I love my children. I'll say goodbye.

But the rebels are tired of waiting for the awakening of the conscience of millions of balls. Why should they keep dragging behind these licks of nullity who are afraid of losing what they do not have?

Just a few rebels are enough to boycott this globalized computer world with targeted actions.

Meanwhile, that robbery and destruction will go on increasing the number of those who will become aware, but even if it does not matter what?

The rebel knows that he can not continue living on the edge of the system. Seeking salvation in the new age doctrines is not a solution for him. He knows that picketing is useless, useless getting caught by the control forces and spending their days among the bleak walls of a prison, useless to die on the electric chair.

It is necessary to act in the dark of the dark night, alone. Choose the prey, get close and hit.

This is what I meditate and what I will do before I die.

- You're a whore! Who is he?

-You had no right to open my files.

Does love love him?

-What you ask is no longer the truth It is masochism.

-I want to know.

-Be combing exasperates.

-It does not end here.


The door opened, Entrai. I sat at my place of work.

-Translate: "The globalized world is the best world of the possible worlds because it is created by the dollar, the sole guarantor of peace and universal well-being. Extra global economy nulla salus (out of the globalized economy there is no salvation). This is a valid dogma for all times and for all conditions. Without the dollar, its container, there is no saving. Globalization is a living, one, indivisible structure.

A magnificent task is entrusted to the leaders of the history of the planet: If a person is not a bearer of earnings and is not a consumer entity, because now drained, and does not have a fixed and limited mental horizon, it is to be eliminated.

Divide and rule: this must be the main rule of our game, and this can be implemented through the manipulation of information and truth. The more divided employees are held, the better they can be dominated. The criteria of choice for promotions and awards, for career advancement and status, the criteria for employment are indiscriminately at our discretion. We must be content with mediocre and easily manoeuvrable people. Sometimes the selection criterion can be corrected by using the horoscope.

The necessary condition for the realization of global domination by ELITES is the definitive dissolution of every bond of solidarity, conscience, critical capacity and religious sense. Only then, believers in a fate and unchangeable destiny, will they be true slaves, true servants and with the status achieved, they will obtain freedom, justice, redemption and resurrection.

-Thats enough!

-What do you say?

-That's enough! I said stop!

- How dare you rebel?

-I am a human being in revolt.

-What are you? A human being in revolt?

-A human being who says No. I have received orders throughout my life. Now enough, enough ... the moment of rejection has arrived. I kept silent when I was abandoned in the despair of my unjust and accepted, inevitably, my condition. I kept silent how millions of desperate people are silent.

-You are just a woman, envious of us that we are rich and powerful.

-Palle! I am happy to be a woman and I do not envy your wealth nor your supposed power. I'm sure I'm not worth a dollar and you're not worth the billions of dollars you have.

-What do you think you're worth? You are only good to go to bed and you have to overcome a lot of competition. How much do you ask? How much are you worth? What do you want?

-Bastard! You're a fucking bastard ... I do not want anything anymore. In these last days I received revolting orders without reacting. I brought patience, but now I know that everything is useless. Needless to talk.

I pulled the gun out and turned it against him.

-What intentions do you have?

-Kill you.

-No do not do it.

- Someone must die.

-Who must die?

-You know. You meet in the afternoon, at tea time, in front of strictly glass bottles of water; disserted from high political strategies and economic reforms. Right-wing thinker, left-wing thinker, exclusive club of young scions, managers struggling with mathematical algorithms of development models in which the accident to be ignored is people. Now I want to kill you to prevent the holocaust too far away, it does not matter if I die with you too.

-I repeat ... what do you want?

- All right now because tomorrow I'll be too old, and I already am. I look back, the years lived are longer than those I will have and will never be the same. Goodbye dreams of youth, goodbye ideals. All right away, because I will die in a short time.

- You have the amount you want.

-I only want our death.

-Wait up!

I did not wait, I fired in silence, one two, three shots. Slipped to the ground he began to crawl towards me, immersed in his blood.


I shoot again. Then I bent over, unperturbed, to feel his wrist to make sure of his death.

The director of the IMF came running, stopped in shock.

-What are you doing? You are crazy?

I unloaded the gun to push the statement back into his throat.


I watched their bodies examine those responsible for globalization. Incredible how their blood is the same as mine.

"Forgive me true God, I prayed, but it was necessary ... He could not go on like this. I rebelled against you, I refused you, I turned against you, but it could not go on like this. My sacrifice was necessary ".

I went out slowly.

After wandering a little through the streets of the city, I showed up at the police station.

A flood of journalists, photographers and curious people were waiting for me.

- He finally finally!

Hands behind his back, handcuffed. The police do nothing to hold back the press. I put myself in a pose and smile.

-Why did you do that?

-I do not say anything.

-It is claimed that you are a declared enemy of the powerful, devoured by an immense disgust. About a year ago you put an ad on the Internet, to launch an organization called "Manifesto for a new workers' uprising or for its mass elimination". Was not it a joke? Is that why you killed?

-I never happened to shoot someone before ... I did it for good reasons.

"The marvelous Marxist, read in the New Times, indicted yesterday of the assassination of the leaders of the World Bank and of the Promoters of Globalization, found himself in a heroic role in the new human labor movement of revolt, in turn reinvigorated by the incident .

Some representatives of the movement have claimed that his actions have political motivations. "

Others report that the Marxist was thought to be mentally ill. After being suspected of murder and slaughter, the Marxist was subjected to a psychiatric examination by the FAO medical scientists.

Always rumors say that it was entrusted by the UN to the Mental Health Commissioner.

The murderer has appealed, he does not agree to be declared crazy.

"I think I can perfectly respond to my actions".

He declared, assuming my own defense, the silent presence of the office defenders.

"These were my first and last crime. There is no justice. Who am I? Nobody, nothing, nothing. "



Between tests and psychiatric reports disappeared from circulation. Nobody knows.

A friendly witness says he said:

"Cesare is dead, now the story is over".

It seems to have affirmed:

"Terrorism will continue until enough workers can reach the goal of justice without the use of violence. Globalize ... all right, but for whom? To go where? What logic, what philosophy supports it? To me nothing more than a consolidation of the status quo of exploitation ... when will the Bangadesch ever be able to compete with the USA?

When would a useless child ever compete with insurance? "

In the trade union movement the event had an explosive effect. It has caused the rupture: on the one hand, the largest and most representative union, with a soft line tending to a functional and always respectable reformism that defeats this case of deviant ideology; on the other, a minority offered him a fighting solidarity. During the trial, a small group formed on the basis of the social program sketched in the new manifesto, purifying it however from anger, irony and poetry, offered it moral support.

-Who is Caesar? He asked them. The dead leaders did not have that name. Is it your lover?

Sd answered:

-You did not understand anything.

Then she locked herself in a stubborn, insane silence from which she had emerged with the roar of the gun, a tragic and useless silence, the silence of the victims.

The silence that denotes the historical absence of the social person.

Silence condemns because it rejects the illusion of expression granted to human goods, to the unemployed of shit in the ghettos; everyone to enjoy shitty sex, shoddy products.

Hate classes more than you love man, reports a witness.

The newspapers themselves called him "the woman who hates classes". In his manifesto he states: "To face reality means to assume hatred and violence.

Institutional violence, it continues, is made of indiscriminate hatred towards the life of useless human beings that even the game, the luck, the sex can not control; while worker-human violence is a necessary response to the violence of the system. It is a vengeance that comes from afar and while the violence of power reaches orgasm in its unfolding, worker violence is the victim's sacrifice, petrified suicide immolated to justice and life.


The holocaust was necessary because man's merchandise is the bearer of disturbing desires and projects.

Since man has always been criminalized, as soon as he gets out of the box, from his role, from his class, he puts himself against the law. And this against the law is a vertigo of choice of life before plunging into self-destruction and annihilation.

The political and linguistic legislative order resulting from the overriding of status and class by birth or theft is denounced in the manifesto.

Economic horror A strange dictatorship.

After all this woman has been very wrong to take seriously what is widespread clandestinely from someone and that is the culture of nothingness.

Stealing or killing is the same thing as writing on walls. Closer and more widespread control is needed.

It was inflexible, determined, cold cynical.

A murder committed by the boredom of a life that had given her everything. Maybe revenge.

Sifting through the newspapers looking for news ...

Do you think animals can understand us? They suffer? Phone calls. Only because they can not be defended.

Seized by fifteen days. Liberata. His captors were ready for anything, even to kill her. The return home.

- My breasts are not siliconed, try to believe. Illegal shipwreck.


The family members thank.

Too much noise. Truck drivers ...

The national team trains.

www: // free-sex contact.un / Free contact real women, men end baby.

-I am insecure and alone, there are no longer the men of the past.

The worried penis answers:

-They are the most loved anatomical, spiritual part; they are the most used medicine.

It does not matter that the winning number has been extracted in Genoa.

Millionaire winnings in the USA.

In Paris, an unemployed person has found work for a few hours.

Complains the vagina grumbling:

-Do not hold your mouth.

Import of nurses in Italy

The power, taken in its own right, is innocent; associated with interest is polluted.

Human piety requires us to suspend the judgment for this poor woman, marked forever by the heavy burden of the horrible gesture.  


- Do you understand something about this last page?




- So you understood everything: the information was perfect. L a g l o b a l i z z a z i o n e a v a n z a . S i s p e n g a n o the r i f l e t t o r i .


"As we are gathered here every year, leaders of the seven richest nations of the planet plus Russia, which is not rich, because of the enormous military power in its possession, to discuss the problems that afflict global society.

We are forced to be locked up inside this beautiful palace, protected by militiamen, due to some groups that have escaped our control.

The city has been armored and isolated. It should have been a party: we are working for you ... we are trying to translate into agreements and laws the indications of financial-economic mathematical thinking for the globalization of the planet.

Instead some mobsters are just looking for the accident and wait for the instant of carelessness to penetrate the city.

It should be noted that they already had their martyr ... they have no reason to protest, their demands on the debt forgiveness of poor countries, the problem of trans-genic foods, AIDS, the pollution of the planet ... are already registered in discussion agendas.

A few days ago we listened to the proposals of the Nobel Peace Prizes of the last few years ... we are discussing among ourselves on how to translate them into planetary laws.

AIDS is a problem that we feel on our skin, it is depriving us of entire generations of cheap labor and affects the state of the global economy in percentages that are increasing year by year. The same problem of pollution can be understood as a source of new technologies and gains ... we are not very far from your positions ... but it is clear to everyone that we do not accept violent contests. "

If they did not make an interpretation mistake, it is misinformation or perhaps, since 99% of the media are owners of the globalizers themselves, no.

The birth of a world economic government will certainly not lead to the solution of the problem it has generated.

The government of the economy, a requirement of liberalism itself, can not be born of the same liberalism, because it would be, after the incest favored by the techniques of genetic manipulation, the birth of a monster.

This picturesque, though sometimes violent, demonstration of the square is a bearer of values ​​that it does not yet know. And, experience teaches, that without these pressures governments will never adopt measures in this sense.

Man is not an economic-financial product and does not want to be judged, he does not want to be admitted to historical life on the basis of the cost-benefit ratio.

The economic theories of the "Chicago Boys" and their Prophet, Nobel Prize winner for economics Milton Friedman, should be reviewed and corrected.

Translated into a philosophical system, despite their rejection, they reveal themselves for what they are.

For this reason, slowly, with the increase of the knowledge of the truth of injustice justified by pseudo-democracies, the protest will increase and will approach the day that, again, history will be forced to bathe in the blood of the revolt.

-Who are you who dares to make these statements?

-Who am I? A man. Only a man.

- Then shut up! Go to entertain your children in the IPER-SUPER-MARKETS that we have given you.

-A question…

- We listen to you.

-Who are you?

-The big brother.

July2000 the clown

July2000 the clown